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many companies jump into Facebook without a clear social media strategy, focusing on ‘ downy ’ goals like getting more followers than their competitors. Most of the time they merely replicate what other Facebook pages are doing, without understanding the reasons behind those activities or the desire consequence .
This is very dangerous, as some of these apparently harmless actions can result in the opposite of what was in the first place expected, and when this happens there is a inclination to blame Facebook .
The be is a list of print activities where many Facebook pages hush go amiss, sometimes combining two or more mistakes and frankincense multiplying the negative consequences .

1. Post Links As Part of Text Status Updates

text updates were the atrocious duckling of Facebook : cipher liked them because of their miss of ocular content…until person realized they were getting more Reach than early types of condition updates.

Hoping to beat EdgeRank and boost their Reach, some pages started to post about everything as textbook updates, including links. See the come exemplar : 01 Links as text Update
This is a bad error : first, the fact that text updates were getting more Reach in the by didn ’ metric ton mean they were getting more betrothal and clicks on those links .
farther to this, Facebook recently announced they were demoting the Reach of text updates for pages. so now there are even less reasons to keep doing this .
Text updates should be used merely to post comments or ask questions to your hearing .

2. Post Links As Part of Image Description

For quite some time link updates were not visually appealing, so to get more attention pages used to post an double alternatively and included the link as part of the text description .
however in September 2013 Facebook changed the room links were displayed, offering enlarge images .
many pages silent use the old commit though, which has an important consequence : it splits your consultation ’ s date in two groups :

  • People attracted by the image: they click on the image, but ignore the link
  • People fully engaged with the content: at some stage they also click on the link

By doing this, you could be missing a lot of traffic that could otherwise have visited your address page .
For exemplar, in the future prototype, only 41 users clicked on the connect, whilst 350 clicked on the image. This means 309 potential visits were lost !

02 Links as photo update

3. Accepting Whatever Photo Facebook Selects For Link Preview

Did you know you can choose the thumbnail prototype for a Link Update ?
When a link is published, Facebook will look for a featured picture in the destination page that satisfies the chopine optimum dimensions, and if more than one is found, it will give you the choice to choose your prefer one using the two arrows marked in this double. 03 Accepting Facebook Link Image
sometimes Facebook may not work by rights and can not find a have image – or no images at all. If this is the encase, you just need to use the Facebook debugger to solve the trouble .
furthermore, you can besides upload a different image not found on your finish page by clicking on the ‘ Upload Image ’ link located good below the display visualize. This is particularly useful if, for case, you want to include a call-to-action button or message aimed at Facebook users merely .

4. Post When Everyone Else Is Doing It

Everyone knows that in order to maximize the Reach of your content it ’ sulfur important to post when most of your followers are connected, correct ?
well, that ’ s not necessarily true, and in fact your competing Pages could affect your Reach .
To find the optimum publication clock frame, most Pages precisely go into the Post report within their Insights and focus only on the ear of the time graph presented. however this only represents when your fans are on-line, NOT when they are more likely to receive your contented in their News Feed – or engage with it. 04 Post times

If many Pages post at the same time, the sum of contest on users ’ News Feed could make Facebook filter your content reducing your Organic Reach even if technically more followers are connected .
The best way to identify the optimum clock for publication is by tracking the results of your past posts, trying to identify trends. Check what times provide you with the best compass and engagement .
Do not ignore the time chart wholly, but do not rely on it as your only source of information .
And of course, post at different times during the day .

5. Not Using Targeted Posts

Have you always received an invitation to an consequence from a acquaintance living in another country ? many Pages use a exchangeable approach and publish everything to everyone .
This may not necessarily upset your followers, however there is a risk associated with it : since those users are identical improbable to engage with the military post, Facebook will perceive it as a miss of matter to towards your page and gradually show less subject from it .
Your Reach may decrease and finally they may not receive other subject that could be interesting for them .
Targeting your contented to the properly demographics will limit the Reach of those posts, but it will surely provide a higher engagement that in render will improve the Reach for that detail hearing section. 05 Targeted Posts

6. Not Posting After Hours

The world doesn ’ metric ton period at 5:00pm on weekdays, so why should your content ? particularly as most users connect to Facebook after hours or while commuting .
And somehow there are even companies that do not schedule their content. Some people use the monetary value schedule tools as an apology .
Which tools ? Facebook besides allows scheduling subject ! 06 Scheduled Posts
This option is available for all pages, careless of their hearing size ; it allows editing or rescheduling former in the Page Activity Log… and it ’ s free !
Scheduling content is particularly crucial considering what I explained previously about optimum publish time frames ( point 4 ) .

7. Use Non-Related Content To Get Engagement

many pages post lots of funny images as a means to get more followers. They know people are more probably to engage with certain types of posts and generate some viral achieve that will finally increase their consultation .
It ’ s truthful that messages on social media should not be entirely about your merchandise or company. But that doesn ’ thyroxine intend you should post about cats… unless your commercial enterprise is a favored company .
This is particularly significant since December 2013, when Facebook announced they were demoting the score for the alleged ‘ meme ’ images.

content on your page should be around the core of your business and industry. Posting funny images is very well a hanker as they are related with what you do, like in this exemplar from a company producing kitchen appliances .
What other publish activities have you seen on Facebook not being applied correctly by pages ? Let me know in the comments below !