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learn to finderspell IIntroduce the ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read! book with four new letters, key phonics symbols, and sounds every two or three days. Always sing to review previous letters : Take advantage of the musical mind ! Spend no more than five minutes engaging the children in active, systematic instruction, then provide at least four short ( 20-30 second ) reviews during the day : before good morning respite, lining up for lunch, out on the playground, leaving for the day. !
Spend no more than five minutes engaging the children in active, systematic instruction, then provide at least four short-change ( 20-30 second ) reviews during the day : before good morning recess, lining up for lunch, out on the playground, leaving for the sidereal day .
“Let’s practice a, b, c, and d again. a/“a”/ alligator… immediately show me your ‘ a ’ handshape before you go outside. ” Check and adjust each child ’ randomness fingerspelling—expect accuracy ! Then, before lunch time, do another short review of a and b. This time, check that every child can accurately fingerspell the letter “ b, ” helping children as needed. By afternoon recess, review the song and the letter “c.” Expect all children to sing, sign, and fingerspell a, b, c, and d by the end of the day. Motivate the children and track progress :

“We already know 4 letters and sounds. Wow―let’s do them again!”

ABC Phonics Remind the children to show their parents how much they have learned and to keep practicing at home every night until they become ABC Phonics experts !
ABC family reference chart - sign languageGive each family a framed and laminated copy of the Free Family ABC Wall Chart. Attach magnets on the back for refrigerator artwork. Communicate the importance of learning these initiation skills early on, encouraging families to weave daily drill into their routines .
Use the barren ABC Phonics instructional videos in the classroom. These five timbre videos are liberally provided by our publisher, Sign2Me, and can besides be accessed on our web site ABC Phonics page. Show one ABC Phonics video at your back-to-school night and encourage parents to use all of them !
Raise your expectations. Create a compelling challenge for all learners: “ We are going to learn all 26 letters and sounds in 20 days. “ We can learn fast and then we will have a celebration ! ”
cImmerse the children in consistent images from the ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read! program throughout the classroom : wall charts, miniature charts in literacy centers, posters in the dormitory, and copies of the book in your library. Fingerspell and refer to the key phonics images throughout the day, across the course of study. Peruse our ABC Phonics page for classroom photos.

abc-certificateChallenge children to demonstrate A to Z mastery as soon as the first child is ready. Let each child sing, sign, and perform the ABC Phonics signs using the instrumental version on the candle for escort. These children will motivate others ! Present each new technical with the ABC Phonics Certificate ( free download ) or a particularly designed ABC Champ badge or crown. While a child is performing for the course, the other children can mutely fingerspell along. Make instructional fourth dimension count !
Teach children to fingerspell their names and the names of their classmates. Sing, sign, spell, read, and write high-frequency “heart words.”
Use volunteers or 4th grade buddies to help harder-to-accelerate students : trace over the letters while saying the name and sound. Play games with bombastic ABC cards or miniature blink of an eye cards. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice makes permanent so practice accurately! 
children learn sign language Send lender copies of the ABC Phonics : sing, Sign, and Read ! koran home for children to share. These books will later be used as steer recitation materials : more experience readers will enjoy reading the descriptions of each sign .
refer to copies of the rid miniature ABC Phonics Chart and the laminated Family Chart in the write centers and literacy play centers. Keep planting the expectation : “ Soon you ’ ll know all of these letters and sounds ! ”

See the ABC Phonics page for more instructional details, rear letters, informative articles and release ABC Phonics downloads .
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children learn to sign High Expectations, Focus and Self-Regulation

Children develop focus and self-regulation. When I asked some master kindergarten teachers if they would challenge their children to learn 26 letters and sounds in 20 school days, Winter Curry quickly responded, “ We ’ ll do it ! I will simply let the parents know how important it is to make this their September Family Learning Project. ” She began brainstorming how she could fit more 20-30 second review sessions into the day. She already had a connect to the instructional videos directly from her class web site and planned to give each family a laminate ABC Phonics Chart ( with magnetic magnetic tape attached ) for refrigerator art !

Becky Leber shared tips on her joyful accelerated approach to ABC and Phonics ImmersionABC Phonics

  • At the fall Parent Orientation (before school starts) she introduced the parents to ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign and Read! by showing them one of the 5 free instructional videos.
  • Then she actually took parents on a “computer walk” showing them exactly how to access the ABC Phonics page.
  • She gave families the ABC chart and enlisted their commitment to daily practice at home.
  • In the classroom, Becky sang the whole song all the way through every day and taught four new letters at a time. Her children helped each other practice. Some years, the children performed the song for the whole school. When kindergarten classes are large, two children perform together to demonstrate mastery. (Use track 4 of the instructional version of the accompanying ABC Phonics music CD.)
  • With children who do not easily learn every letter and sound, her Title I school provides RTI intervention.


We applaud Head Start programs and Title I schools that include the Family Reference Chart and links to video clips of ABC Phonics : spill the beans, Sign, and Read ! with spring registration. When families drill all summer we see perplex results come September in kindergarten .
learn finderspelling in kindergarten
Turtle ” is a favorite sign : Your children will delight in learning ABC Phonics skills with american Sign Language. We promise ! –N.E .
Photos from ABC Phonics : Sign, Sign, Read ! by Nellie Edge and Sign2Me Early Learning© 2010 .
Your ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read! program is the foundation for teaching phonemic awareness and phonics skills. Use the ABC Phonics : sing, Sign, and understand ! Program for domination of phonemic awareness skills.

  • Emphasize beginning sounds and accurate fingerspelling
  • Clap and count the syllables for each key phonics symbol
  • Listen and identify ending sounds
  • Play with rhymes (There are 9 words that make great rhymes!)
  • Stretch out words and count phonemes
  • Segment and blend consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words

The ultimate result of potent phonemic awareness skills is to be able to write each keystone phonics symbol a-z, listening for sounds and encoding sounds to print ! Students will then be able to fearlessly tackle any unknown parole .

Why not take the challenge?
20 days to 26 letters and sounds!

This approach to joyful accelerated literacy connects ABC Phonics: Sing, Sign, and Read! and the Common Core Standards.

common Core is, after all, a visit for accelerating students ’ literacy development. …learners achieve when they are working toward quartz glass clear and ambitious goals that they can envision, and when they receive feedback in the mannequin of medals and mission… become a educate where professionalism involves recognizing implementing and improving upon high-impact teaching practices .
Excerpts from Pathways to the Common Core : Accelerating Learning by Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth, and Christopher Lehman. Heinemann, 2012 .

Share your ABC Phonics success stories with us. They may appear on our upcoming blog!