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bounce Day – You never Walk entirely, chase 15 .
Written by : Pdogg, Rap Monster, ADORA, Bang PD, Arlissa Ruppert, Peter Ibsen, Suga
korean Lyrics from Naver Music .

UPDATE:  May 2018.
I’ve added a blurb about the Little Match Girl at the bottom… so anyone interested, please see bottom of this post. 

I ’ molarity not gon na talk about the obvious references in the MV in detail since I ’ megabyte sure a lot of other people have done so.
– Spring Day theory by Dreamteller
– The Ones Who Walk away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin
– Sewol Tragedy
-Little Match Girl ( vid, wiki )
– Personnes by Christian Boltanski
– safety peg against discrimination
– chicken ribbons
Reading the lyrics, I noticed a set of movie references including the obvious Snowpiercer ( Rap Mon ! ! ! ! ), so I thought it would be kind of playfulness to read/write about them. They ’ rhenium not super obvious so I could be merely reading besides much into the lyrics, but the films that are ( possibly ) referenced are in truth celebrated in Korea..so I hope it ’ s not besides capital of a reach to say these were referenced… .
I wasn ’ thyroxine gon na do this sung because lyrics are fairly straightaway forward…so I blame this on Rap Mon and his movies .
There seems to be a lot of missing those who are gone, in the movies and this song – some due to end, others not. I don ’ metric ton think the song can be pinned down to one character of adieu. It besides seems like everyone wrote their own part based on their own feelings or experiences, based on what Suga says in this article. The song does seem to be unified in overarching comforting spirit of coming to terms with loss and missing that person with affectionate memories .
I haven ’ metric ton actually watched these so these are based on summaries I ’ ve read. Someday, I ’ ll have time and I ’ ll hear to watch them. ^^
I miss you.
.. which is literally, “ I wish I could see you ” or “ I yearn to see you ”
Saying this makes me miss you more
Even while looking at your photos, I still miss you.
The ‘ your ‘ photograph here is plural. It ’ s like “ Even while looking at you guys ’ photos, I however miss you. ” I guess that makes this part decidedly not a fracture up song – not that it ever actually was .
Time is too cruel
“ Time is barbarous ” was a common phrase used in headlines of many articles of Sewol catastrophe, when the families awaited news program whether their children were able to survive.
I hate us
Us, where it’s become difficult to even see each other’s face again.
It’s all only winter here
Even in August, the winter comes.
This is possibly reference to the movie “ Christmas in August ( 1998 ) ” which is a landmark in Korean movie industry. It ’ randomness about a man with terminal illness who runs a photograph studio..and lives his ordinary day by day liveliness. He meets a female child but doesn ’ thyroxine tell her about his illness, and spends ordinary time with this girl. She gets relocated due to work, and he takes his own photograph for his funeral before he dies .
In Korea, the photos used for funerals are normally very unplayful, but he takes a photograph of himself smiling. When the girlfriend comes back to visit after a while, presumably knowing he ’ second died and having moved on, she sees her mental picture displayed in the window of the photograph studio apartment and smiles .
This movie was inspired by actual funeral picture of singer named Kim Kwangseok, who died at age 33 by hanging himself ( although possibly was murdered ? ? They never figured it out ). His funeral used a photograph where he is smiling, which was considered to be identical unusual. You can listen to his songs here / itunes. This sprawling is truly branching out in random directions…
My heart is leaping through time
the specific words they used for running/leaping through time, is probably reference to the anime “ The Girl Who Leapt through Time ( 2006 ) ” which was based on a novel with the lapp title. The zanzibar copal is sequel of novel 20 years by and by. In both, a son travels back in time and meets a girlfriend, but has to return back to the future. In both, the boy promises that he will wait for her in future and that they will see each early again someday. In the zanzibar copal, the female child replies that she will quickly leap to him…
Snowpiercer that’s left alone
Holding your hand, we go to the other side of earth
I want to end this winter.
I ’ thousand certain everyone ’ randomness read about the movie “ Snowpiercer ” by now. ^^ identical relevant with the rebellion against social injustice, happiness of one depart of population at the sacrifice of others, and the seasonal worker imagination. And … although they thought earth was basically dead… there is life at the end of it… consistent with the promise and comfort palpate of this song.

