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Billions of people around the world use YouTube to publish and consume contentedness on about every possible subject. No topic what you are matter to in, you can constantly find something on YouTube to educate or entertain on that identical national. indeed, YouTube is celebrated as a video-based chopine. But what if you just are looking to enjoy the audio from a YouTube video ? A YouTube to MP3 converter is likely the solution to your question .
With this article, we are going to dive trench into the subject of YouTube to MP3 converters. We ’ ll explain what options are out there for you to consider. We ’ ll besides discuss how to use some of the available best YouTube to MP3 converter tools. By the time we are finished, you should have everything you need to make this a flying and easy march. Let ’ s catch started !

Why Convert YouTube to MP3

At beginning, the estimate of converting a YouTube video to MP3 file might seem a morsel strange. On closer inspection, however, you ’ ll see that there are quite a few reasons to alter a file in this means. You credibly won ’ metric ton lack to do this regularly. You surely won ’ thymine do it for every television that you find. But the periodic MP3 download could come in handy.

Your own reasons may vary, but here are some common motivations to translate a YouTube television to MP3 file .

  • Enables you to turn any video into a podcast

    Some YouTube videos are more convenient in podcast format. The solution : convert the choose YouTube video into an MP3. You will then basically be left with a podcast that you can listen to at any time. For example, you may follow person on YouTube who produces regular, long-form contentedness. In their video, the audio delivers more respect than the television. In this case, you could create an MP3 file to listen to the appearance without having to worry about the video recording. many people like to listen to podcasts while exercising. This would allow you to carry over the same concept to interesting capacity that you discover on YouTube, a well. This is an specially effective tactic for companies looking to get more out of each media asset. Elementor, for case, routinely converts its webinar video recording ( in the first place aired on YouTube ) into podcasts. The WordPress web site building platform has found that a lion ’ mho parcel of its audience prefers to consume these webinars audibly ; either while commuting to and from shape, or while engaged in other activities.

  • Allows you to enjoy your favorite tunes 

    YouTube has an incredible kind of music to offer. For any genre, a promptly search will reveal endless music video recording for you to enjoy. Whether you are looking for capacity from celebrated bands or small indie singers. If you would like to listen to that music without having the video attached, a YouTube video to audio converter on-line will retain the music quality that you desire without the file size that comes along with a video.

  • Helps reduce the file size

    Speaking of charge size, this point alone might be your motivation for performing this conversion. If you don ’ t have enough space for a full moon television file, and it ’ s entirely the sound recording that you want to enjoy anyhow, going for an MP3 will save a huge amount of space. MP3 file sizes are relatively modest despite the quality audio have that they deliver .

  • Allows you to enjoy audio anytime, anywhere 

    YouTube is a great resource of entertainment and educational message, but you need to be on-line to entree it. If you know you ’ ll be offline for a period of time – such as when traveling to a rural area without world wide web access – you can download YouTube content in MP3 form to save for former. And, as we mentioned regarding file sizes, you ’ ll be saving space by going with an MP3, which means you can fit more content overall onto your device .

Your motivation might be one of the points above, or something else wholly. Whatever the event, it is helpful to know how to convert a YouTube video recording promptly and easily to an MP3 file. Before we get into the specific tools that can get this problem done, let ’ s cover a match of other important points .

Is it legal to perform a YouTube MP3 Download?

Anytime you plan to modify a file that is owned by person else, you need to carefully consider the legal issues around that modification. then, is it legal to use a YouTube MP3 converter ? As is normally the font with matters such as these, the solution can be a little catchy .
first, downloading files from YouTube to save to your own drive is against the YouTube Terms of Service. An exception to this would be if it is specifically permitted by the owner of that contentedness. then, you will want to search for contentedness that is in the populace sphere, or content that has been posted with a creative Commons license that allows you to download and modify the file .
alternatively, you could contact the owner of the video recording directly to ask about download and converting the YouTube video to MP3. It ’ second always best to cover your bases legally before taking any action .
besides, it ’ mho worth noting that you can, of course, download and convert any files that you own on YouTube. If you ’ ve posted some content that you would like to retrieve from YouTube and turn into an MP3 for another use, you can do merely that with one of the converter tools we have listed below .

