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Wayback, WhatsApp introduced a Snapchat knockoff feature called stories. indeed many enhancements were made to WhatsApp status after that. Images, Videos, GIFs, Text with assorted setting colors can be added to WhatsApp status sport till date. But there is no option to save WhatsApp condition till now. We haven ’ thyroxine hear any rumors on it excessively .
Guess what ? We have come up with few tricks to save WhatsApp status on versatile platforms. This magic trick is compatible with the follow devices

How to Save WhatsApp Status (both photos & videos) on Android Devices

We would like to introduce two tricks to save WhatsApp condition on your Android device without rooting. Yes, you heard it correct. You don ’ t need to root your Android device to save WhatsApp condition .

1. Save WhatsApp Status on Android using WA Status Saver application

There is a dedicate app for Android called WA Status Saver to save WhatsApp status. here is the step by step serve to save your friends condition in WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business .

  1. Download and install WA Status Saver app.
  2. Tap on Live Stories
  3. Select Photos or Videos which you want to download.
  4. Click the Download button to save WhatsApp status on your phone.

Yeah. It ’ s simpler than it sounds. Try this app on your Android call to download WhatsApp condition and share it with your sleep together ones. You can see all your downloaded status under “ Saved Status ” filmdom .

1. Save WhatsApp Status using ES File Explorer

ES file internet explorer is basically a file director app for Android devices. here is the footfall by step routine to download Whatsapp status of your friends using ES File Explorer .
Save WhatsApp Status using ES File Explorer

  1. Download ES File Explorer app on your phone (Link).
  2. Open WhatsApp and see your friends stories.
  3. Once you open the story, it will be saved to Device Storage > Whatsapp > Media> .Statuses. By default, this folder is not visible. Tap on more and then show hidden files.
  4. You can see all viewed status updates from your friends. Just long press on the WhatsApp status image or video and then select More. From the available options, Tap on Copy to. Select your desired folder to save that WhatsApp Status.

That ’ s it, you have downloaded your friends WhatsApp status. You can share it with others via WhatsApp condition feature.

How to Download WhatsApp Status on iPhone/iPad

Unlike Android, io is not so flexible platform. But similar to rooting in Android, we do have the break in iPhones and iPads. Hold on, we didn ’ thymine inform you any trick related to rooting. Having said that, you don ’ t need a jailbroken io device. Let ’ s see two amazing tricks to save stories on WhatsApp to your iPhone/iPad

1. Save WhatsApp Status on iPhone/iPad with BuildStore

To download others WhatsApp stories, all you need to have is BuildStore subscription. Let ’ s see how to do that .
Save WhatsApp status images and videos on iPhone

  1. Uninstall the original Whatsapp you have installed from App store.
  2. Register your iOS device on BuildStore.
  3. Install WhatsApp++ from here (Open the link from Safari).whatsapp++ build store app
  4. Register on WhatsApp++ with a valid phone number.
  5. Open WhatsApp++ and navigate to the status page
  6. Tap on download button present in the top right corner and Select Where to Save.

That ’ s it. You have successfully saved your friends WhatsApp condition on your iPhone

2. Save WhatsApp Status on iPad/iPhone with WhatsApp Pocket

WhatsApp pocket is a desktop app available for Windows ampere well as MAC. On top notch, it is a data recovery software for WhatsApp. On a note of scaling up the business, they introduced a new feature of speech to save images and videos which are uploaded as status on Whatsapp. Let ’ s see the step by step procedure of saving a status from Whatsapp .
Save WhatsApp status images and videos with WhatsApp Pocket

  1. Download, Install and Run WhatsApp pocket on PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer
  3. Select your device and start the scan. Wait, until the completion of the scan.
  4. WhatsApp chats will be displayed at the end of the scan. Click and Preview any WhatsApp chat.
  5. You will find media files like images, photos, gifs from your friends WhatsApp status.
  6. Click “Export Attachment” button and save it to your desktop.

Yes, You did it. You have downloaded you friends WhatsApp condition .
note : Since WhatsApp Pocket is a nonrecreational software, users will get limited access to free versions .

How to Save WhatsApp Status on Web Browser

To be frank, it is reasonably easy to download WhatsApp condition on the browser rather than iPhone or Android device. You don ’ t need any software quite than a browser. The best browser with good internet and WhatsApp world wide web is a must.

Save WhatsApp status using WhatsApp Web

  1. Open WhatsApp Web (https://web.whatsapp.com/).
  2. Click on Status Icon and open status page.
  3. Right-click on the image and select save image as if it is an image.
  4. If it is a video, right click on the video and select save video as.
  5. Provide a name (if required) and click on Save.

Looks elementary. Isn ’ t it ? To be frank, reasonably simple than doing it on Android device and io device. You will merely love this method acting to download your friends WhatsApp stories

Final Words

till now we have shown you how to download or save WhatsApp condition of your friends on respective platforms. It doesn ’ triiodothyronine topic whether you are io drug user or Android drug user. It doesn ’ t need a root or break. You will just love the one-third method acting of doing it using your browser. Enjoy downloading funny story images or videos on WhatsApp status. Don ’ thyroxine be beggarly, share it with your friends .