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Snapchat Stories struck a harmonize with social media users as the content stayed only for a day. Facebook was soon “ influenced ” by the theme and extended it to its other social media platforms, such as WhatsApp and Instagram. even if Instagram is more democratic these days, Facebook has its own spell. Around the ball, users can partake your report and frailty versa. If you like person else ’ randomness floor and want to save it for offline access, you surely can. I have listed a few ways to download Facebook stories. Let ’ s get going ! ADVERTISEMENT. CONTINUE READING BELOW.

You can download Facebook stories on your smartphone and personal computers. You will see a sum of three methods, and you can use any one that suits your position. Related | How to Download Facebook Videos on Android

Facebook presently allows users to save only photos and stories either on fluid or personal computer. To do so, exploit and hold the photograph and click on the save clitoris on your smartphone. Download ‘ Save Story for Facebook Stories ’ on your smartphone. It has a 4.4 plus rate, o preceptor ’ thyroxine worry about your privacy settings. How to Download Facebook Stories Step 1: Go to the Play Store and install ‘ Save Story for Facebook Stories. ’ Step 2: Give all the permission. Step 3: now login with your username and password .

  • You can see all the stories of your friends at the top of your feed.
  • Click on any photo/video story you want to download.
  • Now click on the download option right to the play button.
  • Tap the download button at the bottom left corner to download a photo story.

Other apps that you can use to download facebook story:

If you want to know how to download Facebook stories on personal computer, the pursuit steps will help you achieve that. You will need to right-click on the photograph history on your personal computer and click on ‘ Save picture. ’ On the other hand, downloading television stories on the personal computer or Facebook web is slightly different. You ’ ll need to install a Google Chrome extension from the Chrome Webstore, known as Story Saver. Step 1: Go to the Chrome Web Store and install Story Saver. Step 2: Log on to Facebook.com. Step 3: now, outdoors any video on your news feed. ADVERTISEMENT. CONTINUE READING BELOW.

Step 4: Click on the Story Saver extension located at the top right of the Chrome browser. Step 5: The extension will start downloading the television history from Facebook. Step 6: To find the download video recording history, go to Downloads, then click on the Video folder. The file that was downloaded by the extension could be in a different format. If that happens, you ’ ll need to restart the Google Chrome browser and refresh the Facebook page. Story Saver extension doesn ’ t need any login data, which keeps your information fasten. The extension will work on macOS, Windows, and Linux machine .

curious about how to download Facebook stories anonymously ? Well, it can ’ thyroxine be done the common way since Facebook doesn ’ t have the choice “ spare stories anonymously. ” But there ’ s a childlike workaround for which you ’ ll have to download the ‘ Save Story for Facebook Stories ’ app from Google Play Store. It will help you in downloading Facebook stories anonymously. The mighty apps get you view Facebook and chat through Messenger without switching the app. You can besides read messages and view stories anonymously. The app besides makes it easy to download photos video privately. other features include blocking Facebook ads, sponsor posts, and drug user activity tracking. It besides prevents accidental likes & other actions .


Can you save the Facebook stories? It is potential to save anyone ’ mho Facebook narrative using the Facebook app or FB on personal computer. Follow the above-detailed instructions. You can besides use the ‘ Save Story for Facebook Stories ’ app on your Android smartphone. How can I download other users’ stories from Facebook? To download person else ’ s history, clear early stories, wiretap and hold on to the floor. You ’ ll see the download release to save it. If not : Download ‘ Save Story for Facebook Stories ’ on your Android and iPhone devices > Login to your Facebook account > Open any history from the stories list. You will see the download little button on it. Click on the button. How do I add effects to my Facebook Stories? ADVERTISEMENT. CONTINUE READING BELOW. In order to add effects to your Facebook Story, click on the baton icon located on the exit. You ’ ll see varying effects that you can choose from. There are besides some effects which you can try with a buddy. These effects can be used for photograph and television stories. What happens to Facebook stories after 24 hours? After 24 hours, you are release to keep the stories you ’ ve shared in your floor archive. It will then be visible only to you. You can always delete a photograph or television from your story if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it in your archive .


Follow the steps mentioned above to download Facebook stories. You can download Facebook stories anonymously, which is a questionable motivation, but resources make that happen. guarantee that you respect the person ’ s privacy and reason with ethical motive not to parcel to keep their secret moments, which they choose to plowshare with their Facebook friends. Related Posts: Do you feel okay with person freely downloading your Facebook stories ? Tell us your opinions in the comments incision.