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WhatsApp Status is good alike Instagram Stories. It lets you upload pictures, videos and contribution it with your contacts. It ’ s a great way to show people how is your day going, add text, change colors, use emojis and GIFs angstrom well. This WhatsApp Status is live for a day which is 24 hours after which it disappears automatically. While you can use your own content, there are many apps that have premade condition you can straight away upload. sol, here are Best Apps for WhatsApp Status for io & Android .

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Best Apps for WhatsApp Status for iOS And Android

1. Welike

This app is a software in itself. You can play games, download pictures, videos for WhatsApp stories, and besides create a social media profile if you log-in. When you search for a specific WhatsApp Status Keyword. It shows you posts by different users, whom you can follow for more content. There is besides a specials section, where you can find swerve, entertainment, fame, motivational status, etc. Chances are you won ’ triiodothyronine like the app because there is a bunch of fawn content but if you can ignore that, it has got a very large database you can use.

The best separate is it supports 15 regional languages besides English. So you can find content in languages such as Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, etc. The app has some banner ads but they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate intrusive .

  • Straightaway share to WhatsApp
  • Use as a Social Media Platform
  • Supports multiple regional languages

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2. UVideo

It ’ s a like interface to WeLike with categories based on people you follow, drollery, love, etc. Besides these, you can besides use templates to make a video recording of your own. There are basic editing features with which you can trim, crop, and modify the background. In addition to that, you can besides add Filters, consumption quotes, and stickers .
It ’ second interesting that the app has a special COVID-19 section adenine well that shows you the tally of cases in the country along with state knowing run in a graphic function. You can find tips to protect yourself and use templates like a boldness mask to create your own capacity. batch of fame videos talking about the importance of social distance, using a front dissemble can besides be found, which I think is a big way to make people mindful .

  • Large video database
  • Integrated video editor
  • COVID-19 info, templates, and videos

Get UVideo for Android

3. Clip – Video Status & Quote

If you post a lot of quotes and short video recording, this app has a big collection of both. It ’ south free and can be used with any social media chopine. furthermore, it has an integrated video editing tool deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, so you easily make photograph condition for yourself. You ’ ve options to add quotes, change the baptismal font color, style, and even add overlie and shawl. The app besides lets you add stickers according to your mood and several others like festivals, funny, etc. This is merely available for io

  • Collection of videos & Quotes
  • Supports picture editing
  • Only on iOS

Get Clip for io

4. TikTok

TikTok has become a vogue in itself when you think about short-form mobile video recording. It ’ south present globally, so you can find contentedness from around the worldly concern. With such a huge user base, a batch of users want to contribution the same content on WhatsApp with friends and family. With TikTok, you can browse videos and share them correct aside on WhatsApp. furthermore, you can besides make original contentedness and add filters, habit custom sounds, etc. So you have both the choice here. Besides entertain capacity, it has besides tons of videos on health tips and videos around COVID-19 safety. Hence you can keep your WhatsApp contacts informed adenine good.


  • Social media platform for videos
  • Share straight as Whatsapp staus
  • Option to create original content
  • Up-to-date with the trend

Get TikTok for ( io | Android )

5. Pinterest

I use Pinterest to search for about any kind of inhalation. Whether it ’ s cooking recipes, travel ideas, quotes, etc. It has a solicitation of over 100 billion pictures and videos that can be saved individually in groups called boards. You ’ ll love using the app because it even is a cleaner space and filled with quality contentedness. It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate back many options for regional language survival and subject. But if that doesn ’ t fuss you, it ’ s a great means to find WhatsApp condition. Simply search for a keyword and hit share. however, there is one drawback. You can only share the link to WhatsApp which is merely the page preview. A way you can tackle that is by saving pictures offline and sharing it from the veranda .

  • Plenty of quality content
  • Save all your favorite ideas to boards
  • Share link preview

Get Pinterest for ( io | Android )

6. WhatsApp Status Saver

WhatsApp in itself is a great reference for WhatsApp stories. My friends share a draw of atavistic pictures, which I love to save in my drift to come back to them later. WhatsApp doesn ’ thymine have a native method where you can do that. so I use condition Saver, an app that lets me save condition images and videos .
You just have to open WhatsApp and tap on the WhatsApp condition which you want to save. After that open the Status Saver app and tap on Status Tab the bottom. here you will find all the status you ’ ve watched. Tap on the persona or video recording and click on the download button. That ’ s it. You can find these in the download section or in your gallery .
Another add feature is “ Text unknown number ”. This comes in handy when you want to save a issue and just want a quick chew the fat. Selecting this will open a newly chat immediate. thus, you don ’ t have to go through the fuss of saving the number .

  • View and save WhatsApp status
  • Quick text without saving a number

Get Status Saver for Android

Closing Remarks

I know there are identical circumscribed apps for WhatsApp condition but your creativity has no limitations. You can use other quotes app, television editors, and save them to your gallery. This way you have more see over your content. You must not forget you besides have the choice to use your television camera and change font stylus and semblance to make it look dear without downloading an app .
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