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We have curated a list of top English UKG Rhymes that can be enjoyed by your child. All the UKG rhymes in this list have videos, audios and lyrics. For each of these rhymes, we have besides created beautiful lyrics cards which you can download .

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List of English UKG Rhymes for Kids
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Scroll down to watch individual videos and audios of these UKG rhymes. Want to reduce video recording prison term of your kid ? No trouble ! You can listen to rhymes audio files or download our beautiful rhymes lyrics cards and sing along with your child. If you scroll down till the end, you can read more on how we have selected these UKG/KG2 rhymes .

1. UKG rhyme – This is the way

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ukg rhyme
2. UKG rhyme – A was an Apple pie

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ukg rhyme

3. UKG rhyme – One, two, three, four, five, Once I caught a fish alive

ukg rhyme

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4. UKG rhyme – Mary had a little lamb

ukg rhyme

5. UKG rhyme – Good Manners

ukg rhyme
Scroll down for more rhymes video, audios & lyrics cards ! besides understand how we have selected these UKG rhymes for children .

6. UKG rhyme – Monday’s child is fair of face

ukg rhyme

7. UKG rhyme – Ten Little Fingers

ukg rhyme

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8. UKG rhyme – Hickory Dickory Dock
ukg rhyme
9. UKG rhyme – Star Light Star Bright

ukg rhyme

10. UKG rhyme -The Pirate Song (When I was One)
ukg rhyme
Read to know how we have arrived at this list of UKG rhymes!

As a rear, you need to understand how we have arrived at this list of English UKG Rhymes/ Songs/ Poem for UKG class children. The footing for deciding the age-appropriateness of the rhymes is the phonological awareness of kids at this degree .

Phonological Awareness of UKG Kids:
  • Kids at this degree can easily recognize the rhyme words. They can, in fact, find the curious bible from a list ( for e.g. cat-mat-big) and list words that start with the same voice ( e.g. pet, fall ). They besides identify the phonemic changes in words .
  • In the second half of UKG/KG2 classify, the children besides start distinguishing and remembering disjoined phonemes in a serial of words. They can match and isolate initial sounds ( e.g. hand = h –a – n – five hundred : 4 sounds ) and are able to do syllable deletions equally well as compound word deletions ( e.g. Say ‘ cupcake ’. Take away ‘ cup ’ and what is left ? cake ) .

“ For UKG children, parents should focus on greenhouse rhymes which have more meaningful lyrics and can help children understand authoritative concepts like count, rudiment, actions etc. They can besides begin to appreciate rhymes lessons which do character build, develop manners or have a moral lesson in them. For UKG children greenhouse rhymes can provide perfective opportunities to enhance their task completion capabilities. This is besides referred to as “ docile moments ” .

Please read our introductory article, to understand the categorization methodology of nursery rhymes for Preprimary, LKG and UKG children.
  • The development of all aspects of phonological awareness ( understanding how words can be segmented and blended into syllables, rhymes and sounds ) will support the flexible use of cognition of sound as one part of the read and writing work .
  • It is significant for parents to use language terms such as bible, syllable, voice, letter and verse in context systematically, with the UKG/KG2 level children. It helps children to develop the ability to understand and talk about the language, ampere well as increases their phonological awareness.
  • Parents can choose books for read-aloud and shared reading for a variety of purposes, including attention to phonological awareness .
  • Activities that support pun can increase kid ’ mho phonological awareness. For exercise, picking a multi syllable word and talking about how it has more than one beat ( syllable ), but it is hush precisely one discussion, besides supports give voice awareness .
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