How much longings must fall like snow
Before that spring day will come? 
Like the tiny dust
Like the tiny dust
wandering in the void
If I were the snowflakes blowing in the wind
I would be able to reach you 
A little bit faster
The snowflakes are falling
Again, become a little bit distant 
I miss you
I miss you
How much do I have to wait
How many sleepless nights do I have to spend
Before I’ll get to see you
Before I’ll get to meet you.
After the cold winter has ended
Until the spring day comes again
Until the flowers bloom
Please stay there a while longer
Please stay
Is it that you’ve changed?
Or is it that I’ve changed
I hate even the passing of time right now
Must be that we’ve changed, I guess
Must be the way everything is, I guess
Yeah, I hate you
You’ve left
But even for one day I hadn’t forgotten you
Honestly, I miss you 
But I will erase you now
Since that hurts less than to resent you.
I try blowing out cold/painful you.
시리다 – chilled ( kinda like “ chilled to the bone ” ) /deep ache.
“cold/chilled/painful you (시린 너)” is a bite of an odd phrase.
This lineage kind of gives some death vibes here…It ’ randomness kind of hard to explain. Hmmm… To me, the “ cold/pain ” doesn ’ metric ton enforce to what you” find in this lineage. It applies to what “I” feel about “you”.
For example, it doesn ’ thyroxine tactile property like “ you must be cold/in pain. ”
It feels more like, “ you feel cold to me ( like a cadaver ) ” or “ you cause me deep ache. ”
And I ( or my heart/mind/existance ) must be wide of this “ you ”, to be trying to blow this “ you ” out of me….
I hope that made sense. The selection of words is unusual and undefined in this line evening in Korean.
Like smoke, like white smoke
White smoke is besides associated with cremation, and the soul following the white roll of tobacco to heavens is a common imagination in stories. They do not use the password smoke by and large when talking about the egg white breath you get on a crisp day.
possibly merely means that the person is elusive and not hearty ? I don ’ thymine know.
Although I say I will erase you
In truth, I still cannot let you go yet.

The snowflakes are falling
Again, become a little bit distant 
I miss you
I miss you
How much do I have to wait
How many sleepless nights do I have to spend
Before I’ll get to see you
Before I’ll get to meet you.
You know it all
You’re my best friend
The morning will come again
No darkness nor season 
Can be eternal
The cherry blossoms must be flowering
This winter too, is coming to an end
I miss you
I miss you
If you wait a little bit more
If you spend just a few more sleepless nights
I’ll come to see you
I’ll come to fetch you 
After the cold winter has ended
Until the spring day comes again
Until the flowers bloom
Please stay there a while longer
Please stay

May 2018 UPDATE:  Little Match Girl.
It ’ mho been a while since I wrote this post, and tied longer since the sung came out. There ’ mho been lots of posts/discussions online about mean of both the song and the MV. Lots of talks about “ Those Who Walk away from Omelas ” adenine well as “ Snowpiercer ”, etc .

I feel like there ’ sulfur not enough about the “ Little Match Girl. ” I would say this fib is better Known in Korea than in North America… and advanced Koreans possibly relate to it more so than Americans. The narrative is short but is a reasonably harsh comment about the society .

The little match girlfriend is made to go out into cold by her forefather to sell match sticks. It ’ sulfur ironic because theoretically, a parent is supposed to be the one to work and provide and protect the child. In this sheath the church father ( the assurance number ) fails in his duty…and even as the assurance digit fails in his duty, the faint ( the child ) is expected to obey and be oppressed without a complaint .
You can see the pararallels with a fortune of ideas relating to the birdcall, the Snowpiercer, the Sewol tragedy, and the Omelas .
She tries to get people to buy the matches, but the people walking by neglect her. They see those who are faint and in need and stay as passive bystanders, making no feat and taking no duty. They do nothing to help her, as she basically freezes to death .
merely like a distribute of the people at Omelas just live with the cognition of cruelty to their child and do nothing. Just like the government and the media rushed to cover up the order of magnitude of their failure in Sewol tragedy, rather than to own up to the province .
The child lights a match and sees her sleep together ones in the light, which are probably hallucinations from a girlfriend who is about at death ’ south doorway. She is dying but the memories of having been loved in past gives even the end a smell of peace and warmheartedness .
After she dies, the people pass by watch her cadaver and deplore what a deplorable thing it is for a little female child like that to die. The lapp people who ignored her when she was alert, late feel guilt and sadness after she is dead .
equitable like the way people feel sad in Omelas about the hapless child locked up in the basement. People feel deplorable about tragedies, and much still do nothing. They complain about the injustices and do nothing .
The “ Little Match Girl ” picks out the hypocrisy of people who act as if they feel sad for a girlfriend that they never bothered to protect .
In the end, for things to change, you need to do a act more than just be late deplorable that there is no justice. sometimes you need to walk alone like, “ those who walk away from Omelas. ” Or sometimes you need to walk in concert, like the millions of people that walked the streets in Korea with candles, in their ( by and large ) passive rally for resignation of the corrupt president of the united states ( who was besides involved in the Sewol Tragedy ). How perfect is it that the birdcall “ Spring Day ” came out precisely in the middle of the candlelight rallies and the impeachment march ?

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