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Sometimes, less is more when it comes to crafting the perfect social media caption.
If you ’ rhenium anything like me, you love Instagram, taking photos, and the community you ’ ve built up on the app. But you hate the pressure of coming up with perfect captions all the time. social media captions are important for growing a follow & engaging your followers. But they don’t have to always be long novels that take forever to write. Sometimes, short is powerful! Take it from a professional blogger over here : you don ’ metric ton always have to write long captions .
So, I rounded up 70+ genius short Instagram captions FOR you. They’re all short yet smart, funny or witty and you’ll maybe be convinced to start only posting short captions from now on.

70+ Short Instagram Captions To Use When Your Photo Is Worth 1000 Words 

( Or, when you ’ re in a rush ! ! )

recently, I posted an Instagram photograph that was just two words and an emoji. I wanted to post something for a seasonably vacation but my day was so dang busy, I didn ’ t have the time to think about a long, personal caption .
I had little clock so I precisely threw circumspection into the wind and posted a short caption. And guess what… people loved it! I love writing ( most days ! ) so I ’ ll keep posting captions that are farseeing and tell stories, but I was glad to discover that I don ’ thyroxine ALWAYS need to post long captions .

Life is short. Your Instagram captions can be, excessively !

therefore, whether you are an influencer or blogger who needs cool caption ideas quickly, or a regular exploiter looking for fresh caption ideas, use my tilt of shortstop Instagram captions on your adjacent post !

Short Instagram Captions For Travel

I ’ thousand low-key addicted to traveling. If you besides have the travel bug, use one of these short captions for your future vacay photograph ! ( PS, use my plan A Trip page for more travel inspo, excessively ! )
Catch flights, not feelings .
An venture a day keeps the doctor away .
Sea you soon .
cheerfulness is the best medicine .
OOO indefinitely .
In a relationship with : my passport .
Eiffel in love in Paris .
Tropic like its hot !
On the road again .
vacation manner : on .
The tan will fade, but the memories will death forever .
work, travel, save, repeat .
travel, because money returns. Time doesn ’ thymine .
I ’ m not in Kansas anymore .
Meet me under the handle .
prostate specific antigen : Update your address book—I live here now .
Girls good wide area network sodium have sun .

Short Instagram Captions For Selfies

Selfies are credibly the most popular character of photograph I see on Instagram ! Heck, my television camera wind is like 50 % selfies of myself solo or with friends. The other 50 % is my cat because I ’ m a crazy guy ma. Use one of these short captions for your following selfie !
I have no selfie control .
Felt cute, might delete later…
I woke up like this .
I was born passport-ready .
A selfie a day keeps the doctor away .
What do you think of the view ?
Feeling gourdgeous ( use this for your pumpkin plot selfies ! )
Sassy since birth !
Life is better when you ’ ra laugh .
Life is excessively short for bad vibes .
Selfies or vacation didn ’ thymine happen .
strategic arms limitation talks in the air travel. sand in my hair .
If it requires a bikini, my answer is yes .
Suns out, buns out .
Namastay in seam.

Looking for more Instagram caption ideas for selfie posts? I complied 60+ insta captions for selfies in this mail !

Short Instagram Captions For Couples

If you know, you know .
P.S. I Love You .
# mancrushmonday
My Valentine .
Mischief managed .
Thanks for being thus effective at killing spiders .
Loving you is easy .
Some people are deserving melting for .
You ’ re the cheese to my macaroni .
If you ’ re a bird, I ’ m a shuttlecock .
You are my front-runner beguilement .
We got in concert like milk and cookies .
All of me loves all of you .
Like rain, I fell for you .

Short Instagram Captions For Nature

Let ’ s cheat on where the wi-fi is weak .
nature – cheaper than therapy .
The Earth laughs in flowers
collect moments, not things .
Don ’ metric ton worry, Beach felicitous .
search to sea more .
My love for camping is in-tents
Wander often, wonder always .
14 hour fledge was wholly deserving it .
permanently out of office .
What is life but one august gamble ?
nature never goes out of stylus .
Try to be a rainbow in person ’ mho swarm .
On the crown of mountains & below the stars .

Short Quotes For Instagram

Whatever you do, do it well. – Walt Disney
And however, I rise. – Maya Angelou
When words fail, music speaks. – shakespeare
“ Sun-kissed skin, then hot, we ’ ll melt your ice lolly ! ” – Katy Perry
Be indeed good they can ’ t ignore you. – Steve Martin
yesterday you said tomorrow. just do it. – Nike
Strive for greatness. – Lebron James
Change the game, don ’ thyroxine let the game change you. – Macklemore

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I hope these light however good captions help you find the perfect witty caption for your future post !
If you use any of these short Instagram captions, tag me @ thewhimsysoul so I can see ! Now, brb, you can find me using the time I saved on a caption to plan some summer trips … I ’ megabyte thinking this year we ’ ll be hitting up Southern California a bunch together.