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Are you searching for an extraordinary music web site where you can get all types of music ? It ’ s so exciting to know that Tubidy ( Tubidy Mobile ) is a web site entirely for music and television on-line. The locate is popular for downloading and upload media files. In this article, I will be discussing more on the Tubidy web site that properly you did not know. indeed merely continue reading this article. Tubidy Mobile Tubidy, as I mentioned earlier, is one of the popular websites for video and music. You can upload and download your media files on this locate. Once you are a register exploiter on the site you are detached to upload files and download The files excessively.

Tubidy music portal indexes a bunch of classics, Christian, and trendy music video using its search locomotive tool. On the web site, there are no concealed fees or charges attached to any file. The site is easy to navigate approximately and to download any files is very dim-witted .

Tubidy Mobile 

Tubidy web site is one of the simplest music video websites that I have ever seen. The Tubidy portals do not have icons on the interface. besides, the site has a few menu that are available at www.tubidy.com under are the assorted categories of Tubidy.com

Tubidy Mobile Categories

  • Top searches.
  • Top videos.
  • My Recently Viewed.
  • My Account.
  • Search.

This makes navigation for users very slowly and flying. Users on this portal can easily get what they want from the platform with comfort .

Tubidy Mobile Website Features

Below are listed some of the features of the web site .

Top Videos on Tubidy

This is where all the top video are displayed specially those that are trendy cosmopolitan. top video are seen on the home page

My Account on Tubidy,com

This is where register users can create their own account on the web site. however, under the “ My Account ” section are Login, My Playlists, My Stats, and Upload .

Tubidy Login Guide 

This is one of the widgets under the “ My Account ” icon class on the web site. here users can create or Sign improving to their account on the platform .

My Playlists on Tubidy 

The playlist contains the web site ’ second music video and besides audio of choice that users have saved on the platform .

My Stats on Tubidy Mobile 

here all the information about your account login on my Stats. To sign in to your account on Tubidy you can click on this option .

My Upload on Tubidy 

It is exciting to know that you can upload your personal music on Tubidy.com. This is an exclusive offer by Tubidy.com to its users. To upload your music on this locate, snap on the “ My Account ” part and fill in the details that are required. Accept the terms and conditions. Next, go to the upload choice and fill in your music details and chatter on the ‘ Upload ‘ push button .

My Recently Viewed

This category contains files that have stream, see or you had shared the last fourth dimension you visited the site. If you click on this icon you will see all these files.

Tubidy Mobile Top Searches

This is one of the great features and icons on the site. here you can search for any music or video you desire. Just click on the search icon, type in the name of the song, or the artist name in the search space and click on the Search tab. besides, here on the search bar, you will find any birdcall you are looking for. And top music artists will be displayed on the research picture. You will see a song from your vicinity and you can switch search to find music globally. To switch your search to ball-shaped search, click on the search icon and you will see the ‘ Switch search mode to ball-shaped ’ doodad. immediately the song tilt will change to alien songs .

How to Change Language on Tubidy Mobile

The language feature on www.tubidy.com enables users to change the language in the web site to suite the speech they can comfortably flow in the locate. The web site has several language options for its users .

How to Sign Up to Tubidy Mobile

Follow correctly the steps below to sign up for an account on the platform .

  • On the homepage www.tubidy.mobi.
  • Navigate and click on My Account icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Login.
  • Next, you will see the blank space to fill in your details.
  • Create a username, password, then enter your gender and age.
  • Enter your validation code.
  • Then click on the “SIGN UP” button.

That is how you can easily sign up for a new report on the platform .

How to Login to your Tubidy Account

Login to your already existing report on the platform is potential .

  • On the homepage www.tubidy.mobi.
  • Navigate and click on the My Account icon.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Login.
  • Next, you will see blank space to key in your details including your username and password.
  • Click on the “LOGIN” button.

Above is how to login to your already existing account on the platform .

How to Download Music from Tubidy Website

Downloading music on this platform is dim-witted and it can be done following the steps below .

  • Go to the website www.tubidy.mobi.
  • On the website, go to the search bar.
  • Type in the song you want to download, use the title of the song or artist.
  • Next click on the search tab.
  • From the result of the list of songs display, you can then make your choice.
  • The available formats on the platform are 3gp,mp4,mp3 audio, and mp4audio. My recommendation will be mp3 because it is the one with higher quality.
  • When you are done with your selection. Click on the confirmation button.
  • Next, at the prompt to download choose the folder to save your song or video. When you’re through selecting the folder, click “Save” and it will proceed to download the song.

Above is how you can easily download music from the platform .

Tubidy Domains

This platform has other domains for easy identification of files. here are a few of the other domains the platform has .

  • tubidy.mobi
  • tubidy.com.co
  • tubidy-mp3.com
  • www.tubidy.net.co
  • tmp1.tubidy.com
  • tubidy-mp3.com/music/www-tubidy-com

From this article, I believe I have successfully shown you how to properly use your Tubidy web site for downloading your song and early full of life information you need to know about the Tubidy web site.

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