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Both WhatsApp and LINE allow you to make and receive spare calls on your fluid phone. These services are among the most popular blink of an eye messaging apps. But which one is the best for saving money on calls and for a clear association ? In testing both apps, we reviewed criteria such as popularity, monetary value, and features .

Line vs WhatsApp

overall Findings


  • free video recording and voice calling .
  • excellent call option quality .
  • Call non-users on a cell or land line at a abject cost .
  • Uses ECDH protocol for encoding .


  • huge establish of users .
  • release video and part calling .
  • Uses considerable data .
  • Can call only early WhatsApp users .
  • Uses Signal Protocol for encoding .
  • Blocked in some countries .

The two apps propose like features. And, both apps are free to download, offer absolve articulation and video calling, and allow free file and location sharing. ultimately, your choice might come down to which one your friends and kin use and which interface you find the easiest and most enjoyable to use .

popularity : WhatsApp Is Everywhere ( Almost )


  • Favored in some asian countries .


  • The largest base of users worldwide .
  • Blocked in some Middle eastern countries .

The act of people using an app is an important agent in deciding to use it. Calls are free among users of the same network. therefore, the more friends and correspondents you have on one app, the more opportunities you ‘ll have to make absolve VoIP and video recording calls .

WhatsApp is the clear winner here as it has the largest basal of users worldwide. While WhatsApp is democratic global, the Japan-based LINE ‘s popularity is concentrated in some countries of Asia .

voice and video : available on Both


  • free voice calling .
  • dislodge television calling .


  • loose voice calling .
  • Calls use significantly more data .

Both apps offer free voice calling among users. WhatsApp did n’t introduce this feature until early 2015 ; LINE had this feature before WhatsApp. possibly because of this longer-established capability, calls in LINE tend to be of higher quality than those on WhatsApp. This might besides be because of the number of users on the WhatsApp network. furthermore, WhatsApp calls tend to consume more data than LINE calls, and subsequently use mobile data agile than LINE. The winner here is clearly LINE .

Calling Landlines and Mobiles : Call Anyone Anywhere With LINE


  • Call any cell or land line earphone ( calls outside the network incur a little fee ) .


  • Can call only other WhatsApp users .

On WhatsApp, you ca n’t call person abroad who is n’t connected to the internet, or who is n’t registered on WhatsApp. WhatsApp does n’t go beyond its network. however, you can use LINE to make the call to any call cosmopolitan, whether land line or cellular, at a cheap rate. This is called LINE Out, and the rates are competitive in the VoIP market. LINE scores high here as WhatsApp offers calls merely to WhatsApp users .

Group Messaging : LINE Allows Larger Groups



  • Group calls with up to 8 participants .

Both apps volunteer group communication. LINE groups allow up to 200 participants, while WhatsApp allows only 8. besides, the features in LINE groups are better for management than those in WhatsApp. LINE wins here .

privacy and security system : encoding Is Standard


  • Uses the ECDH protocol for encoding .
  • Uses a earphone phone number or Facebook report for adjustment .


  • Uses the Signal Protocol for encoding .
  • Uses a call number or Facebook account for registration .

Both apps offer encoding of communications over their networks. LINE uses ECDH protocol, and WhatsApp uses Signal Protocol .

Both LINE and WhatsApp register you on their network through your telephone phone number. Some may be leery of this and prefer to keep their number private. Both allow you to use your Facebook account to register rather than your telephone count .

other Features : LINE Offers More tractability


  • Lots of free stickers .
  • Offers many ways to connect with other users .
  • Functions like a social network, including a timeline .


  • Stickers are available through outside apps .
  • Functions like a social net, but does n’t have a timeline .
  • Blocked in several countries, chiefly in the Middle East .

The dagger marketplace is developed in LINE with some concern spare stickers. Some stickers depict real-life characters, and others convey emotions in a meaningful way. Stickers can be sent through WhatsApp, but by and large, require another app .

Some LINE users may not have a call number. so, you can have contacts in LINE beyond your earphone ‘s contact list. There are some interest ways of adding friends on LINE. You can scan their LINE QR code, or the two of you can hold your smartphones close and shake your phones to add each other to the LINE contact list .

Both apps can be viewed as social network apps. however, LINE is more modernize in this gaze, having familiar social features like a timeline .

besides worth noting is that there are some countries—especially in the Middle East—where WhatsApp calling is blocked, while LINE may not be .

final verdict : LINE Is the Better Choice If Popularity ‘s not a concern

Considering the apps and their features, LINE does a better job than WhatsApp in most aspects. It has more features, and in cases where they share features, LINE has the border .

however, the one big advantage WhatsApp has is that it has a larger base of users. so, while LINE may be a better creature, most people end up using WhatsApp because of its popularity .