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Over the years, Facebook has constantly changed the means you can update your profile from your call. Back in the days, you could connect your mobile phone to your account and upload pictures by sending an electronic mail to mobile @ facebook.com .
At some point, this changed and they created a post-by email address, which was unique for each score. Using this e-mail, you could update your status, post pictures from your earphone, etc. however, as more and more users moved to the Facebook app on Android, io, Windows Phone, etc, the need to have this understudy mood of posting lento waned .
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    now Facebook has something called Facebook Texts, which lets you update your condition and do a couple of other things over text message. They have completely removed the post-by e-mail address, which means you can ’ thymine commit photos from your mobile phone anymore via e-mail or textbook.

    In my public opinion, this was not a necessary be active. In the U.S., most people might be using smartphones with data plans, but there are millions of people in early countries that hush use dumbphones. As of now, early than updating your condition via SMS, you can add a friend, poke person, like a page, get a text when a acquaintance posts something, and get a erstwhile password. here is the broad list below .
    facebook texts

    How to Setup Facebook Texts

    To setup Facebook Texts, log into your Facebook account, click on the small down arrow at the top right and then click on Settings. facebook settings
    On the left hand side, click on Mobile and you should see your current telephone number listed if you have added one .
    activate text messaging
    If you don ’ t have text message enabled, you should see a bad Activate Text Messaging button below your number. Click on that and a window will popup where you have to first select your country and mobile carrier .
    activate facebook texts
    eminence that Facebook Texts will only work in certain countries and regions on supported carriers. however, they support most places in the earth, so unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you should be able to use Facebook Texts. Click Next and you ’ ll be asked to send the letter F to a specific phone number. You will then enter the confirmation code sent to your phone via SMS .
    facebook confirmation code
    You ’ ll besides have the choice to share your earphone number with friends and allow friends to text you from Facebook. At this steer, you should be good to go.

    mobile settings facebook
    now you ’ ll see Text Activated future to your count and you ’ ll see a couple of new options down at the bottom like Facebook Messages, Daily Text Limit and Time of Day .
    By default, you ’ ll get a text whenever person air you a message on Facebook. You ’ ll alone get text from 8 AM to 11 PM, but you can edit any of the settings to your hope .
    To post a status update via text message, just type your message normally and send it to the same number given by Facebook when you activated Facebook Texts above .
    update status via text
    You won ’ thymine get any kind of confirmation message bet on, so you ’ ll merely have to check your Facebook profile to see if your status got updated .
    update status
    Nice, it worked ! You may read some other posts online about being able to post pictures via text by enabling the subject line, putting the word photos as the subject and adding the picture in the soundbox, but this doesn ’ thyroxine work anymore. I tried it myself with no fortune .
    The one reason why I like Facebook Texts over actually using the app on my iPhone is having the ability to add a friend cursorily by number. normally when I meet person new, the first thing I get is his or her telephone number. All you have to do is send a text with the discussion ADD in front of their number to add them as a acquaintance .

    ADD 123-456-7890

    That ’ south extremely easily and actually a lot faster than going to the app and searching for the person. Since there are so many people on Facebook, the search will normally return hundreds of results, which is annoying. When you have a earphone number, you know you are adding the right person no matter what.

    besides, if you are a Facebook stalker, then Facebook Texts will let you stalk person in real-time. You can subscribe via text by sending SUB followed by the call phone number, electronic mail, or name of the person. Whenever that person updates their condition, you will get an instantaneous text telling .
    even though Facebook has removed the ability to post photos via textbook and electronic mail, they may add it back at a late luff if adequate people complain. If they do, I ’ ll make certain to update this post and tell you how to do it. If you have any early questions, feel free to post a comment. enjoy !