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so BLACKPINK last made their first rejoinder and everyone on my timeline was thus hype ! My mutuals and I were all like :

To be completely honest, I didn ’ thyroxine expect Stay or Playing with Fire to chart well because they ’ ra competing against groups with a more stable fandom and music-wise, both of their songs don ’ thymine sound like the common kind of kpop song that would sell. Stay has a country/indie vibration while Playing with Fire sounds like EDM but not the usual EDM I hear .
so obviously, the music video recording director for Stay was besides the one who directed most of picture ’ mho songs such as Apology, WYD, and What ’ s Wrong–it ’ s not very surprising because the music video recording share the same aesthetic. The irony in this music television is truly potent. OT4 are roaming around an abandoned place by themselves, singing heartbreaking lyrics, however everything seems therefore colored and vibrant. Another sarcasm is that the lyrics are truly deplorable but the tune itself is something you would sing in a campfire. Before anything, hera ’ s the english translation of Stay ’ s lyrics :

STAY Lyrics English

thus easily, with harsh words
You put scars in my heart
Without even saying good-for-nothing
Again, I ’ m comforting myself
Always skittish if you ’ ra gon na leave me
I just want you to stay
In your deadpan face that ’ s getting more and more pall
I whisper to the mirror, let ’ s slowly let this go
You take me for granted
But that ’ s you
But hush, stay stay stay with me
This deplorable tune resembles you
It makes me cry eh eh
Your perfume is a fresh felony
I hate you therefore much but i love you
Before the blue night traps me in
Don ’ triiodothyronine leave me
Do you still love me ?
If you feel the same, don ’ thymine leave today
Don ’ t ask why it has to be you
Just stay with me
( It goes a short something like )
I don ’ t expect a lot veracious now
Just stay with me
There ’ randomness nothing more I want now
I can ’ t even tell if my heart is beating
Rather than forceful conversations with others
I ’ five hundred quite be in awkward silence with you
indeed arrest, wherever that may be
Sometimes, when dark comes, I ’ ll be your ardor
In this populace that is a lie down
The only truth, it ’ second you
This a letter from me to you
This sad tune resembles you
It makes me cry eh eh
Your olfactory property is a fresh felony
I hate you sol much but iodine love you
Before the dark night traps me in
Don ’ triiodothyronine leave me
Do you still love me ?
If you feel the same, wear ’ triiodothyronine leave today
Don ’ t ask why it has to be you
Just quell with me
( It goes a little something like )
I don ’ t expect a set right now
Just stay with me
( It goes a little something like )
I don ’ triiodothyronine expect a lot correct now
Just stay with me
( Taken from : hypertext transfer protocol : //kpoply.com/blackpink-stay-lyrics-english/ )
Music Video Story Analysis
So the music video started with Lisa looking as the pink balloons went flying .

The Literature major in me can ’ triiodothyronine help but inquiry on the meaning of colors ( I ’ thousand not being random, when we have to analyze stories in class, we constantly have to inquiry the mean of every little thing to make common sense of its symbolism ) and guess what pink means : pinko signifies romance, charm, inner peace, physical weakness, the tender kind of love, pink is also used to soften frustration. We already established that the song is about being on the verge of a dissolution and asking the beloved to stay even though the position itself is already hurting the character. So I think the pink balloons flying represents the stagecoach of letting travel of the one you love and accepting the position and pain it brings .
The next scene shows the girls together in an abandon place. The sign at the spinal column says, “ Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.” If we take into retainer the fact that the film director for icon ’ second Apology and BLACKPINK ’ randomness Stay is the lapp guy, everything would make sense. In the last character of Apology MV, a message says, “ To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven. ” I ’ molarity assuming that eden in Stay is hush associated with love. They got to experience eden when they fell in love but now that the one they love is leaving, that heaven has become a target where nothing always happens because they were left on their own.

The following scene shows Rosie wandering on her own .
I feel like Rosie ’ s fit represents the first stage of post-breakup : Denial expressed in sadness. She ’ sulfur cheat on on her own to think where did it go faulty, at what point did the kinship start to fall apart, etc. even her lines are begging the other person to stay with her .

The next scene is Jennie ’ s part ; the charmant sign caught my attention because charmant in french means charming or bewitching ( hence, prince charming ). So it could mean that the persona got bewitched by the person he/she loves or by love itself. I don ’ metric ton think the drinks were put randomly either ; it most probable symbolizes the stage of a separation where we would get intoxicated to forget. At the back, there ’ s a signboard that reads, “ You owe me; look what happens with love. ” It ’ mho message that holds so much begrudge and pain in its tone. So basically, I think Jennie ’ s scene represents the anger stage after dissolution where you would quite drink to forget and blame that person for all the pain .

Two colors are detectable in this setting : purple and yellow. This is another irony ; yellow represents promise while dark purple represents the feel of sadness. At the side, there ’ s besides a sign that says “ It’s a good day. ” I think Jisoo ’ s scene represents the stage of dissolution where you ’ re trying to be all right even when you ’ re inactive broken. I might be reaching but at first, I very thought Jisoo sitting on the swing by herself symbolizes being left hanging. Jisoo ’ s trying to find hope but the black purple pot shows her on-key feel of gloominess .

In the choir, the car was shown in the background and what caught my eye was the message, “ Hope she was worth it. ” This gives us the depression that the guy left her for another female child .

In Jennie ’ mho blame part, she was asking “ him ” to stay with her evening though they ’ re having difficult times and it ’ s hurting her. Another stagecoach of grief after separation : bargaining.

There ’ s a  green smoke while Lisa was rapping. green represents hope, growth, and rebirth. I think Lisa ’ s scene represents the concluding stage : acceptance. In the other scenes of the sung, Lisa was seen inside the construction by herself but when her character came, she ’ s already outside ; I think it signifies how we keep our pain to ourselves but there would come a time when we ’ ll ultimately be firm enough to let the pain out, accept everything, and welcome a new start .

Lisa ’ second aligned with the color green : hope and metempsychosis
Jennie with orange : change and freedom
Rosé with blue : religion and constancy
Jisoo with pink : inner peace and credence
basically all the colors represent the feelings after letting move .

sol the last scenery shows all four girls dancing and hugging. I think this scene concretizes the feel of freedom after letting survive and accept. There ’ mho “I wish you were here” written under “ Dance with me. ” The latter message could be expressing the feel of freedom while the erstwhile message expresses the hanker. The time will come when you ’ d ultimately find the well in adieu but it doesn ’ thyroxine beggarly that you wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be missing the person you once loved. It ’ south besides obtrusive how there are guys wearing white around them while they dance then in the following scenery, it ’ randomness precisely the four of them dancing. White represents good and beginnings. I think the guys wearing white represent the good of every thing in the world. There ’ s a new begin to look forward to. thus, at the very last scene, the girls were authentically laughing and dancing even though the guys weren ’ metric ton there anymore ; they have reached the point of new begin .
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