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How to Download Youtube to MP3 with the Best Apps (Android and iPhone)

by Brian Fisher Proven solutions
Listening to Youtube music, watching the latest technical school news, or some movies have become our daily everyday. YouTube videos have become a share of our life. We frequently watch or listen to Youtube videos on repeat .
thus, why we download Youtube video to mp3 and enjoy the benefits of it ? The benefits are that you can listen to the music being offline and you can have fun with Youtube background music mp3 free download which is a great thing, international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine it ? If you ’ re assuming that downloading and converting YouTube to mp3 is a unmanageable job, don ’ thyroxine assume indeed. Because it ‘ll be deoxyadenosine monophosphate easy as eating a proto-indo european withe best YouTube to MP3 downloaders .
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If you ’ re sharing the download music on-line, make certain that you ask from the copyright owner or you can be sued by the copyright fall.

Part 1: Apps That Can Help You Download YouTube Playlist to MP3 for iPhone

We are aware of the fact that we can not find iPhone apps to download YouTube to MP3 immediately. however, we can accomplish that by following the next three ways mentioned. then, don ’ t need to worry anymore and follow the methods we recommend .

Method 1: Use Uniconverter

Uniconverter is software that helps you convert videos to audio from more than 1000 different sites at a speed of 30X. You can handily use it to download mp3 on your iPhone device .
This YouTube to MP3 downloader not merely downloads the Youtube video quickly but besides compresses your sound recording and video recording files. other than this, the app holds many early functions as well such as burn DVDs, download/record video, compress and edit audio and video, make GIFs, and VR convert .
Using this app, you can perform all of these and other functions without hustling easily and in arrant quality ( either in extremist HD or VR ) facing no crashes, or redraw issues .
Being a one-stop software, Uniconverter does it all perfectly. so, you can use it to download youtube to mp3. Having said that, let us tell you the detailed steps .

UniConverter—Convert YouTube to MP3

Convert YouTube to MP3 with 100% original quality and 90x faster speed
Convert YouTube to other 150+ standard audio and video formats including device optimization.
Edit YouTube files before converting to MP3 or the other formats.
Download YouTube video directly with “One click”

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Step 1

Copy the Youtube Video’s URL

Step 2

Paste URL on Uniconverter

Click ” Downloader ” on Uniconvewrter, and find the picture on the top, then choose ” Download Video ”, after that, Paste the URL on the window that pops up. You can besides click the center box to paste the URL immediately .

Step 3

Set Output format

Open the “ Download then convert mode ” at the bottom, choose the MP3 as output format. And then, set your file placement .

Step 4

Start downloading

once you finish the above steps, you can click “ Start all ” to start downloading. You can click “ Finished ” to check your files .

Step 5

Transfer it to iPhone

once you finish the download, you can now transfer the download audio file to your iPhone .

Method 2: Use Freemake

Freemake Youtube video recording and mp3 downloader convert television among 500+ formats and gadgets for wholly release. You can convert video to MP4, MP3, AVI, WMV, DVD using this free YouTube to mp3 downloader .
Plus, the size and format of the video can be chosen by you costing you no price at all. Convert a video file of any size or format. With that, there is no trial or limitations in this software. With that said, the following are the steps to download YouTube to mp3 :

  • Download Freemake on your PC.
  • Now download and convert Youtube video to MP3 on Freemake.
  • Once the video is converted, you can send the audio file to your iPhone.


Method 3: Use Downloaders and Convertors

  • You can launch many YouTube downloaders such as Mymedia, downloader pro, idownloader, and cloud video player. Other than these, there are other downloaders too that you can employ, such as iOtransfer and Kapwing.
  • Download Youtube using downloaders.
  • Now, employ convertors such as MyMP3, MP3 Converter, to get Mp3 files on your iphone.


Part 2: 5 Best YouTube to MP3 Downloaders for Android



YouMp34 is a powerful Youtube Mp3 downloader on android that assists you to protect your favored videos from Youtube in the shape of sound recording. It is one of the perplex download tools for getting a license to Youtube message.

Downloading Steps

  • Choose the YouTube video you like.
  • Play it on YOUMP34.
  • Download and convert it to MP3, and then listen to it offline.


  • Easy to use.
  • Works quickly.


  • Old version.




With Peggo, you can well convert YouTube videos into MP3 in an abrupt and hassle-free means. This youtube to mp3 converter and downloader is simple and easily to download audio files from YouTube Videos and SoundCloud. Along with downloading audios from the YouTube video, you can select to convert particular sections of any video or audio file. It anneal volume and eradicates hush during the video to audio conversion .
Downloading Steps

  • Search for the video by simply searching for it in the search bar.
  • You can make changes before downloading such as title editing, normalize the volume and edit the start and stop points.
  • And now, you can download it.


  • 1080p download.
  • volume normalization.
  • Silence remover.


  • No browser extension.




VidMate is an effective Youtube MP3 downloader app that you can use to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and numerous other sites. This app is open for download and very popular as well. It is a debauched on-line YouTube to MP3 downloader for your Android device. It downloads videos in their HD versions. You can download versatile videos, movies, listen to songs and much more along with video to mp3 conversion using this app. There are hundreds of sites that you can browse on this app, it allows users to download from more than 200 platforms .
Downloading Steps

  • Search for your desired video.
  • Click on the red button to download it.
  • Select its quality and your video will be downloaded and converted.


  • Easy to use.
  • Fast downloading speed.
  • Download bulk files.
  • Free software.


  • Deal with adds.
  • Unavailable for official play store.
  • Can’t edit videos.




SnapTube Youtube to mp3 downloader is a simple joyride that you can utilize to download any video from YouTube in a dim-witted, agile, and effective means so you can play the songs late while being offline. This app has numerous search options, encompassing a list with 11 subcategories, a category for popular videos, a category for video with capital views, and daily recommendations .
Downloading Steps

  • Search for the YouTube video on Snaptube.
  • Convert video to MP3.


  • Easy to use.
  • Freely available.


  • Limited features.
  • Security issues.
  • Unavailable on play store.




YMusic is another Android app that allows you to play and download YouTube videos to MP3 formats equally well. Videos can be directly searched and downloaded using this app .
Downloading Steps

  • Search YouTube Video on Ymusic.
  • Play it on Ymusic and then download it to MP3.


  • It has bueatiful interface.
  • You can choose to download directly.


  • You have to download this app on its officle website.
  • It is not power-saving.



now that we have mentioned the apps for downloading YouTube to mp3 for your device either it is iPhone or Android, you can choose any app and download mp3 playlist and enjoy the offline music. People who have an android earphone can download and convert YouTube television cursorily without hustling on their phones .
however, if your earphone is an iPhone, you ’ ll have to do a little hustle to get the mp3 audios on your device. You ’ ll have to follow the complicate steps that we have quoted above and then you can download mp3 playlist. We recommend using Uniconvertor to download and convert Youtube at the lapp time for your iPhone. Hope you have learned your desire kernels of wisdom of solomon and got aid from this post .