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Remix a song with GarageBand for iPad

You can remix a GarageBand sung in real time, in either the Tracks sphere or the live Loops grid. Using the Remix FX, you can scratch mix the song like a DJ using a turntable, play the song in reverse, stop or downsample the sung, and use a variety of remix effects .Figure. Tracks area showing Remix FX. Remix FX includes a fructify of buttons and XY pads which you can use to control respective effects. The three central buttons are : Reverse, Scratch, and Tape Stop. The two vertical sliders are : Gater and Downsampler. The selectable effects for the XY pads include Filter, Wobble, Orbit, Repeater, Reverb, and Delay effects. You can besides control the XY pads with the motion sensors on your iPad using Gyro Control, and lock an effect using FX Lock, so it continues to sound after you lift your finger. After you record a remix, you can edit the Remix FX region like other regions in Tracks opinion. If you cut or shorten the FX Remix region made with a lock effect, that effect shuts off at the end of the region, and starts again at the start of the future region when you play the remix.

Open the Remix FX controls

  • In the control browning automatic rifle, tap the FX button. To close the Remix FX, tap the FX button again .

Turn on Gyro Control

  • Tap the Gyro Control button above the XY pad .

Lock an effect

  • Tap the FX Lock button above one of the XY pads. To unlock the effect, tap the Reset button, or double-tap the FX push button .

Record a remix

  1. For each XY embroider, tap the consequence to use for that diggings.
  2. Tap the Record clitoris .
  3. As the song plays, use the Remix FX buttons, XY pads, and other controls. A empurpled region with your changes appears in the FX lead at the bottom of the Tracks area .
  4. When you finish, tap the Play button to stop recording .

Bypass Remix FX when you play a song

  1. In Tracks view, drag a traverse header correctly to show the track controls.
  2. In the FX traverse, tap the On/Off push button On Off button to bypass the Remix FX. To hear the Remix FX again, tap the On/Off button again .

You can besides merge one or more tracks with the FX track. Any effects recorded to the FX path are added to the new Audio Recorder track, and the FX traverse is turned off ( so the effects are audible entirely on the new path ) .