What are YouTube to MP3 Converters

While it might seem like some technical magic trick behind the scenes, YouTube to MP3 converters are relatively bare. These are tools that take the original YouTube video recording and denude it down so that alone the sound recording part remains. naturally, stripping away the television and anything else that is not required for an MP3 file will dramatically reduce the size of the resulting file .
There are many of these tools located around the web. Some of them are loose YouTube to MP3 Converters, and some have a price. besides, there are tools dedicated to making this YouTube to MP3 conversions on your iPhone if you need that convenience or you no longer use a desktop calculator in your personal life sentence .
It may take a little bit of rehearse to get comfortable with how these converters work, but they are pretty user-friendly and require minimal technical know-how to handle .

Precautions to Take While Using a Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

It ’ second always important to keep your guard up while using the web. While most of us use the internet on a daily basis – frequently for several hours each day – it ’ s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that everything is safe and trustworthy. Of course, that ’ s not always the lawsuit. The likely for things like malware constantly exists, so be smart and watch for any signs of trouble .

  • Use Anti-Virus Software

For YouTube to MP3 converter tools, be careful about anything that you download to your calculator from an unknown source. As a begin point, always have anti-virus software in place on your computer. This software should be up to date with the latest updates, so it is able to scan files you download for known threats. Having anti-virus software in plaza is not a guarantee that you won ’ thymine run into trouble, but it ’ s a good footprint in the good direction .

  • Operate Under the HTTPS Protocol

When you visit a web site that offers a YouTube to MP3 conversion, make sure that site is operating on the “ HTTPS ” protocol. You can note this in the address measure on your browser. There may be a small symbol like a lock expose, ampere well. Again, a secure connection doesn ’ t ensure your base hit. It is another musical composition of the puzzle. There are batch of converters available that are offered on HTTPS sites, so there ’ s no reason to settle for anything that is on an unguaranteed association .

  • Look at YouTube to MP3 Reviews

last, before using a creature, take a expect around the web for reviews from previous users. Search the name of the creature in your front-runner search engine and browse the results. Are there people complaining about issues that they have had with the cock, or does everything seem positive ? You might want to go down through the first two or three pages of search results just to make certain no concern comments are lurking .
When you add it all up – having anti-virus software installed, watching for a secure connection, and checking reviews – you should be able to find tools that you feel confident are dependable. As always, use your common sense and intuition about any given site or tool. If something seems off, or if the site is asking you to enter information that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to provide, simply move on and look for an alternative .

YouTube to MP3 Converters for Desktop

Using a background calculator is credibly the easiest way to convert a YouTube video into an MP3 charge. You will have more calculation baron available and you ’ ll probably have plenty of space to save your file. Of course, evening if you want to consume the MP3 on a mobile device late, you can still do the conversion on your desktop .
In this section, we will highlight respective background YouTube to MP3 converters that you can use to cursorily accomplish this undertaking. We do want to point out that there is frequent upset in this quad, as some tools may be shut down with little to no warn. sol, be certain to check out these options for yourself to see which ones remain viable .
With six options to pick from, you should find that at least one or two of those tools suits your needs absolutely. Below, we will get into the details of each of these tools, helping you understand what they offer and how they work .

Convert YouTube to MP3 For Free with Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a powerful piece of software that comes in three price tiers – Free, Ultimate, and Pro. While you may want to upgrade late depending on your consumption requirements, starting with the free interpretation will allow you to get the job done. As a bonus, if you need any of the capabilities offered by this software, such as light video recording edit, burning to DVDs, and so forth, you ’ ll already have those features when you download the software to do video-to-audio conversions .
Step One: Visit the Any Video Converter site and click Download to get the software. You will need to select the appropriate version of the software for your operate organization, as both Mac and Windows are available .

Step Two: Install and open the software. once installed, you will see this screen .

Step Three: Click on Download Video. Select Add URLX and enter the YouTube URL for the relevant video. You will then be presented with a list of options from that input signal URL .

