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Musiq Soulchild

Oh My Stars

I ‘m freestyling, for me, myself and I
I write them on the newspaper til it gets sky high
I say goodbye, to all the bad things I ‘ve done
I start a new beginning, at this is how it begun
From, KRS-One to Talib Kweli
nowadays I ‘m the best ace on BET
And MTV, better however I ‘m known universally
I am the keystone, to being the best MC
The prophecy, the one and merely
A dateless masterpiece, I ai n’t the least
I ‘m the best, causal agent God said therefore
I ‘m just trying to express my lyrical run

Yo, yo
It feel effective, it feel so bloody good, it feel
It feel effective, it feel so bloody, uh
It feel good, it feel so damn full, it feel
It feel good, yo, yo, yo
It feel commodity, it feel so damn adept, it feel
Baby tell me how it feel when I always keep it real
It feel effective, it feel thus damn good, it feel
Yo, now how it feel ? Yo

It feel good, it feel so bloody thoroughly, it feel
Khalil brought the fly asshole, I brought the hood appeal
Notes from the piano is falling out the flip
Like angels losing their wings so they see how it feel to cry
Babies have babies for the wellbeing coupons
Dudes on the radio tap, them cats is lukewarm
I get up on it, spit up on it like a modern born
The class structure ruptured, there ‘s living proof like a group home
B-Boy being a valet, throw a suit on
Stepping out hot than Tuscon when the soup ‘s on
My son like “ Daddy, I be missing you when you gone ”
I said I got tantalum go so I can stack chips like Lou Corn
I ask my daughter how I look, she fixed my hat so I can wear it aplomb
Cause she ‘s like “ That ‘s what they wear in school ”
then she asked me “ Daddy, you know any superstars ? ”
I looked at her and said “ Stop being pathetic, that ‘s what you two are ”
I say it now and I ‘ve said it before
And you can trust me on this cause I ‘ve been through it, y’all
Follow your heart and you can do it dog
Baby you ‘re a star …

All of the days …
All of the days, of my life I spent on trying to find
Yet another way to show you how, how special you are
There ai n’t no body, that can take that away from you
No count what …
even though …

Yeah, yo, yo, yo
And even though ma and dad might fight all through the nox
Argue and bicker, you a separate of us that we ‘ve got to get correct
I do n’t love you to death, cause I love you to life
And you a adolescent, you might not want my advice
You might be full of cattiness, think you ‘re grown, still a tyke
And say things that cut like a patient under the knife
I say this, cause I was once a adolescent besides
And obedience for my peers is very all that I related to
But I made it through, you gon na make it besides
so much I wan na say to you …

Baby you a star, that ‘s what you are to me
You know I can tell ? Cause you a separate of me