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White Dress Famous Quotes & Sayings

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Top 77 White Dress Quotes

#1. I was starting to hate my sixteenth birthday. A poufy white dress and a cake with roses made out of pink icing and awkward dancing with boys in awkward suits was starting to sound like a great alternative. Seriously. Sign my up, I wouldn’t even complain. – Author: Alyxandria Harvey

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#2. Don’t dress for others, dress for yourself. Clothes should be an extension of what you represent and what you feel inside. – Author: Marco Pierre White

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#3. Do not be afraid of simplicity. If you have a cold chicken for supper, why cover it with a tasteless white sauce which makes it look like a pretentious dish on the buffet table at some fance dress ball? – Author: Marcel Boulestin

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#4. With her braided hair and white dress, she seemed to glow in the moonlight. – Author: Rick Riordan

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#5. Susan came down the hall in a white dress that fit her well. She looked like she was receiving an Academy Award for stunningness. I – Author: Robert B. Parker

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#6. We’ve been thinking about stage costumes for the ‘Satellites’ section,” Burt said brightly. “I think we should all dress as an element.”

Egg frowned. “How do you dress up as water?”

“I’ve thought about that and it would be a blue leotard and white kilt,” Burt replied earnestly. – Author: Jamie Scallion

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#7. I always kept a diary – not a diary like, ‘Dear Diary, we got up at 5 A.M., and I wore the weird hair again and that white dress! Hi-yeee!’ I’d just write. – Author: Carrie Fisher

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#8. One can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt to dress up any look. Styled with rolled sleeves and a front tuck creating a chic look for day and night. – Author: George Kotsiopoulos

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#9. I want to be a simple bride when I get married. I want a beach wedding where I am running around on the sand in a white dress. – Author: Sonakshi Sinha

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#10. Anne came downstairs wearing a white cotton dress almost indistinguishable from the white cotton nightgown she had taken off. – Author: Edward St. Aubyn

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#11. I find my dress sense tends to be a bit of a mixture between high fashion and unique vintage pieces with a little bit of street trends. For example, I might find a really nice, suede dinner jacket that I’d wear with a basic plain white shirt and some chinos and a pair of Nike trainers. – Author: Tinie Tempah

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#12. She had put on a white linen dress and let her hair down. I told her she was beautiful and she laughed with delight. – Author: Albert Camus

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#13. As he turned round and drove away, he saw her standing in the driveway, in her white dress, looking for all the world like a child dropped off against her will after a custody weekend. – Author: Pico Iyer

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#14. Quiet is here and all in me. (“Dress of White Silk”) – Author: Richard Matheson

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#15. I’d of told Scarlett to stick those green draperies up her white little pooper. Make her own damn man-catching dress. – Author: Kathryn Stockett

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#16. I feel most bossy in jeans, a white t-shirt, a leather jacket and some heels. I just feel bossy that way. I also feel confident in a sick dress at a premiere. Like most women, as long as I’m comfortable in it, I feel confident. – Author: Tika Sumpter

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#17. The tragedy of Dionysus: Wear a black robe at night, and white you’ll wear by morning; but wear a purple robe to the midnight feast, and when you wake you’ll dress in black to mourn your soul deceased. – Author: Roman Payne

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#18. One time when somebody showed up in a wedding dress, but I never knew if it was a joke, or she was serious. She asked me to marry her. She was serious. It was pretty funny. – Author: Bryan White

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#19. As I grew up and began identifying myself as a feminist, there were plenty of issues that continued to make me question marriage: the father ‘giving’ the bride away, women taking their husband’s last name, the white dress, the vows promising to ‘obey’ the groom. And that only covers the wedding. – Author: Jessica Valenti

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#20. You expect me to do everything for you?’
‘ No. Just dress me. Please. – Author: Rachel Caine

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#21. The girl in the knee-length white dress wasn’t just waving at me and holding a cardboard sign with my name in Sharpied – Author: Ruby Glass

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#22. I wore a white velvet gown, similar to my Smolny dress. I looked forward to the day when I could wear any color in public other than white. White was innocent. My soul was not. – Author: Robin Bridges

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#23. A modest, godly woman will dress modestly … The one who is simple and unpretending in her dress and in her manners shows that she understands that a true woman is characterized by moral worth. – Author: Ellen G. White

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#24. Snow-white moslem head-dress around a dead black face!
Beautiful were your sand-papering words against our skins! – Author: Margaret Walker

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#25. Providence has a wild, rough, incalculable road to its end, and it is of no use to try to whitewash its huge, mixed instrumentalities, or to dress up that terrific benefactor in a clean shirt and white neckcloth of a student in divinity. – Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#26. I don’t have any romantic ideas about marriage. Trust me. A white dress … ? No. It’s not something for me. – Author: Diane Kruger

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#27. Downtown, a dress for Meg- I do it every time I kill a man. – Author: James Ellroy