Step Four: Select Start Download and the software will download the video file from YouTube to your calculator .

Step Five: Return to the Convert Video filmdom. Select Add Files and choose the file that you have just downloaded from YouTube. On the right side of the screen, click under Profile, choose the headphones icon, and choice MP3 as your coveted output. then choose Convert now and wait for the process to finish .

Step Six: All done ! You now have an MP3 file that you can listen to without the video recording part being included .

Download MP3 with SaveMP3

For a joyride that gets right to the point and provides the specific service you need, turn to SaveMP3. There aren ’ t any unnecessary steps involved with the summons here, and this is a web-based tool. It ’ sulfur free to use, you don ’ t have to register, and the tool works quickly equally long as you have a desirable internet connection .
Step One: To get started, visit the SaveMP3 site and you will be met with a large field at the crown of the page. Simply copy and paste your desire YouTube URL into this barroom and blue-ribbon Go .
Download MP3
Step Two: You will then be taken to a screen where you can select your hope output format for the file. In this screenshot, we have selected an MP3 at 128kbps. There are respective other formats besides offered .
Download MP3
Step Three: When the conversion is finished, you can download the file, request a QRCode or save the file to Dropbox. It ’ randomness merely that easy !
Download MP3

Convert to MP3 with 4K Video Downloader

Along the same lines as the first choice on our list, this is another cock that can do much more than convert YouTube video to MP3 for loose. It can do that good, of run, but it can besides download the entire video in 4K, along with many other features. The free price tier will probable serve you quite well as you are getting started, but modestly priced upgrades to Personal and Pro licenses are available, if necessary .
Step One: The first gradation is easy adequate. Simply head to the 4K Download web site, visit the Download page, select the YouTube to MP3 instrument, and pawl on the blue clitoris to download the software.

Step Two: Install the software on your machine and you will see a blind like the one in this image .

Step Three: Click on Paste Link and add the connection for your chosen YouTube video. With that information entered, the software will automatically begin to download the file in MP3 format. In just a matter of moments, the work will be complete !

YouTube to MP3 converter Mac

This next tool lays title to being the first converter on-line to do the work of moving YouTube videos into MP3 sound recording format. With a farseeing history of seamless conversions, you should have short trouble using this tool for your coveted determination. You ’ ll need to download the software to use the cock, and it is available for personal computer, Android, and Mac devices. In addition to MP3, this software can besides convert to plenty of early file formats .
One: Visit the web site for this tool and choose the big, black button to download the software .
MP3 converter for mac
Two: Install the software by following the prompts and you will see this screen when it is quick to go .
MP3 converter for mac
Three: Click on the k Paste button and add the YouTube URL that you would like to use. then plainly click Download and let the software do the remainder. You can increase the accelerate of the download by upgrading to the bounty version of this tool .
MP3 converter for mac

Convert YouTube to MP3 with ClipGrab

If ease is what you are after, ClipGrab is a tool that deserves your attention. Starting with the web site that offers the download of this joyride, you ’ ll see that everything is meant to be simpleton. It can download YouTube MP3 files from a diverseness of sources, and is available for Mac, Windows, and even Linux. This tool is detached to use, although they do accept donations if you enjoy the use of the product and would like to contribute .
Step One: On the front foliate of the ClipGrab web site, you will see this screen. You can select the blue Download release if it is the right version for your needs. Or, click on Show All Download Options to find the appropriate adaptation .
free youtube to mp3 converter

Step Two: Go through the initiation process and open the software. You will find a screen that looks like this .
free youtube to mp3 converter
Step Three: When you find the clip you want to download, select it and the procedure will begin .
free youtube to mp3 converter

Convert to MP3 For Free with MediaHuman

The last option on our list is another while of software that you can download to do the conversion sour. Like ClipGrab, you can source videos from not only YouTube, but batch of other platforms. besides included in the software is a tag editor program that makes it easy for you to organize and categorize the capacity you collect. There is no commit to use the YouTube to MP3 converter offered by MediaHuman .
Step One: On the web site, you will find a radio link to download the software in the appropriate version for your machine. You can click on Download for other Platforms if the first suggestion is not correct for your needs .

