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You can use a elementary URL to see the friendship and relationship history between you and others on Facebook. Did you know that a single URL lets you see your entire Facebook history with anyone you are friends with on the social network ? You can see your interactions, when you became friends, your share interests, and more .
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Can You See the Friendship Between Any Two People on Facebook?

No. It used to be possible, but Facebook realized that having a unavowed url to see the entire Facebook history of any two people on the network was a little creepy .
today, the URL calm exists ( indeed, it is used in this process ) but you are restricted to seeing the history between yourself and Facebook friends .
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How to See Your Friendship on Facebook

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By viewing your relationship history, you ‘ll see a list of things you have in common, photograph you ‘re both in, and posts you are both tagged in .
Follow these steps to see your friendship history with person else on Facebook :

  1. Navigate to your profile and make a note of your username. You can find it in the URL.
  2. Repeat the process for your friend.
  3. In your browser’s address bar, type www.facebook.com/friendship/[username 1]/[username 2]/, replacing the usernames as appropriate.
  4. Press Enter.

You should now be looking at a page that shows any posts, events, photos, and videos the two people are tagged in .
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Is There a Privacy Risk?

Facebook is no stranger to privacy risks. Almost all users now accept that Facebook is harvesting their data and making lewd profits from selling it. Yet it does n’t seem to dampen people ‘s appetite for logging on .
Some other park Facebook privacy risks include insecure third-party apps, incorrectly configured privacy settings, Facebook Marketplace scam, predators, and even social media addiction itself .
only you can decide where this Facebook friendship history instrument ranks in the list of threats, but it ‘s hush a unreassuring detail to add to that ever-growing list.

Facebook Friend Requests : oral Rules and Hidden Settings
If you have questions like “ Why ca n’t I friend person on Facebook ? ” then you need this template to Facebook supporter requests .
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