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Remember those days when we used to listen to Euphoria, Lucky Ali, Falguni Pathak, Bombay Vikings and Bombay Rockers ? Those were the days of good tasteful music, with little intimate insinuation ( I say little because what do you think Channe ki khet me was about ? ). They did n’t have to use dirty words to make their songs sell. It was all about rhythm and music in its best form. Ah ! Those were the days of pure auditory bliss minus the gaali galoch and noise in the music industry today. indeed, let ‘s take a musical trip down memory lane and revisit the songs that made us ’90s kids croon and faint :

1. Kya Soorat Hai -Bombay Vikings

We got introduced to pop via Bombay Vikings, and this sung could n’t have done a better job at it.

2. Pari Hun Main -Suneeta Rao

A beautiful spokesperson and this birdcall had all the feels to make a female child tactile property good, like a pari.

3. Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein- Leslie Lewis

One of the few beneficial remixes, and the ultimate animal sung. besides, is n’t the video recording good so beautiful ?

4. Leja Leja Re -Ustad Sultan Khan and Shreya Ghoshal

His articulation combined with Shreya Ghhoshal ‘s nazakhat makes for a beautiful tune and we ca n’t have enough of the video.

5. Yaad Piya Ki- Falguni Pathak

I ‘m reasonably certain all you lovely closet Falguni fans have tried and copied the steps once, at least.

6. Tanha Dil -Shaan

The song that was our go-to song when missing that limited one. Ah ! adolescent !

7. Woh Chali Woh Chali -Bombay Vikings

Bombay Vikings were pretty rad and this birdcall was good fantastic .

8. Ishq Tadpave- Sukhbir

This is an evergreen song that still plays on every shaadi ka DJ and every daaru party.

9. Dil Le Gayi- Jassi

The prelude is absolutely bang-up and makes you get into the bhangra manner .

10. Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha- Bally Sagoo and Malkit Singh

The palm-rubbing step, Jas Arora and Malaika Arora Khan ! A complete WOW !

11. Teri Taan Yaad Satave -Bombay Rockers

This Danish/Indian couple had an amazingly clean style which made their beginning album a extremely hit and made this birdcall last out.

12. Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Galli -Euphoria

Delivering hits like Maaeri, Dhoom pichak dhoom and many more, these guys were beyond amazing !

13. O Sanam- Lucky Ali

This guy revolutionised music with his smooth velvet voice, his television and the songs he made.

14. Kala Sha Kala- Annamika

This sung is a must at every sangeet ! well, at least it used to be.

15. Tunak Tunak Tun- Daler Mehendi

Do n’t deny it guys. You absolutely love this sung, and you ca n’t help but do the step the moment you hear the song play from a distance.

16. Ek Glassy- Hard Kaur

Hard Kaur ‘s beginning hit song, it had all the ‘hep ‘ you needed at that time.

17. Kawa Kawa- Monsoon Wedding

The song that had all the feel of a wholesome Punjabi marry.

18. Bottalan Sharab Diyan- Bally Sagoo

No matter how many Honey Singhs and Badshahs come and go, some Punjabi songs never die, do they ?

19. Chaiya Chaiya- Dil Se

Malaika and Shah Rukh grooving on a moving train with beautiful music from Rahman – This sung can never fail to make us move .

20. Ole Ole- Yeh Dillagi

The television might be a fiddling besides hilarious for nowadays, but we are reasonably sure you ca n’t stop yourself from doing THE step.

21. Jine Mera Dil Luteya- Jazzy B and Apache Indian

With a whole newly swagman added by Apache Indian, this song was the perfect amalgamation of desi Punjabi lyrics with some very cool English ones .

22. Hum Naye Geet Sunaye- VIVA

The song that launched India ‘s first all-girls dance band courtesy of a endowment picture on V Channel. We all danced to it in school for some officiate or the other.

23. Tan Tana Tan- Judwa

Another song with some truly obstruct dance moves but however, it gets us furrow, and that ‘s what music is supposed to do, right ?

