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Faded is a downloadable advance house birdcall by the norwegian DJ Alan Walker. It is written by Walker himself, along with Jesper Borgen, Anders Froen, and Gunnar Greve Pettersen. Faded besides features backdrop vocals from another mate norwegian singer, Iselin Loken Solheim .

How to Download Faded – DJ Alan Walker

To start downloading Faded click on the Download link located below the song inspection .

The Song Review

Released on 3rd December 2015, the song was a commercial success as it reached the circus tent 10 in many countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Norway, and the United Kingdom .
additionally, it has been streamed over 920 million times on Spotify and is one of the 30 most pour songs on the chopine. It is available to play through digital download.

Faded: the Lyrics

The theme of the song is rather melancholy but addictive at the same time. The tune of the song is preferably big wherein Iselin brilliantly manages to adjust herself .

The song initially begins with a calm tune, followed by Iselin ’ randomness vocals as she refers to person special, iterating how they mean thus much to her .
This is followed by the pre-chorus which just consists of Iselin asking where they disappeared off to. The chorus continues this position by rhetorically answering as per the lyrics report : “ Where are you immediately ? Atlantis, under the sea, under the sea, Where are you now ? Another dream, the monster ’ sulfur running inside of me, I ’ megabyte faded, I ’ meter faded ” .
The latter part of the sung consists of, more or less, the same traffic pattern with a like tune. The entire concept of the lyrics is based on the question as to where that especial individual went off to .

The Video

The music television, which was released on 3rd December 2015 and has over 2 billion views, focuses on a hood man, played by Shahab Salehi. The man can be seen merely equipped with a base compact and a television camera as he travels from one plaza to another .
He can be seen traversing through abandoned areas, which includes, buildings, and torn down structures .
Eventually, the man finally manages to reach his home only to find out that it has been broken down into ruins. The music video ends with the man removing a region of his masquerade and giving his home the last glimpse before the sequence fades out .

About DJ Alan Walker

DJ Alan Walker, only being 19 at the time of the song’s release, explained how he never imagined the song to become such a popular hit.

In one of his interviews, the then-teenager explained that before the song ’ second release, his life chiefly revolved around completing his homework and doing well in school. In another interview, Walker described that he initially had little to no concern in the sphere of music .
His entrance into the music earth was merely because of taking tutorials from YouTube on his free time as a avocation .

The Bottom Line

overall, Faded is a collision birdcall that was broadly received with plus feedback. commercially, it is presently the 25th most viewed song on YouTube, being watched over 2 billion times. Due to its popularity, the song has been remixed and performed by many early artists .

Alan Walker – Faded
Alan Walker – Faded
Faded is a 2015 song by norwegian DJ and producer Alan Olav Walker ( 1997 ). Download it now to enjoy its attention-getting tune .



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