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#28. On my wedding day. I didn’t want a natural, blushing-bride look – I had a full-on hairdo and red lips. I thought it would be disingenuous to do the whole virginal look, so even though I had the white dress, I had pink net underneath. – Author: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

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#29. Tom Ford, who is my all-time favourite, once said to me, ‘Here’s the thing about dress shirts, Rob. You need white, and you need black.’ ‘What about blue,’ I asked. He said, ‘Have you ever seen Cary Grant in a blue dress shirt?’ – Author: Rob Lowe

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#30. A Crow is known wherever he is met by his beautiful white dress, and his tall and elegant figure; the greater part of the men being six feet high. – Author: George Catlin

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#31. Strat yearned to imagine her without even the thin white dress, but it would not be honorable, so he prevented himself from having such a fantasy. – Author: Caroline B. Cooney

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#32. The law is simply expediency wearing a long white dress. – Author: Quentin Crisp

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#33. True beauty of dress consists in its simplicity … What do these devotees of fashion gain? Only the satisfaction of being admired, like a butterfly. – Author: Ellen G. White

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#34. With the blood dripping from her lips, with her blood spattered white dress, and with her pale skin, she is just a horrifyingly lovely and a breathtakingly attractive sixteen-year-old girl living in Hell. Nothing wrong with that, right? – Author: Cameron Jace

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#35. Christian sisters should not at any time dress extravagantly, but at all times dress as neat, modest, and healthful, as their work will allow. – Author: Ellen G. White

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#36. I think people should get married at the courthouse without a single person present and no fanfare whatsoever. Then, if the couple makes it to ten years, they should have a big party. The whole shebang, white dress, flowers, cake of their dreams. After ten years they’d deserve it. – Author: Ann Wertz Garvin

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#37. Do you have a little white dress? I’ve had this deep-seated nurse fantasy about you, Murphy. – Author: Jim Butcher

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#38. A young woman with long hair and a short white halter dress walks through the casino at the Riviera in Las Vegas at one in the morning. It was precisely this moment that made Play It As It Lays begin to tell itself to me. – Author: Joan Didion

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#39. Samy was Samantha. She was wearing a white linen dress. She also had on hobbit feet, huge and extremely hairy ones. – Author: Nina George

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#40. You live on Earth only for a few short years which you call an incarnation, and then you leave your body as an outworn dress and go for refreshment to your true home in the spirit. – Author: Chief White Eagle

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#41. If I’d played Mammy, I’d of told Scarlett to stick those green draperies up her white little pooper. Make her own damn man-catching dress. -Minny – Author: Kathryn Stockett

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#42. It’s rare in the NBA, but I have a lot of young female fans from eight to eighteen because of the way I dress and the way I do my hair. People sometimes call me a pretty boy, but I embrace it. It’s fun, and I guess it just kind of comes with being a good looking white guy in the league. – Author: Chandler Parsons

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#43. Superman, Iron Man, Batman” – Flyaway Hair winces visibly – “you name it. Rich, powerful, white alpha males who dress up in gimp suits and beat up ethnically diverse lower-class criminals. – Author: Charles Stross

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#44. He’s holding an armful of pink tulips and wearing a hungry, focused expression. His blue eyes
travel up and down over my body, and I feel almost shy under his gaze.
“You’re a goddess.”
He says it like a normal person would say, “Your dress is white. – Author: Liz Reinhardt

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#45. I can see why people love the idea of a big white wedding – it is a day when they are the centre of attention and get to wear a beautiful dress. But that sounds awful to me because that is like getting ready to walk down the red carpet. – Author: Lucy Punch

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#46. I wish to be put away in a western dress I designed, with my daughter’s little gold cross necklace and my son’s small white testament in my hands, and my wedding band on. – Author: Patsy Cline

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#47. When designing a collection that is traditional, that has one specific sort of garment like a white dress, I think just being constantly attuned to trends really help. – Author: Austin Scarlett

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#48. I’m a bit grungy – I love wearing boots. But I also love putting on a beautiful white dress and jewels. I have those two alter-egos. – Author: Ellie Goulding

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#49. If you ever try to change my memories again, I will slap you into next spring.” I took a breath, knees shaking as I felt small beside him, my white dress brushing against his black trousers. Some women get flowers or poems from their suitors. I get insults and threats. – Author: Dawn Cook

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#50. She doesn’t have to even give me supper. Im not hungry anyway.
Im full. (Dress of White Silk) – Author: Richard Matheson

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#51. Elijah’s wearing white shorts and a bright green shirt and plaid sneakers. People who dress like they’re in a perfume ad shouldn’t be trusted, in my opinion. They’re disingenuous with floral overtones. – Author: Deb Caletti

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#52. If a summer were a girl, she’d always be lying stretched out in the grass in a long white dress, her arms over her head, her eyes half closed. – Author: Elizabeth Berg

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#53. So now what? Kick down the door. .. and then what? Find an old lady in a weird white dress and demand she explain her whack-a-doodle rants? Maybe she had gone upstairs. Maybe Bat Lady was now getting ready for her loony day, changing out of her white dress, heading to the shower. .. Ugh. – Author: Harlan Coben

