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WhatsApp doesn ’ metric ton offer a direct way to plowshare WhatsApp status AKA stories. What if you like person ’ south status and want to share it with your friends ? For that, you will need to download and save the picture or video from WhatsApp status in your call ’ second drift. thankfully, you can download WhatsApp condition in four ways. Let ’ s check the methods .

How to Save WhatsApp Status

The other person won ’ metric ton be notified when you download the WhatsApp Status photograph or video using any of the methods. however, if read receipts are enabled, they will know that you have seen the status .

1. Take a Screenshot

One of the easiest ways to save a visualize from WhatsApp status is to take a screenshot. And that ’ s possible without downloading any excess app since both Android and iPhone confirm the screenshot feature. To take a screenshot, either press the Power and Home button or the Power and volume down release simultaneously.

2. View WhatsApp Status in File Explorer (Android)

interestingly, WhatsApp mechanically downloads the status pictures and videos that you have viewed in the past 24 hours to your call ’ s file internet explorer. So you don ’ t need any third-party app. however, the booklet where the WhatsApp condition ’ media files are saved is hidden by nonpayment. You will need to make it visible first. here are the steps in detail to save WhatsApp status to your phone ’ south gallery on Android phone .
Note: This method only works on Android phones .
1. Open any File Explorer app on your earphone. I am using the Files by Google app. It ’ s a free app with a user-friendly interface and no ads .
2. In the Files app from Google, tap on the three-bar to open the menu. Select Settings .
WhatsApp Status Allow Hidden Files File Explorer 3. Enable the toggle next to Show hidden files. If you are using any other File internet explorer app, look for a exchangeable set that allows you to view hidden files .
WhatsApp Status Allow Hidden Files Google File Explorer You need to perform the above three steps entirely once. When you have enabled concealed files, you can directly download WhatsApp status using the following steps .
4. Launch WhatsApp and open the condition that you want to download .
5. Open the Files app and navigate to the WhatsApp booklet. You will find it under Internal storage > WhatsApp. If the WhatsApp folder is missing in the inner storehouse, don ’ metric ton concern. Simply voyage to Internal storage >Android > Media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp .
WhatsApp Status View Folder 6. Tap on the Media folder and go to .Statuses booklet. You will notice that the color of the .Statuses folder is slightly different as it ’ s a shroud booklet .
WhatsApp Status Folder in File Explorer 7. Inside the .Statuses folder, you will find the recently viewed condition from the past 24 hours. Open any photograph or video to view it .
WhatsApp Status View in File Explorer

Save WhatsApp Status in Gallery

Do note if you want to keep the condition for future use, you will need to move or copy the picture or video recording out of the .Statuses folder. otherwise, the files will be deleted after 24 hours mechanically from your File Explorer .
To do indeed, tap the three-dot icon next to the photograph or video recording and choice Copy to. Choose a booklet outside of the WhatsApp folder and paste it. similarly, repeat the mistreat for early files that you want to copy. once copied, the status photograph and videos will appear in your Android phone ’ mho drift vitamin a well .

WhatsApp Status Copy to Phone Gallery

How to Download WhatsApp Status Without Viewing It

If you want to save a WhatsApp condition without being seen or viewing the report, the above method acting will come in handy. Basically, WhatsApp mechanically downloads some condition to your phone ’ second File Explorer even if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate watch them. From what I noticed, WhatsApp normally downloads the condition of the people before and after the stream condition .
so if you want to download the WhatsApp condition of person without letting them know, you should view the condition of the people before and after the concerned person. then open the .statuses folder in the File Explorer. Hopefully, you will see the status of the actual person over there without viewing it.

3. Use Third-Party Status Saver Apps for WhatsApp

If the above method acting doesn ’ t work in the future or it feels a moment troublesome, you can take the aid of condition rescuer apps to download condition on Android. You simply need to view the WhatsApp status and the same would appear in condition downloader apps. It ’ sulfur just a matter of two-three taps. Let ’ s check the steps in detail .
1. Install any WhatsApp status downloader app on Android. I use condition saver. It ’ s a little app and besides lets you split long television and send a WhatsApp message without saving numbers to contacts .
2. Open WhatsApp and view that status that you want to download .
3. Open the Status saver app. You will find the recently viewed status in the app. Tap on the photograph or video recording that you want to download to your phone ’ second gallery and hit the Download icon. That will download the picture or video to your gallery .
WhatsApp Status Download Using App other apps to download WhatsApp condition are :
download Status
Save Status app

4. Take Screen Recording (Android and iPhone)

exchangeable to taking a screenshot to download condition photos, you can download condition videos by recording the filmdom. Again, you don ’ t have to download anything. Both Android and iPhone offer a native feature to capture screen recording .
To take a screen recording on iPhone, assailable Control Center and look for the Screen recording option. It looks like a dot inside a circle. Long touch the Screen recording choice and tapdance on the Microphone icon to enable it. This is done so that sound recording is besides recorded along with your video .
WhatsApp Status Allow Microphone Screen Recording iPhone Tip: If you don ’ thyroxine find screen door Recording in Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center and enable Screen record .
immediately open Control Center again and tap on the Screen recording option to start recording. Open WhatsApp status video recording and see it wholly. Your call will be recording in the setting. When done, tap on the red stripe at the top of the screen and hit the Stop button. That will stop the recording .
WhatsApp Status Screen Recording iPhone Launch the Apple Photos app and you will find the download video. Open and edit it to trim it in a way so that only the condition is visible .
On Android, you will find the filmdom fipple flute in Quick settings. Simply tap it to start recording the WhatsApp condition. If your Android telephone doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer a native screen recording tool, you can use third-party shield recorder apps .

Make the Best of WhatsApp Status

Apps offer one way to download WhatsApp status. You can use third-party apps for other purposes in WhatsApp status. Check out the best apps for WhatsApp status on Android and io. besides, find out how to view WhatsApp status without them knowing.