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ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers is a great app for personalizing your smartphone. Offering tons of wallpapers, bouncy wallpapers, ringtones, and telling tones, it can give your earphone a complete makeover. It has a search feature that lets you find precisely what you ’ re looking for. however, in a holocene update, the search algorithm was changed from phrases to tags. What this means is if you were to search for, say, “ Beautiful Northern Lights ”, you would get results not only from that phrase but besides for each parole individually, frankincense flooding your sieve with unnecessary search results. ZEDGE If you are anything like me, this can be a big turn off and make you look for alternatives to the app. then, here is a list of top 7 ZEDGE alternatives for Android you can use:

1. MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers

MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers has an interface very similar to ZEDGE. If you were any piece of a winnow of ZEDGE ’ s interface, you wouldn ’ thyroxine be disappointed switching to this app. I can ’ thymine go on adequate about its similarities with ZEDGE. It offers both ringtones and wallpapers with sub-categories for each of them. Unlike ZEDGE, the search results are first displayed according to the search phrase before being displayed for individual words, making it the most obvious campaigner as an option. MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers
Install: ( free )

2. Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me

Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me has a elementary and colorful interface. Like the name suggests, you can use the app to download both ringtones and wallpapers, just like ZEDGE. The wallpapers are divided into categories like abstract, animals, and cartoons, while the ringtones are divided in business, vacation, and patriotic among many others. Both of them can besides be sorted based on the new and popular ones in their respective categories. Though you may see ads popping out every now and then in the app, they can be bade a farewell with an in-app purchase. Ringtones & Wallpapers for Me Install: ( spare with in-app purchases )

3. Backgrounds HD

If you used ZEDGE primarily for wallpapers, then Backgrounds HD can be another good option. Like ZEDGE, you can view the recent and popular wallpapers in the app. The popular pill is further refined to daily, weekly, monthly, and all time popular. In addition to this, the wallpapers are separated into different categories like animal, buildings, and cars, making it easier for you to find the right one. The app features active search which means that you ’ ll catch tag suggestions a soon as you start typing in the search banish .
Backgrounds HD You ’ ll find two more tabs in the app – “Feed” and “Shuffle”. On going to “ Shuffle ”, you ’ ll find random wallpapers from all the categories in a unmarried place. These results can be refreshed by pulling down from the top of the screen door. For using the “ Feed ” tab key, you ’ ll be required to sign in using either your google or Facebook account. once signed in, you can then view and download images from different people and even follow them if you like. Install: ( free )

4. Wallpapers

Wallpapers is an app developed by none other than Google itself. In accession to letting you select an visualize from your call, it has some similarities to ZEDGE by featuring different categories like artwork, ground, and landscapes for you to choose a wallpaper from. High-quality images are foremost collected from different sources and then sorted into these categories. When you tap on an image, you can view its source by tapping on “ Explore ”. The app besides has a feature called “ Daily wallpaper ” that changes your phone ’ randomness wallpaper every day with a random double from the selected category. Though the Wallpapers app may not let you download ringtones, it can identical well replace ZEDGE ’ randomness wallpapers section. Wallpapers
Install: ( barren )

5. Backdrops

Backdrops is another app for downloading wallpapers. The first gear sieve of the app has four sections – Community, Explore, Collections, and Favorites. Before I talk about each of these sections, let me tell you that the images are besides divided into different categories like abstract, food, convention, etc. that can be found in the side menu of the app. Coming back to the sections, the first one is “ Community ”. here, you can find the images uploaded by unlike users of the app. You excessively can upload an image, but in order to do that, you ’ ll need to sign in first. The future one is “ Explore ”. You can find all the images in the app here. When you tap on any prototype, you ’ ll find details like resolution, size, etc. From this screen, you can do other tasks as well like saving the trope, setting it as a wallpaper, or marking it as a favored. Like ZEDGE, this section has a search bar but with a better algorithm. Backdrops - Community and Explore The third section is called “ Collections ”. here, as the name suggests, the images are sorted under specific collections like Trinity, Earth, etc. One of my favored ones is AMOLED as this contains wallpapers with a pitch black subject – very useful for a beneficial battery life on smartphones with an AMOLED display. The last one, “ Favorites ”, is where you ’ ll find the images you had marked as a darling .
Backdrops - Explore and Favorites Install: ( spare with in-app purchases )

6. Ringtones XL

Having a simple interface, Ringtones XL can perform the same functionality as ZEDGE when it comes to ringtones. The ringtones are divided into different categories like amusing, classical, and holiday. Like ZEDGE, this app has a separate category for notification sounds. Each of the categories in the app contains many ringtones, giving you quite a well number to choose from. You can tap on any ringtone and then play it to decide whether it is dear enough or not. You ’ ll besides find a green tick, tapping on which will prompt you to set that tone either as the ringtone, a touch tone, notification tone, or even the alarm clock tone. Ringtones XL Install: ( exempt )

7. Audiko

If you are looking for a ZEDGE alternative for ringtones only, then the Audiko app can not only serve your purpose, but it besides lets you edit them. You can select a file either from your device storage or from Audiko ’ s database to be your phone ’ second ringtone. If you choose to select one from Audiko, you can listen to it before downloading. note that Audiko ’ s database only consists of songs and not elementary tones. Audiko Though you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get advanced sound recording edit features, you can set the depart of the sound that you want to as your phone ’ south ringtone. You can even choose to fade in the begin and fade out the ending for a more natural voice. Install: ( free with in-app purchases ) SEE ALSO: 15 Best Free Live Wallpapers for Android

Use the Best ZEDGE Alternatives

ZEDGE is a great app for finding effective wallpapers and ringtones. however, that is not thoroughly adequate to compensate for its fresh search algorithm. now that you know 7 early apps that you can use as an alternative, you nobelium long have to stick with ZEDGE. So, which ZEDGE alternative are you using ? Do let me know in the comments section below .