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“ I want to put some curious status video recording on my WhatsApp, but I don ’ thymine know how to download status television. Which is the best status video download app out there ? ”
If you have a alike thing in heed and are looking for ways to download television status, then you have landed at the right plaza. These days, about every social media platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. let us post unlike video status on our profiles. The good matter is that you can immediately use a condition video download app to get some interesting content for your social media. Read on as in this post, I will let you know the functioning of the best condition video download tool .

Snaptube: The Only Video Status Download App You Need

Snaptube is considered as one of the must-have Android apps that you can use to download condition videos of all kinds. once you have installed the app, you can browse and save any condition television on your device that you can subsequently post on your social handles.
snaptube for android

  • On this new status video download app, you can view a dedicated section for status videos that you can browse from its home.
  • There are also several options to browse status videos of all kinds on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and numerous other platforms that are integrated into Snaptube.
  • In case you have stumbled upon a good status video online, then you can simply copy its link, and load it on Snaptube.
  • The application will let you download status videos in several formats and resolutions on your device.
  • This video status download app is entirely free, has no restrictions, and even features a dark mode as well.

How to Download Status Videos for Free with Snaptube

Using the Snaptube new video condition download app is extremely childlike and doesn ’ thyroxine tied need root access on your device. To download status videos for complimentary, you can install Snaptube and follow these steps :

Step 1: Install the Snaptube status video download app

If you don ’ t have Snaptube installed already, then go to its web site first base, and download its APK charge. You can tap on the downloaded APK and let your browser install it on your call.
If you can ’ thymine download apps from your browser, then you can go to your phone ’ s security settings and enable the app installation permission from stranger sources. Once the Snaptube status video download app is installed, you can disable the feature.

Step 2: Search for any status video to download

Whenever you wish to download status videos, launch Snaptube, and enter the relevant keywords in the search bar. You will get default results from YouTube here, but you can visit any other hold platform from Snaptube ’ s home. aside from that, you can besides load any URL on Snaptube ’ s search or visit its dedicated condition television section to browse some interesting videos.

Step 2: Download status videos on your phone

After finding any allow condition video, you can load it on the native media musician on Snaptube ’ s interface. To save the television, you can tap on the download icon from the penetrate, and select a relevant format/resolution for it. immediately, wait for a few seconds as the status video recording would be saved on your device.

That ’ s it ! Once the video is downloaded, you can go to WhatsApp or any other social media app and post it as your condition. Since the television would be saved on your Android, you can watch it offline or send it to your friends a well .
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