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Loved that sung you precisely heard on your Android phone ? here ‘s how you can find out what it ‘s called. There are several ways to identify the music playing around you. But have you always wanted to know the name of the music coming from your Android smartphone ? It could be from a YouTube video, a live current, a Snapchat snap, or an Instagram narrative .
Thanks to Shazam, you can directly identify the name of the music playing on your telephone. No matter if you ‘re listening to something from your phone ’ south speakers or from headphones, you can just Shazam it out. here ‘s how .

Enable Shazam in Other Apps

Get started by downloading Shazam from the Play Store. It ‘s absolve .
There are two ways of setting up and using Shazam in other apps to identify the music playing on your Android smartphone. You can either do it by tapping a telling from the telling measure, or by tapping a little bubble floating on your screen .

Use Shazam From the Notification Bar

This is an easy way to Shazam music on your Android mobile. To enable this option, follow these steps :

  1. Head over to the Shazam app.
  2. In the top left corner of your screen, tap on Library.
  3. Tap the Settings icon. It should also appear in the top left corner.
  4. Next, under SHAZAM IN OTHER APPS, enable Shazam from notification bar.

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Shazam homescreen


Shazam library


Enable Shazam from notification bar


You should then see a permanent notification from Shazam on your telling barricade, that says Tap to Shazam. You can tap on that telling at any time while some music is playing on your smartphone, and Shazam will identify it for you .

Use Shazam From a Pop-Up

This second option allows the app to display a humble pop fly clitoris on your blind which you can tap on to Shazam songs. To enable this choice, follow these steps :

  1. Open the Shazam app.
  2. In the top left corner, tap on Library.
  3. Tap on Settings.
  4. Under SHAZAM IN OTHER APPS, enable Shazam from the notification bar and Shazam from Pop-Up.
  5. A dialog box will appear, asking you to allow Shazam to draw on top of other apps. Tap GO TO SETTINGS.
  6. From the settings, enable the Allow display over other apps app permission.

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Enable Shazam from pop-up


Shazam pop-up permission


Allow display over other apps


now you ‘ll get a permanent notification from Shazam on your notification bar. Tap on that presentment, and a blue sky ripple with Shazam ’ sulfur logo will appear on your screen. You can tap it to identify the music playing on your telephone .
To remove the bubble from the screen, harbor and drag it to the bed. To make it appear, tap on Tap to Shazam from the presentment browning automatic rifle again .

Play Music From the Shazam App

After you Shazam a sung, the app will display the search results either in the notification bar, or in a pop fly window on your screen. By tapping on it, you can check out the birdcall, its lyrics, its video, and some other details, if available .
Shazam besides allows you to play a 90 second preview of the songs you search. You can listen to the wax songs outwardly on Spotify or Apple Music. But if you connect your Apple Music account with Shazam, you can listen to full songs on the Shazam app itself .

Shazam Does It All

While identifying music playing around you was potential from a long prison term, Shazam has made it possible to find the music playing on your Android and io smartphones besides. The next time you hear some catchy music coming out from your smartphone, you know what to do .

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