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> technical school rear in June, WhatsApp began testing a feature that basically lets users share their ‘Status ‘ updates as a Facebook Story. There has n’t been an official argument from WhatsApp or its parent company Facebook precisely yet, but the feature now appears to be rolling out the sport to all its users .
Seeing the feature show up all of a sudden, respective users took to Twitter to share what they ‘d seen, which led us to check ours phone to see if the feature of speech shows up. In my event, it does show up on my Android earphone running version 2.19.258, but not on my iPhone. This suggests that the feature is being rolled out in phases and wo n’t be visible to everyone mighty away .
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For those wonder, this feature works the lapp as Instagram where users are allowed to contribution their Instagram Stories on Facebook a well without having to share it individually .

The feature currently shows up only on Android

WhatsApp users will now observe a newfangled sharing option under their condition saying “ Share as Facebook floor ” and this will allow them to share their WhatsApp status on their Facebook score .
This, however, does not limit you to partake your moments with Facebook only from now on you can besides share your condition on Instagram, Gmail and Google Photos equally well. First, you need to get your accounts linked to the app.

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There is one minor fuss I have with the sport though and that ‘s the fact that if you ‘ve posted multiple status updates, then all of them will be shared as Facebook Stories. so if you want to share only a few of them, you will have to take the long route.

What ‘s the long route ? First head to the “ My condition ” section, choose the Status updates you want to share, tap on the three-dot clitoris in the top-right corner and then on the “ Share to Facebook ” choice .
The other prerequisite is that you need to have a version of the Facebook app installed on your call. so, if you ‘re person who uses your browser to surf Facebook, this feature is n’t going to show up for you .
You ‘ll besides need to remember that all Status updates on WhatsApp are end-to-end code. This means that once yu partake your updates on Facebook or any other platform, you lose that extra layer of protective covering that WhatsApp provides .