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How to Download&Convert SoundCloud to MP4 in a Quick Way

by Brian Fisher •
How do I download music from SoundCloud to my computer or my phone?
How do I convert SoundCloud to mp4?
SoundCloud needs no introduction when it comes to music as this on-line platform is best for music upload, forwarding, and sharing. If you have a solicitation of your front-runner music files in SoundCloud that you want to turn into a video, SoundCloud to mp4 converter is needed. Player compatibility is one of the major reasons for the conversion. A good professional tool is needed to download SoundCloud to MP4 and other needed formats .

Part 1. How to Download SoundCloud to MP4

To download SoundCloud to mp4 in lossless quality and hassle-free march, we recommend UniConverter as the best software. This background plan allows downloading and converting your SoundCloud audio files to MP4 in a single suction stop. The files are processed without any loss of quality and at super-fast accelerate .

Get the Best SoundCloud to MP4/MP3 Converter:

  • Download video or audio from over 1000 online sites including SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Lossless quality download and conversion process.
  • Choose output formats and resolution, including MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, MP3, WAV, and more.
  • Easily transfer the downloaded MP4 to iPhone, Android phones.
  • Both Windows and Mac versions of the software available.

Guide to Download and Convert SoundCloud to MP4 using UniConverter

step 1. Copy URL on SoundCloud

On your personal computer browser open the SoundCloud file that you want to download and copy its URL .
copy url on soundcloud

step 2. Paste URL to the Converter to Download and Convert 

Download, install and run UniConverter on your personal computer. On the main interface, select the Downloader tab key. Click on the Add Files button that will mechanically paste the copy URL and will start the action of download .
TIPS:  UniConverter enables you to download SoundCloud files and convert them to MP4 at the lapp time. good go to the lower-left corner of the interface, enable the option for Download then Convert Mode and from the pop fly window choose MP4 format from the Video tab. besides, select the hope resolution for the output signal files from the given options. The process of downloading and converting will start after you paste the URL .
paste url to download and convert

gradation 3 .Download SoundCloud to MP4

The download and convert files can be checked from the Finished pill. nowadays it ‘s downloaded in MP4 on your calculator. And if you want to transfer them to your mobile call, please see the transfer template below .
download soundcloud to mp4

Part 2. How to Transfer Downloaded SoundCloud to iPhone/Android Phone

well, the music or video once converted by SoundCloud to mp4 converter, can be then transferred to your Android or iPhone as needed using the below steps .
Step 1: Connect your Android or iPhone to your personal computer using a USB cable and the connected device will appear on the Transfer page of the software. Click on Transfer All button to proceed to transfer all the SoundCloud files to your plug in device .
You can check the tutorial video recording below to learn more about UniConverter!
transfer soundcloud to phone
transfer soundcloud to phone

Part 3. 5 Hottest Playlists on SoundCloud

SoundCloud has a wide collection of music files and channels in all types and genres. To help you with selection, listed below are the 5 hottest playlists .
This is one of the most popular playlists of the year on SoundCloud having tracks from Zikomo. The list has 10 tracks and categorized under rap and rap with a playback time of 36:00 minutes. The playlist is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other sources .
This is another playlist on SoundCloud that has been liked and shared by many people. Having 8 tracks with 28:21 running prison term, the playlist includes songs like Over, You ’ re not here, What You Wo n’t Do For Love, and others, the playlist is tagged under PeteRock.

3. Favela Bass- Favela Selects

Tagged under Favela Genres, this popular playlist on SoundCloud contains 15 tracks with a entire running meter of 43:55 minutes. The playlist contains songs like Sunson, Flow, Royal X, and others .
With 4 tracks having a playback time of 14:11 minutes, this is another playlist on SoundCloud that is liked and shared by a count of people. The tracks in the playlist include GoodLovinn, WhatUWantt, Drums, and TakeMee from J.Robb .
With 15 tracks this playlist on SoundCloud runs for 37:35 minutes and contains popular tracks from HoodCelebrityy. Some democratic ones include Motivation, Something Special, Island Girls Skit, Take Over Skit, and others.