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Om Shanti Om movie is one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of SRK. After its release on 9 November 2007, “ Om Shanti Om full movie download ” became the trending search parole. Plus, the romantic-thriller received plus reviews .
Om Shanti Om Full Movie Download InsTube
Directed by Farah Khan, Om Shanti Om ( 2007 ) features Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and Arjun Rampal in the lead roles. besides, the film is Deepika Padukone ’ s Hindi introduction .
generally, Om Shanti Om broad movie is a retaliation history of an actor.

If you want to re-watch this Hindi melodrama, InsTube Movie will tell more about Om Shanti Om entire movie download, songs, hurl, and more .

Om Shanti Om (2007)

Om Shanti Om 2007 poster
The follow is some basic information of the film :

  • Original Title: Om Shanti Om
  • Language: Hindi
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance, Thriller
  • Release Date: 9 November 2007
  • Runtime: 162 min
  • Box Office: ₹150 Crores
  • Director: Farah Khan
  • Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal

immediately, let ’ s see more details :

Movie Review

Om Shanti Om movie review
following, let ’ s check more of Om Shanti Om broad movie :


Om Prakash ( Shah Rukh Khan ) is a young actor in the 1970s. He falls for Shanti ( Deepika Padukone ), the ace at the time .
Shanti Om Shanti Om
But one day, he overhears Shanti ’ s unavowed with the manufacturer, Mukesh ( Arjun Rampal ), at the studio. To his surprise, Shanti has secretly married Mukesh and got pregnant .
now, she wants to reveal the relationship to the populace. however, Mukesh is not will to ruin his career with the marriage. sol, he set fire to the studio and locks Shanti at heart .
Om Shanti Om Mukesh and Shanti
inconsolable as Om Prakash, he risks his life dashing to the fire to rescue Shanti. then, both die from the fire accident .
After that, Om Prakash ’ s spirit reincarnates into Om Kapoor ( Shah Rukh Khan ), aka OK, a neonate baby of an actor .
newborn baby Om Shanti Om
After 30 years, very well grows into a celebrated actor. Om Prakash ‘s memories are a blur in OK ’ randomness mind. But when meet Mukesh, OK remembers all of his past life. then, OK vows to avenge Shanti ’ s death .
As OK is plotting revenge against Mukesh, Sandy ( Deepika Padukone ), a female child resembling Shanti, shows up .
Sandy in Om Shanti Om movie
Who is Sandy ?
How will OK take retaliation on Mukesh ?
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Shah Rukh Khan as Om Prakash
Shah Rukh Khan played a double function in Om Shanti Om ( 2007 ) Hindi movie .
As for fictional character Om Prakash, he is a junior actor dream of being celebrated in the Hindi film. meanwhile, Om Prakash is in love with Shanti. To avenge on Mukesh for Shanti ’ s end, Om Prakash finally possesses o ’ mho soundbox with his spirit .
Shah Rukh Khan as OK
As for OK, he becomes a celebrated actor and gradually remembers everything of the past personification. fortunately, he meets Sandy, the daughter resembling Shanti. And both start plan revenge .
SRK has made many successful Bollywood movies, but Om Shanti Om is the fantastic one. Due to the film, the King of Bollywood was nominated as the Best Actor at Filmfare Awards .
SRK in Om Shanti Om movie
besides, you may be interested in King Khan ’ s other Bollywood movies :
Deepika Padukone as Shanti
Deepika Padukone acted as the leading lady, Shanti. In the film, Shanti is the reigning prima donna in the Hindi cinema. But she has an affair with Mukesh, who murders her late by setting the fire. And it seems Shanti ’ s touch stops Om Prakash/ OK ’ randomness revenge in 30 years .
Deepika Padukone as Sandy
Sandy is a cinephile fond of OK ’ mho films. She comes to the hearing for Mukesh ’ s restart shoot. then, Sandy learns about OK ’ s previous life and decides to help OK out. But she fails to make Mukesh believe she is Shanti ’ s ghost.

Deepika Padukone in Om Shanti Om
Om Shanti Om ( 2007 ) is Deepika Padukone ’ s Hindi debut after her Kannada film Aishwarya ( 2006 ). It is her first time to play a character antonym Shah Rukh Khan. 5 years late, both team up again in Chennai Express ( 2013 ), and then Happy New Year in 2014 .
And with her outstanding operation in Om Shanti Om, she won the Best Female Debut at Filmfare Award and over 5 nominations .
The promise newcomer of the time brought audiences lots of excellent films, such as
The main cast:
Arjun Rampal asMukesh

  • Shah Rukh Khan – Om Prakash/ Om Kapoor aka OK
  • Deepika Padukone – Shanti / Sandy
  • Arjun Rampal – Mukesh
  • Shreyas Talpade – Pappu Master (Om Prakash’s friend)
  • Kirron Kher – Bela (Om Prakash’s mother)
  • Javed Sheikh – Rajesh Kapoor (OK’s father)
  • Asawari Joshi – Lovely Kapoor (OK’s mother)

Om Shanti Om Songs

The movie album for Om Shanti Om ( 2007 ) contains 8 soundtracks, in which “ Dard-e-Disco ”, “ Deewangi Deewangi ”, “ Om Shanti Om ” and “ Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om ” have two versions .
Om Shanti Om songs download
Sandeep Chowta, Vishal-Shekhar, and Laxmikant-Pyarelal composed the music while Javed Akhtar penned the lyrics .
Om Shanti Om Songs List:

  • “Ajab Si”
  • “Dard-e-Disco”
  • “Deewangi Deewangi”
  • “Main Agar Kahoon”
  • “Jag Soona Soona Lage”
  • “Dhoom Taana”
  • “Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om”
  • “Om Shanti Om”

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Om Shanti Om Movie Download

Om Shanti Om 2007 Hindi movie
To protect the movie copyright, we recommend you to online watch Om Shanti Om full movie or download it via movie sites with the copyright .
due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many OTT platforms have allowed the latest Bollywood movie streaming, such as Zee5, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, etc. And Om Shanti Om Hindi movie is nowadays available on YouTube .
But how should we download Om Shanti Om movie in Hindi, Telugu, Hindi, or other dubbed languages ?

How to Download the Movie

how to download Om Shanti Om movie
well, Om Shanti Om Online Full Movie Watch or Trailer Download is available on many movie sites. But you may not want your Android telephone to be installed with assorted television apps .
then, why not try an all-in-one solution ?
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Om Shanti Om full movie InsTube
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Om Shanti Om Hindi movie download
besides, there are the research engines full moon of results with keywords like Om Shanti Om Movie Download in Hindi, Om Shanti Om Full Movie Download Pagalworld, Om Shanti Om Hindi Movie Watch Online, and more .
But we still recommend you watch the movie at a local theatre or download it from sites with the copyright. If we do not download leak movies, then plagiarism sites may gradually decrease Om Shanti Om Hindi movie download .
That ’ s it .
This is all about Om Shanti Om Full Movie Download.

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