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RSSFollow by EmailYouTubePinterestLinkedInInstagram Download Jyeshtha Purnima quotes images in English. The full moon day in the month of June is known as Jyeshtha Purnima and it holds big importance in the Hindu religion. It is believed that taking a dip in the holy place Ganges on this day fulfills all wishes of the devotees. According to Vishnu Sahastra Naam Stotram, Lord Vishnu has been referred to as Jyeshtha Shreshtha Prajapita. He is considered as Supreme Brahm as per the ancient scriptures. Jyeshtha Purnima is besides celebrated as the festival of Vat Poornima. Married women fast on this day for the wellbeing and long life of their husbands. Scroll down for Jyeshtha Purnima quotes images in English, Jyeshtha Purnima wishes, Jyeshtha Purnima messages, Jyeshtha Purnima images,  Vat Savitri wishes, Vat Savitri messages, Vat Savitri images.
jyeshtha purnima quotes images

History and Significance of Jyeshtha Purnima
Jyeshtha Purnima is considered to be a identical holy day. On this day devotees fast and pray to Lord Vishnu to seek his blessings. It ’ s a no salt fast and devotees feed grains only once a day. Prasad of Panjiri ( wheat flour+clarified butter+sugar ) is offered to please lord Vishnu .
This is the day when devotees start their pilgrimage for the Amarnath Yatra. They carry holy place gangajal ( urine of river Ganga ) with them which they offer at the Amarnath Shivling .

Jyeshtha Purnima quotes images in English

Jyeshtha Maas is the holy calendar month when the sacred river, Ganges came to the earth due to the retentive efforts of King Bhagirath .
Jyeshtha Purnima is besides celebrated as Vat Purnima. Married women firm on this day for the wellbeing, felicitous and farseeing life of their husbands. The legend of Savitri is attached to the debauched. Savitri is considered to be the symbol of purity and divine married life. As per ancient mythology, Savitri pleaded with Lord Yama to give back her husband ’ mho life. She convinced Lord Yama to return the life of her conserve, Satyavan. Women keep fast during the day and visit the synagogue in the evening to offer their prayers to God and listen to the report of Savitri and Satyavan .
assorted other religious festivals like Ganga Dussehra and Nirjala Ekadashi spill during the Jyestha month to let people realize the importance of water system for live beings .
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Here are best Jyeshtha Purnima quotes images in english, Vat Poornima quotes, Vat Poornima images, Jyeshtha Purnima pictures, Jyeshtha Purnima photos, Vat Poornima wishes, Vat Poornima messages
May the sindoor testify your prayers for your conserve ’ randomness long life sentence, the Mangal Sutra remind you of the promises that bind you.
Happy Jyeshtha Purnima 2021!
jyeshtha purnima images1
Congratulations to all husbands for the renewal of their Life Insurance.
Happy Jyeshtha Purnima!
May Lord Vishnu consecrate you with peace and prosperity.
Happy Jyeshtha Purnima!
Wishing you a very happy Jyeshtha Poornima. May God bless you with a batch of happiness and prosperity in life .
Jyeshtha Purnima quotes images in English
jyeshtha purnima images2

Vat sarivtri quotes – vat savitri wishes – vat savitri images

Wishing you and your conserve a very happy and passive married life.
Happy Vat Savirtri!
Wishing you and your conserve a identical long and happy married life.
Happy Vat Savirtri!

May your marital liveliness is blessed…always
Happy Vat Savirtri!
jyeshtha purnima images3
Ashirwaad badon ka, Pyaar pati ka, Duaen sabki.
Happy Vat Savitri!
jyeshtha purnima images4
fast taken by wives for wellbeing, longevity and prosperity of husbands.
May this auspicious day fill your life sentence with beloved and happiness.
Happy Jyeshtha Purnima and Vat Savitri!
May Lord Vishnu bless you with a happy and peaceful life.
Happy Jyeshtha Purnima
May Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi constantly shower their blessings on you and your family.
Happy Jyeshtha Purnima
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Jyeshtha Purnima quotes images in English – vat purnima quotes

jyeshtha purnima images5
Wishing you a very Happy Jyeshtha Purnima!
jyeshtha purnima images6
Aaj mujhe aapka khaas intezaar hai, Ye din hai Vat Purnima ka.. Apki lambi umra ki mujhe darkaar hai.. Jaldi aana, yakin karna apke liye sab chorr baitha apka pyar hai !
Vat Poornima Ki Hardik Shubhkamnaye!

Jyeshtha Purnima quotes images in English

jyeshtha purnima images7
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