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If you are sick of constantly asking yourself “ why does my music keep discontinue on my Android ”, you do not need to feel that way as you are not alone. music apps often cause diverse issues on Android-based devices and there are versatile reasons as to why that happens fortunately, there are multiple ways to get rid of the issues from your device and play your darling music tracks without any problems. This lead should help you out with it. If the emergence has only surfaced after updating your device to the latest android version, it could be a system consequence. If you have the office saving mode turned on, your music apps might stop toy and even close automatically in order to save battery because of battery saver algorithm.

If the app has accumulated a big act of cache files, these files may be causing the music app not to work by rights. If there are some apps interfering with the workings of your music apps, the music will keep stopping on your device. If there is an issue with your Internet connection, the alive music streaming apps will not work. It is merely because they can not connect to the music servers to fetch music for you. If you are running out of your memory outer space on your phone, music apps will close down as they simply do not have the space to save irregular cahce files. If you ‘re wondering at the this question-Why does my music keep hesitate Samsung S 10/9/8 ? This section will give you an answer .

8 Basic Ways to Fix Music Keep Stopping/Pausing On Android

now you know why the music keeps stopping on Android. Fixing the broken music system is reasonably slowly and the play along are the ways to do it .

Way 1. Restart the Music App

The first thing to do is to restart the app on your device. This can be done by first in full closing the app and then relaunching it from your app drawer .

Way 2. Perform a Soft Reset

A soft reset helps remove minor glitches and issues from your device. This can be done by pressing and holding down the Power button and selecting the Restart option .

Way 3. Check Internet Connection

music streaming apps require a stable and strong internet connection to effectively stream music tracks. If there is an issue with your internet joining, music will keep buffer, pause, or flush not playing when you are trying to play it. So ensure that your device is connected to an active mobile net or Wi-Fi .
If you are using a mobile net, confirm that the Music apps are allowed to use Mobile network. If you are not indisputable, go to Settings on your device and solicit Apps. Scroll down to find the music app you are trying to use. once selected, tap Mobile custom and toggle on the “ Allow background data usage ” and “ Allow data use while Data saver is on ” options.

If your Mobile network amphetamine is dense, switch to an active Wi-Fi for Music app connect .

Way 4. Clear App Cache

Clearing the app cache files is a good way to fix the publish and the succeed shows how to do it .

  • Head to Settings > Apps & notifications > [your-music-app] > Storage on your device.
  • Tap on the button that says clear Cache to clear the cache files for your music app .
    clear cache

That should fix the Android music pauses randomly publish on your telephone .

Way 5. Check the Power Saving Settings

It is advised to keep the office saving mode turned off while using music apps. You can turn it off by following the steps below .

  • Head to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver on your phone.
  • Tap on the Turn off nowadays button to turn the feature off .
    turn off battery saver

Way 6: Reset Network Settings

Resetting network settings should besides help you fix the music pauses by itself Android exit .

  • Go to Settings > System > Reset options on your device.
  • Tap on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth .
    reset network settings

Way 7. Check If the Music Keeps Stopping in Safe Mode

dependable mode lets you diagnose the issue on your device and helps you find out if an app on your device is interfering with your music apps .

Way 8. Wipe the Cache Partition Using Recovery Mode

Your hoard partition may have accumulated a number of files and cleaning it up might fix the emergence for you .

  • You can use a free platform – ReiBoot for Android to enter recover mode with only one click. Connect your telephone to your computer. Run ReiBoot for Android and choice One-Click to Enter Recovery Mode in the software .
    enter recovery mode
  • Select Wipe cache partition in the recovery mode .
    connect device