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How to Send a Song on WhatsApp
WhatsApp moment message has been making our casual lives easier and one of the many advantages it has, is that it allows us to send all kinds of files to another over fluid devices. That includes commit pictures, messages, videos and music in versatile charming formats. Life is about sharing all the details and if you on the spur of the moment feel the need to send your friends a antic birdcall that you like, with WhatsApp anything is possible. On OneHowTo.com we tell you how to send a song on WhatsApp .

Sending a song via Spotify or Apple Music

If you want to send a song to someone via WhatsApp, it will depend on what platform you are using to do then. For exercise, Spotify is the largest pour avail in the world, but other platforms such as Apple Music are besides fabulously popular. All will allow some ability to share a birdcall via WhatsApp. They do this by offering us a contribution function on their app.

There are assorted ways to share songs, but they normally use a connect service. Both Spotify and Apple Music have the option to connect directly to the WhatsApp app on your device. The action of sending a song in this way is to :

  1. Open the music streaming app.
  2. Find the menu with sharing options. In the case of Spotify it is indicated by three dots at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap the dots and choose the ‘share’ option in the drop down menu.
  4. Tap the option to share on WhatsApp and choose the recipient.

once the yoke is sent, it should appear with a box of information about the specific song being shared. not all streaming services will offer the demand same options .
How to Send a Song on WhatsApp - Sending a song via Spotify or Apple Music

Ways to send an audio file through WhatsApp

There are several ways to send or partake an sound recording WhatsApp files through the app and frequently the options available vary according to the operating service (OS) you have on your smartphone. We will tell you the most popular options used by most people so you can choose the matchless that best suits you. All are simple and very virtual. Let ‘s go ! Grab your mobile and start rehearse, at your finger is a world of music downloads to parcel with everybody .

Send an audio file using the WhatsApp app

If you want to know how to send music on WhatsApp, the most common way of sending files is by using the button next to the keyboard in the app. It appears when you start a conversation with another person or a group. it is located barely to the side of the textbook box. Click on the ‘ plus augury ’ and respective options will appear. If your operating system is io the icons that appear are : board, photograph & video library, document, location and contact. If your device is Android, it will have exchangeable options which are even more comprehensive. You need to choose the option to send a document. This option will take you to a browse area which will let you choose the file you want to send, including mp3’s and other audio files. These include songs you have added to a microSD batting order if you have one.

Simply search the one you want, tap it and follow the instructions. You can see the basics with our photograph usher below. In other systems you can entree this after clicking ‘Audio ‘ in the music player where you can choose a song stored on your device. If you want to send a picture from a restricted iPhone, in this oneHOWTO article we tell you how to send more than 16 MB on Whatsapp .
How to Send a Song on WhatsApp - Send an audio file using the WhatsApp app

Send a song on WhatsApp using the device folders

It is not necessary to follow this path to send a song or audio file on WhatsApp. Depending on the operate system available, the options may vary. You can browse your audio files gallery, choose a birdcall and partake it. When you press to send the charge, you can choose from : Skype, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Hotmail, and others. At that item, you can choose share by WhatsApp and then select the touch you want to send that birdcall. You can besides open a birdcall with an editing course of study or sound recorder and then choose the choice of sharing on WhatsApp .
How to Send a Song on WhatsApp - Send a song on WhatsApp using the device folders
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