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Looking for a tool to trim a video recording for WhatsApp Status on-line ?
Is your video besides long to be set as a WhatsApp condition ?
Your television can ’ thyroxine be set as a WhatsApp status if it ’ mho longer than 30 seconds .
You ’ d have to cut it into shorter clips that are no more than 30 seconds in length.

In this article, we explore three best, spare ways to trim a drawn-out video into shorter clips that could be set as your WhatsApp status .

Trim Video for WhatsApp Status Online using Animaker

The status sport in WhatsApp Web lets you post WhatsApp condition on-line right from your personal computer ( Windows or Mac OS ) .
If you use WhatsApp Web on your background to post condition, you can use Animaker ’ s television tailored to cut/trim your drawn-out video into shorter clips .
With Animaker ’ s television trimmer, you can cut any part of a long television with ease .
here ’ s how to trim a television for WhatsApp status on-line using Animaker :

  1. open Animaker ’ sulfur Video Trimmer and snap on the Upload Video
    Animaker Trim Video Tool 1
    button .

  2. Upload Video 2
    now upload the video recording you want to trim .
  3. following, click on the Trim
    Click On the Trim Icon 3
    icon in the top right corner of the canvas to start trimming the video .

  4. Adjust the Trim Slider Handles and Save 4 immediately choose the begin and conclusion of your television using the handles on the leave and right. once you ’ ve trimmed the darling depart of the video, save the changes you ’ ve made by clicking on the green icon with a tick bell ringer on the far right.

  5. now click the download
    Click Download 5
    button in the top right corner of the app screen to start processing the television. once done, you can download the reduce video to your local calculator .

And that ’ s how extremely quick it is to trim a video using Animaker ! In the trace sections, we cover how you can trim or cut videos for WhatsApp status on your Android or io device .

Cut or Trim Videos for WhatsApp Status on Android

frequently, you set your WhatsApp status using your smartphone. If you ’ re an Android user, you can use the built-in sport that WhatsApp offers you to trim a television .
Use the default WhatsApp Video Trimming Feature
however, WhatsApp ’ s built-in feature is entirely ideal for cutting video recording that are about a minute in distance. If your video recording happens to be even a little lengthier than that, you ’ re better off choosing a third-party app as it would let you quickly do this with much less fuss .
With a third-party app such as Video Splitter for WhatsApp Status, you can automatically split your long video into 30-second clips with just a bare click, rather than having to manually trim your video recording into 30-second clips respective times until you ’ re done trimming down the entire video recording .
Split Videos for WhatsApp Status using Video Splitter
besides, using a third-party app, you can trim your video recording to a custom duration of your choice .

Split or Cut Videos for WhatsApp Status on iOS

If you ’ re an io exploiter, you can :

Any creature that you probably already use to trim television for WhatsApp status that you think does a better subcontract ? Any exempt joyride we seem to have missed adding to this number ? Please let us know in the comment section .
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