Step Two: Install and open the software. This simple screen will greet you when the process is complete .

Step Three: Click on Paste Link and click the down arrow to begin the download. After a very short download work, you will have your new MP3 file cook to use .

YouTube to MP3 Converters for iPhone

These days, you might not find yourself often using a background calculator. In fact, some people no long have a desktop computer in their home. alternatively, they choose to use their mobile devices for all their daily calculate needs. If that sounds like you, it may still be possible to convert video recording from YouTube to MP3 on iPhone. You won ’ thymine have angstrom many options this manner as you do when using a background calculator, but that doesn ’ t mean you should give up on the mind .
If you ’ d like to give this type of conversion a try, consider an app called MyMP3. This is a free app, although it does offer in-app purchases to unlock extra features. First, download the YouTube to MP3 app on your device. then open it up, choose the video you want to convert to an MP3 from your gallery, and let the tool do the work from there. The video does need to be in your gallery, so you might need to pair this technique with another creature that will allow you to download videos from YouTube .

YouTube Playlist to MP3

sol you want convert a YouTube playlist to MP3s. You can use one of the tools we have already listed in this article. specifically, the joyride provided by MediaHuman. It allows you to download all contentedness on a given playlist or even a distribution channel. For other tools, like 4K Video Downloader, you ’ ll motivation to upgrade your license if you want to download all videos on a YouTube playlist as MP3 .
As you are getting started learning how to do these conversions, go with a free plan. Convert one video at a prison term until you see how it works. then you can determine how you will utilize the MP3s. by and by on you might want to set up a system of converting stallion playlists. To streamline the process and have more sound recording content available to listen to, you can lean on one of these tools – whether free or premium – to do the heavy airlift for you .

frequently Asked Questions On YouTube Video to MP3

At this point, we ’ d like to take a moment to cover some frequently asked questions that come up regarding downloading MP3 files from YouTube video .
q : How to Download Audio from YouTube ?
A : There is no built-in room to download audio files from the YouTube platform. This is why the versatile converters we have highlighted in this article are so important. These tools allow you to accomplish this job quickly and easily. Once you get comfortable with one or two of the tools we highlighted, you should have no trouble making quick conversions whenever it is required .
q : What is the Top Rated YouTube to MP3 Converter ?
A : unfortunately, we can ’ thyroxine provide a hearty answer on this wonder, because this space changes therefore frequently. Each of the six background tools we highlighted does a great job, and some are easier than others to use. If you are looking for simplicity above all else, the have offered by SaveMP3 is hard to beat. You don ’ t have to download any software to make the conversion, making that joyride quite handy .
q : Is It Legal to Download YouTube Videos as MP3s ?
A : We covered this topic earlier in the article, but it is worth another front here. The topic of legality is crafty, and it comes back to who holds the rights to the video recording in question. Is the video private place, or separate of the public domain ? Has the owner of the video made it freely available under a creative Commons license ? It ’ s constantly best to make indisputable you have permission to modify a file before you do so .
q : What is a good YouTube to MP3 Converter ?
A : any of the options we included fits the class of a “ thoroughly ” converter. One important feature to look for is the ability to download the file in a variety show of formats. This can impact the size of the charge. It ’ second good to have options when selecting the final examination imprint that the file will take. You ’ ll see that this feature is common across all of the tools we discussed earlier .


We ’ ve covered a distribute of ground in this article. Whether you would like to convert a YouTube video to MP3 on your background computer or on your iPhone, there should be a cock included above that will make it happen. And a admonisher, when using any tools or software from the network, be cautious. Always use coarse sense if anything seems fishy .
You besides may want to experiment with a copulate of unlike YouTube to MP3 converters. That way, you can find the one that works best for your needs. Since these tools change regularly, it ’ randomness thoroughly to have a backing in mind if your favored option on the spur of the moment changes or disappears.

fortunately, most tools in this class are relatively easy to use, so switching from one to another is an easy transition .
Thank you for taking the time to visit, and we hope the information above has been helpful. commodity luck and have fun heed !

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