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Found your friend precisely updated her Whatsapp status ? sol immediately, it ’ sulfur fourth dimension to write some full comments on WhatsApp status. You may don ’ triiodothyronine feel that, but leaving genuine and dependable WhatsApp condition comments on their movie can make their day .
And yes, you want your remark to look more than just ‘ nice movie ’ or relevant smiles alone, right ? thus here, you will find a good collection of comments that you can leave on your acquaintance ’ second and family members ’ condition updates .

Funny Comments for Whatsapp Status

Funny Comments For Whatsapp Status
Writing a condition comment on WhatsApp is not easy, specially when you want to write one. And particularly when this comment is for your bestie ’ sulfur status, you better know what to write and how to make it memorable, though. Because simply seeing the condition is not enough, it ’ s a well idea to write something to express your actual feelings.

  1. You look like such a different person. No, I mean, you look great .
  2. nowadays I realize why Whatsapp was gloomy this good morning. It was you, huh !
  3. Great one, thanks for not posting another bore condition like yesterday .
  4. Wow, I never thought you looked sol capital in real liveliness .
  5. Yeah, I watched your condition and I felt jealous. Are you felicitous immediately ?
  6. good to see that you ’ ra making build up, there .
  7. Bro, I besides need the lapp visualize like this one. Will you help with that ?
  8. in truth love your dress. Can I borrow it for our adjacent weekend party ?
  9. You ’ ra unrecognizable in this photograph. Which editing software did you use ?

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Nice Whatsapp Status Comments for Girl

Nice Whatsapp Status Comments For Girl
When it comes to writing comments for girls, you better write something that justifies her smasher and personality. so take a look at some nice comments that you can leave on the status update of a female child from your gang that will make her day overall .

  1. Yo girls, you ’ rhenium killing with this look !
  2. such a jaw-dropping present !
  3. Love this selfie ! just beautiful .
  4. See you in a wholly unlike avatar. Loved it !
  5. Girl, you actually know the art of taking selfies .
  6. well, that ’ s what you can call a condition .
  7. It seems you ’ rhenium having so much fun there. It ’ sulfur great .
  8. Love this. In my opinion, this picture is the best of yours till today .
  9. Girls, you look amazing. I ’ ll lease you for my constitution .

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Good Whatsapp Status Comments for Boy

Good Whatsapp Status Comments For Boy
by and large, the boys never take your comments badly, but that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean your words are of no value to him. If your buddy or best acquaintance has precisely updated his Whatsapp condition and you want to show that you love it, then the given status comments are the right ones when you don ’ triiodothyronine know what to write .

  1. You ’ re the best, my serviceman !
  2. Looking big, Brother .
  3. Everything you do. You do it absolutely .
  4. Wow, this word picture made my day !
  5. I watched every visualize in your condition and just loved them all .
  6. Like this picture of yourself, can I have a transcript of it ?
  7. It seems that now you ’ re taking your gymnasium routine seriously. That ’ randomness good .
  8. I normally don ’ triiodothyronine comment on anyone ’ s Whatsapp condition. But, for this one, I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate resist .
  9. Looking sharp, Bro. I ’ thousand here waiting for you to return this shirt when you ’ re done showing it off .

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Best Comments for Status To Encourage Them

Best Comments For Status To Encourage Them
not every time the Whatsapp condition is like bragging about their personality and showing off their attitude. sometimes, such condition is regarding person ’ s recent accomplishment and success they experienced. so, when person from your family or cousins has updated their condition about their recent accomplishment, below, you will find some good comments to add .

  1. All the best !
  2. We are so gallant of you .
  3. never give up, keep doing your best !
  4. Feeling sol happy for you, Best luck .
  5. I ’ thousand merely all in love with your Whatsapp status !
  6. Love everything you do, you ’ ra amazing .
  7. so grateful for having such an amaze person like you in life .
  8. Best of luck, hope to see you succeed in this one .
  9. May all your wishes and dreams come true .

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One Word Whatsapp Status Comments

One Word Whatsapp Status Comments
normally, you don ’ t write farseeing comments on person ’ s Whatsapp status. Yeah, sending an emoji is the one option. But when you want to share your actual reception, then you can write the shortest gossip to share what you feel after seeing their status. Use this one-word comment rather of just seeing the Whatsapp condition and still leaving no reaction .

  1. amazing !
  2. Beautiful .
  3. enjoy ! !
  4. Congratulations .
  5. OMG !
  6. Surprised .
  7. Nice .
  8. Cutie !
  9. Perfect .
  10. Outstanding .

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Final thoughts:

Appropriate emojis are the perfect options if you don ’ triiodothyronine know what to write on person ’ s Whatsapp condition. But, when you want to write something unretentive and simple, this list is something you can use to get better ideas .
Do you have any suggestions regarding this post ? Let us know in the comment department below .
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