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#54. Topshop is one of my favourite shops, and I love shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. There’s a graduate fashion designer called Kate Falcus who makes me beautiful commissioned pieces – one of my favourites was the white Glastonbury dress she made me with the puffy skirt. – Author: Laura Mvula

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#55. The moon … is a mad woman holding up her dress So that her white belly shines. Haughty, Impregnable, Ridiculous, Silent and white as a debauched queen. – Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin

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#56. I could see that the whole idea and business of Childhood was nothing guaranteed. It seemed to me, in fact, like something more or less invented by white people and stuck onto the front end of grown-up life like a frill on a dress. – Author: Barbara Kingsolver

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#57. I like the word clandestine. It feels medieval. Sometimes I think of words as being alive. If clandestine were alive, it would be a pale little girl with hair the color of fall leaves and a dress as white as the moon. – Author: Carol Rifka Brunt

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#58. You men out there probably think you already know how to dress for success. You know, for example, that you should not wear leisure suits or white plastic belts and shoes, unless you are going to a costume party disguised as a pig farmer vacationing at Disney World. – Author: Dave Barry

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#59. The Girl In The White Dress Is Not My Book. – Author: Nikki Walker

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#60. was in black dress slacks, a white shirt, and navy blue suit jacket. – Author: Gayla Drummond

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#61. NINA
Think of me sometimes.
I shall never forget you. I shall always remember you as I saw you that bright day
do you recall it?
a week ago, when you wore your light dress, and we talked together, and the white seagull lay on the bench beside us. – Author: Anton Chekhov

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#62. Russians are easy to spot, even if you dress them like Buckingham Palace guards. They are “the white people who look seriously ticked off,” as Army Ranger vet Ellis Jones, RKC, has put it on our forum. – Author: Pavel Tsatsouline

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#63. For me, marriage is about love, not paperwork. I’ve never been the kid who dreamed of the big white dress, the long veil, the fancy diamond ring. – Author: Crystal Bowersox

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#64. It always seems to me as if the lavender was a little woman in a green dress, with a lavender bonnet and a white kerchief. She’s one of those strong, sweet, wholesome people, who always rest you, and her sweetness lingers long after she goes away. – Author: Myrtle Reed

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#65. A bride is a bride the first time around. The white dress and the white veil are symbolic. So many people are breaking the rules that people don’t know what the rules are. – Author: Letitia Baldrige

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#66. When I came out, the dress was waiting. I didn’t know what I was expecting, but a full-length, white, gauzy dress fit for a Roman goddess, wasn’t it. The dress was one-shouldered and had a thick, ropey silver belt around the waist. It was beautiful and set off my dark hair. – Author: Stormy Smith

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#67. Laurel: I don’t need a ring or a license, or a spetacular white dress. It’s not marriage so much, or at all really, that matters. It’s the promise. It’s the knowing someone wants me to be part of his life. Someone loves me, that I’m the one for him. That’s not just enough, it’s everything. – Author: Nora Roberts

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#68. The important question is, what will your wear for a wedding dress, Alexia? You look horrible in white. – Author: Gail Carriger

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#69. There she stood. Dark circles ringed her eyes. Her face was pale, almost snow-white. She probably hadn’t slept, either. She was still wearing the same dress. Her hair looked like a bomb had gone off. She was beautiful. – Author: Daniel Ehrenhaft

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#70. Golf is a game where white men can dress up as black pimps and get away with it. – Author: Robin Williams

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#71. Golf is one of the few sports where a white man can dress like a black pimp and not look bad. – Author: Robin Williams

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#72. The white dress, made of billowy fabric like a cargo parachute, made her look like the female Boss Hogg trying out for a part in a community theater presentation of Brigadoon. – Author: Jon Konrath

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#73. I walk the ramparts at night in a white dress and a knee-length woven cloak. The weather’s turning. I feel the roses in my cheeks. – Author: Rainbow Rowell

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#74. You forgot your dress,” Renny said, staring straight ahead while he white-knuckled the control wheel and jettisoned toward the security checkpoint.
“Never let anyone tell you,” she panted, “that I don’t know how to make an exit. – Author: Melissa Landers

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#75. Girl in the White Dress is my book. It is currently linked to another author’s profile. So if you have read the book, thanks! – Author: Nikki Walker

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#76. They were married by a lesbian justice of the peace while their friends played a guitar-feedback-heavy version of the “Wedding March.” The bride wore a white-fringed flapper dress and black spiked boots. The groom wore leather. – Author: Gayle Forman

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#77. Marlys was a sturdy woman in her fifties, white curls clinging to her scalp like vanilla frosting. She wore rimless glasses, a homemade red-checked gingham dress, and low-topped Nikes. Short-nosed and pale, she had a small pink mouth that habitually pursed in thought, or disapproval. – Author: John Sandford

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