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Going into Valentine ‘s Day, your kinship status is unmarried and staying in quarantine. Rather than hopping on a date app, you ‘re spending the sidereal day treating yourself to some well-deserved pamper. Whether you relax with a side masquerade and a glass of wine or try some fresh nail artwork, you ‘re excited to celebrate your “ me time. ” Have a toast to the single life, take a few great selfies, and pair your pics with Instagram captions for being one on Valentine ‘s Day during a pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) continues to advise everyone that staying at family protects yourself and others from potentially spreading and/or contracting the coronavirus. sol, on Valentine ‘s Day this class, you wo n’t be heading off to brunch with your besties or going on a date. You ‘ll be celebrating safe at home by yourself, which honestly does n’t sound regretful at all. home is where your pets, makeup palettes, and odoriferous candles are. It ‘s besides where you can dress up and pose in front of a egg white sheet with a bouquet of flowers for some fresh Instagram contented. Afterwards, you may FaceTime with a bestie or watch a fresh television appearance, all while prepping a self-love post for social media. Add one of these Instagram captions for singles to your front-runner selfie from the day, as any of them will absolutely capture your Valentine ‘s Day individual status and loving yourself during the ongoing pandemic .A single woman poses for a selfie while doing a face mask on Valentine's Day. Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images

1. “ relationship status : single and chilling in quarantine. ” 2. “ All about staying home and practicing self love. ” 3. “ Picked out the prettiest flowers for myself. ” 4. “ Dear, self. You ‘re right where you ‘re supposed to be. ” 5. “ Just another day in quarantine with my beautiful self. ” 6. “ I ‘d slide into my own DMs. ” 7. “ But beginning, a front mask. ” 8. “ Loving me. ” 9. “ Nailing it with my mani. ” 10. “ cipher deserves flowers more than I do. ” 11. “ Face masquerade ? Check. Dark cocoa ? Check. ” 12. “ Send yourself flowers for Valentine ‘s Day. Why not ? ” 13. “ This smile was brought to you by yours rightfully. ”

14. “ My quarantine climate is the lapp as Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe ‘s when they wore wedding dresses to the couch. ”A single woman applies lipstick in her bathroom mirror on Valentine's Day. Carol Yepes/Moment/Getty Images 15. “ Doing my own matter, baby. ” 16. “ Home is where the rosé is. 17. “ All dressed up and nowhere to go. equitable the way I like it. ” 18. “ This is Valentine ‘s Day goals. ” 19. “ Single and gallant of it. ” 20. “ I enjoy long walks to my toilet mirror and taking selfies. ” 21. “ Keep develop, glow, and getting dressed up … equitable ’cause. ” 22. “ Single and loving every second of it. ” 23. “ Couch for one, please. ” 24. “ Best company ever. ” 25. “ I get the distant all to myself. ”

26. “ Pizza will forever be my Valentine ‘s Day date. ” 27. “ wholly crushing on this face disguise. ” 28. “ Nothing beats a estimable bubble bathtub. ”