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possibly it has been a long time since you used the standalone MP3 actor. Most of us now stream our music through services like Spotify or Apple Music alternatively of maintaining a solicitation of physical or digital music .
however, smartphones are not the best way to listen to music. Battery life, monthly data limits and restrictions on telephone custom all affect music playback. If you are interested in listening to music on a classify device, the play along article may help you .
here are the best MP3 players you can buy correct now, desirable for all types of budgets .

Which is the best MP3 player?

  1. Best MP3 player overall: Apple iPod Touch 256GB
  2. Best Sony MP3 player: Sony Walkman NW-ZX300
  3. Best waterproof MP3 player: FINIS Duo
  4. Best cheap MP3 player: Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player
  5. Best MP3 player for kids: Mighty Vibe

Best MP3 player overall: Apple iPod Touch 256GB

Reference price : $ 398 ( VND 9,241,000 )

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While Apple has discontinued the legendary ipod Classic, the ipod Touch 256GB is a worthy successor. however, the ipod Touch is about nothing like the basic ipod Classic. Touch is like an iPhone without a cellular connection. It has access to the App Store, runs Apple ‘s io mobile operating system, and comes with apps like Apple Music pre-installed. You can besides load your music via iTunes .
Unlike many standalone MP3 players, the ipod Touch has an 8MP independent television camera with a 1.2MP front television camera. Although you can only access the Internet via WiFi, the most significant remainder between the iPhone and iPod Touch is the price. You pay about double for the equivalent storage on your iPhone. If you do n’t need 256GB of memory, you can save some money by choosing a 32GB or 128GB model rather .

Best Sony MP3 player: Sony Walkman NW-ZX300

Reference monetary value : $ 698 ( VND 16,208,000 )
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Sony is a pioneer in this area, with a certificate of deposit player and Walkman cassette player. Although never angstrom democratic as the ipod, the Sony Walkman MP3 player continues to offer great respect for money. The Sony Walkman NW-ZX300 is besides one of the best MP3 players for sound recording enthusiasts .
NW-ZX300 weighs 157g, barrage life 30 hours and in full charged in 5.5 hours. It besides runs Sony Original OS built specifically for music listen, rather of mobile operating systems like Android or io. The device supports a comprehensive examination choice of file formats, including Master Quality Authenticated ( MQA ) files and can even upgrade compress audio files thanks to a feature called DSEE HX .
The rigid aluminum human body is designed to resist electric noise, for clear reproduction and sound reproduction. The NW-ZX300 comes with a balance hack for headphones, providing dedicated right and left field audio channels. It besides supports Bluetooth, which uses Sony ‘s LDAC to transfer data at a rate closely 3 times that of a standard Bluetooth shape .

Best waterproof MP3 player: FINIS Duo

Reference monetary value : $ 128.99 ( VND 2,995,000 )
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FINIS Duo is one of the best raincoat MP3 players on the marketplace and it is besides quite unique. Duo is chiefly aimed at swimmers who want to be able to listen to music subaqueous. last, the device is rated IPX8 for urine resistance up to 3 meters for 30 minutes .
however, FINIS Duo is unlike other MP3 players on this list, as it uses the bone conduction feature, alternatively of headphones, to play music. Duo can be fixed with a headband or swimming goggles flog and located on the cheekbones. You besides do n’t have to charge your device besides often, as the battery animation can last up to 7 hours. FINIS Duo has 4GB of storage for MP3 or WMA audio files .

Best cheap MP3 player: Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player

Reference price : $ 39.99 ( 929,000 VND )
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In the flower, brassy MP3 players did n’t have many features or repositing outer space, but immediately things are unlike. Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player is an low-cost, but amply featured choice. This 16GB MP3 musician supports SD calling card so you can expand your memory improving to 128GB. It besides has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, making it easy to connect to your front-runner Bluetooth headsets and speakers .
The device supports all major sound recording charge formats : MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, FLAC and AAC. The Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player has a built-in speaker, FM radio, digest for ebooks, a 2.4-inch color screen and recording function. The Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player even provides 55 hours of playback fourth dimension after charging for 2 hours. Of course, if you use a standalone MP3 player, you might not need all these features. In terms of price, however, Soulcker 16GB MP3 Player is a great choice .

Best MP3 player for kids: Mighty Vibe

Reference price : $ 82.99 ( 1,927,000 VND )
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You may not want to give your children a device that is easily damaged or besides expensive. If you are matter to in an low-cost and durable MP3 actor, then the Mighty Vibe is a great choice. This device is the spiritual successor of the discontinued ipod Shuffle but there is one major difference. It is Spotify. Mighty Vibe lets you download up to 1,000 tracks from Spotify to listen on your device without a telephone .
This makes Mighty Vibe the perfect MP3 player for kids. Just download the kids ‘ front-runner Spotify playlists to the device and they can listen for astir to 5 hours on a single charge using either wired or wireless headphones. This MP3 musician weighs only 20g, is waterproof and shockproof. however, it requires a Spotify Premium subscription to download music.

Although smartphones can play music, it is not always the best choice. A dedicate MP3 player can do a better job, particularly if you have your own music library. They normally have more capacity and better battery life. Besides, they are normally significantly cheaper than smartphones .
Before adding music to your modern MP3 player, you should besides make sure your music library is organized. Refer to the article : Managing music with Android for more details .
wish you find yourself a suitable product !