24. Aankhon me- Aryans

The Aryans were the shiz back then yo ! We can never thank them adequate for giving us Shahid Kapoor and some assuasive quixotic music.

25. Made In India -Alisha Chinai

Ah ! This introduced us to the beautiful princess-like Alisha and the smoldering hot Milind Soman. The song that was responsible for the sexual awaken of an integral generation.

26. Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast -Mohra

The song that was sung by every gali ka majnu. We might call it airheaded now, but you ca n’t deny grooving to it.

27. Piya Basanti -Ustad Sultan Khan and Chitra

A beautiful song with Chitra ‘s beautiful, high gear octave tune and Ustad Sultan ‘s abstruse, smooth voice.

28. Angel Eyes -Raghav

The actually cunning guy who stole our hearts with his deep dimples and sing to us this beautiful song. Every girl thought it was for her. *I did*

29. Yaaron -KK

Farewells, senti-friendship video, the end of a college trip – This song has always been there to express everything we ever wanted to say about friends and friendships.

30. Deewana Tera -Sonu Nigam

One of Sonu Nigam ‘s earliest, this song is one of his best one public treasury date.

31. Meri Neend Ud Gayi- Band Of Boys

Five cunning men who could sing and swoop you right off your feet. Ah ! What a perfective jazz band !

32. Tu -Sonu Nigam

Wow. I had about forgotten this song ! Sonu Nigam, we miss listening to you often.

33. Nigodi Kaisi Jawani -Ila Arun

never have I ever seen Ila Arun like I have in this video.

34. Ho Gayi Hai Mohabbat- Shibani Kashyap and Aslam

A song that gets forgotten well, but give it a listen once and it transports you to another clock time and place.

35. Deewane- Shweta Shetty

With a deep gruff, earthy voice, this badass lady was a pleasant storm for the Hindi pop scene.

36. Gori Teri Aankhein -Lucky Ali and Kavita Krishna Murthy

This melodious song from the duet is fair indeed soothing to the ears. It gives this warm feel every time you listen to it.

37. Purani Jeans -Ali Haider

This one makes me so nostalgic. inactive sol apt, correct ?

38. Aja Piya Tohe Pyar Du

The song that gave us all the sexy feels.

39. Nacahange Saari Raat -Stereo Nation

With a badass acute and the perfect rut for a pop asterisk, Stereo Nation nailed it with this song.

40. Tera Mera Pyar- Kumar Sanu

When we beginning spotted the gorgeousness known as Nimrat Kaur !

41. Ab Ke Sawan Aise Barse -Shubha Mudgal

Have you heard anyone with a voice as herculean and broad of department of energy other than Shubha Mudgal ? This birdcall still makes for a great company during rains.

42. Let The Music Play -Shamur

Another classy Punjabi and English mix. Memories of dancing on it, on a dirty DJ, at a shaadi deluge in !

43. Maaeri- Euphoria

What a beautiful tune ! Do give the MTV Unplugged version a listen besides.

44. Chana Ve Ghar -Kunal Ganjawala

One of Kunal Ganjawala ‘s inaugural songs, we loved tapping our feet to this.

45. Piya Re Piya Re -Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

How can anyone have a adolescent without this great legend ? He is awesomeness personified.

46. Aafreen Aafreen- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Another legendary song. Just ca n’t get adequate of his fantastic voice.

47. Duur -Strings

This Pakistani band presented us with some truly well songs, and this is one of them .

48. Thodi Si Toh Lift Kara De -Adnan Sami

This song and the step man ! Anywhere you hear it and your hands lift up mechanically.

49. Sayonee- Junoon

This was one cult ring and this, a cult song.

50. Breathless- Shankar Mahadevan

All of us have tried singing this song countless times and failed miserably each time. only Shankar Mahadevan could do it !

Those were in truth the wonder years ! And here ‘s 20 years of glorious Indipop in one perplex television :