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Tubidy is a free on-line streaming web site with lots of big video & Music, alike to YouTube. technically, Tubidy doesn ’ thyroxine truly have any videos or Music. What they do, According to them is to index videos & Music from the internet and transcodes them to be played on your mobile call. so when you carry out a search on the web site, it lists results from moderated video recording which users uploaded. When you click on a television to begin streaming, it streams the video recording immediately from the host site ( where the television originally is ) through Tubidy ’ randomness servers, thereby doing the heavy lift for you .

The web site is in full optimized for the fluid experience which makes pages load faster, searches show up results faster and videos or Music on the web site maneuver seamlessly with no harass. The interface is besides clean and neat which makes the web site easy to navigate and find the video recording or Music you ’ re looking a lot quick. Videos on the Tubidy Website have to adaptation which are the .Mp4 and .3gp versions. You can besides stream Mp3 audio and Mp4 audio of the video recording merely in case you were alone looking to listen .

How To Make Use Of Tubidy

Tubidy is very easy to use. If you ’ ve used or know your direction around YouTube, then this should be a while of cake .

  • First, Access the Tubidy Website [Tubidy.mobi].
  • You’ll be presented with some videos on the home page if you would like to stream any of the videos or Music, Click on it. Otherwise, use the search bar at the top of the site to search for a video you would like to watch. Once the results show up, Click on one.
  • Once the next page loads, you’ll be presented with 4 different options namely 3GP, MP4, MP3 Audio and Mp4 Audio. Select the one you would like to play and your stream will begin.

That ’ s pretty much how to use the Tubidy Service. Pretty easy right ? We will be answering some FAQs Below. – ad –

Mp4 Videos or Music not Working ?

It the mp4 video or Music on the Tubidy Website are refusing to play on your earphone then it might be because the Mp4 video on the Tubidy Website are encoded using H.264 Baseline Profile Level 3 television and HE-AAC v2 audio. thus if your call doesn ’ t support these codecs then it might have a trouble streaming the mp4 video recording or Music on the web site. – ad –

What are the codec/encoding details of each video/audio format on the Tubidy Website ?

3GP Video Regular Quality = > 3GPP ( H.263/AMRNB )
3GP Video High Quality = > 3GPP ( MP4/AAC )
3GP Video Parts = > 3GPP ( H.263/AMRNB )
3GP Video Preview = > 3GPP ( H.263/AMRNB )
MP4 Video = > MP4 ( H.264/HEv2-AAC )
MP4 Audio = > MP4 ( HEv2-AAC ) – ad –

You can cross check this with the one your earphone Supports to know which you can stream. however, 3GP Hi video recording or Music are by and large available for every content and supported by more phones on the market. So you should consider streaming that .


If you have any questions about the Tubidy Website that weren ’ triiodothyronine answered in this article then feel spare to drop in the remark section down below and we will be sure to answer them .