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No Pain No Love Famous Quotes & Sayings

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Top 100 No Pain No Love Quotes

#1. No. The universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world, or a relationship … Everything has its time. And everything ends. – Author: Elisabeth Sladen

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#2. I fell in love with football as I was later to fall in love with women: suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically, giving no thought to the pain or disruption it would bring with it. – Author: Nick Hornby

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#3. There is no hell or heaven for those who are in love, love is pure form of human beings, love is the wind which touches your heart when you are in pain. – Author: Santosh Kalwar

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#4. The purest regret, no matter what, is thinking you didn’t love enough. – Author: Criss Jami

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#5. But all lost things are in the angels’ keeping, Love; No past is dead for us, but only sleeping, Love; The years of Heaven with all earth’s little pain Make Good Together there we can begin again, In babyhood. – Author: Helen Hunt Jackson

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#6. Just because someone hurts you doesn’t mean you can simply stop loving them. It’s not a person’s actions that hurt the most. It’s the love. If there was no love attached to the action, the pain would be a little easier to bear. – Author: Colleen Hoover

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#7. Can you visualize a world with no more death, no more pain, no more hunger, no more fear, no more sorrow, no more crying nor sickness, a world where everything is a joy and a pleasure? – A society where everybody works together in harmony, cooperation and love? That’s Heaven! – Author: David Berg

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#8. That’s all you can do in this world, no matter how strong the current beats against you, or how heavy your burden, or how tragic your love story. You keep going. – Author: Robyn Schneider

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#9. The practice of love offers no place of safety. We risk loss, hurt, pain. We risk being acted upon by forces outside our control. – Author: Bell Hooks

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#10. No love that a man has will only give him pleasure in return- he shall also suffer pain because of it, except for love of Allah. – Author: Ibn Taymiyyah

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#11. Be quiet, pain and sorrow!
Let me find a remedy. I have to live,
as once dead there is no memory. And I want
to see my love and be with her. And I
want to remember our being together. – Author: Omar Khayyam

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#12. There is no pain like the pain of knowing you love someone but cannot live with them. – Author: Sandor Marai

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#13. Here’s a good test to know whether or not truth-telling springs from love. Truth will not only pain those who hear it; it will pain those who speak it. If we don’t love someone, it won’t hurt at all to speak truth. We’ll tell them what we think with no regard for their feelings. If – Author: Philip Gulley

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#14. It’s what happens when two people become one: they no longer only share love. They also share all of the pain, heartache, sorrow, and grief. – Author: Colleen Hoover

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#15. No wonder how much you pretend, but you cannot ever forget the taste of your first kiss and the pain of your first break up. – Author: M.F. Moonzajer

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#16. Suicide is a serious thing. And if you know anyone who is suicidal, you need to get them help. No one should be in pain. Everyone should love themselves. Like I love you all. – Author: Gerard Way

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#17. Yes, you have the very soul of me, Elisabeth.”
“Then your name, mein Herr.”
He laughed softly, but it was a gasp of pain, not of joy. “No.”
“So you will forget me,” he said simply. “You cannot love a man with no name. – Author: S. Jae-Jones

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#18. Suffering is the ancient law of love; there is no quest without pain; there is no lover who is not also a martyr. – Author: Henry Suso

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#19. I kissed her temple, and we continued through the doors. Our past was now and now was in the past. Just as she’d promised, we were together again, in a moment of no sickness or pain – only love. And when love was real, so was forever. – Author: Jamie McGuire

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#20. Is the love you have for me, and the feelings I have for you forever parallel, with no chance of intersecting? – Author: Atsuko Asano

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#21. No kiss, no embrace, could bring two people any closer than we are right now. The most intimate emotion two people can share is neither love nor desire but pain. – Author: Tess Gerritsen

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#22. In this way, a permanent energy field of a pure and high frequency will arise between you. No illusion, no pain, no conflict, nothing that is not you, and nothing that is not love can survive in it. This represents the the fulfillment of the divine transpersonal purpose of your relationship. – Author: Eckhart Tolle

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#23. The hardest thing about being a grown up is realizing there are no magic formulas to release the ones we love from pain. Maybe that’s why I enjoy computer games so much; you get to be God. – Author: Val McDermid

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#24. Kingsley kissed the top of Fionn’s head. His heart clenched so tightly, his chest hurt. No wonder he’d sought after pain all his life. It felt just like love. – Author: Tiffany Reisz

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#25. There’s no hurt so great that love can’t heal it. – Author: Richard Paul Evans

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#26. It’s not a person’s actions that hurt the most. It’s the love. If there was no love attached to the action, the pain would be a little easier to bear. He – Author: Colleen Hoover

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#27. One should love from a position of wholeness. One should have a firm and rich sense of self no matter what. For there is always pain – it cannot be avoided in this life, more’s the pity. But pain should not destroy the person who feels it. – Author: Mary Balogh

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#28. Now no joy but lacks salt That is not dashed with pain And weariness and fault; I crave the stain Of tears, the aftermark Of almost too much love, The sweet of bitter bark And burning clove. – Author: Robert Frost

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#29. That’s what starts to happen, when you know it is possible for you to feel pain you have no control over. You become vulnerable. Because the possibility of pain is where love stems from. And that, for me, was very bad news indeed. – Author: Matt Haig

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#30. You were given the power to love in order to use it, no matter what pain it may cause you. – Author: William S. Burroughs

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#31. I think at first I wanted to kill all of them. Everyone. Because if there were no people left alive, then I’d never have to love one of them again. – Author: Sarah Porter

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#32. Oh! I know this truth, if I know no other, That passionate Love is Pain’s own mother. – Author: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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#33. No words can describe the depths of my regret and pain at the anguish my mistakes over Watergate have caused the nation and the presidency – a nation I so deeply love and an institution I so greatly respect. – Author: Richard M. Nixon

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#34. No pain in love is so hard to bear as that which comes from the impossibility of doing any service from the well-beloved, and no service is so repulsive that love cannot make it delightful and easy. – Author: W. Somerset Maugham

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#35. You shoulda known the entirety of the trap, a**hole,
love means eventual pain
victory means eventual defeat
grace means eventual slovenliness,
there’s no way
out … you see, you
understand? – Author: Charles Bukowski

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#36. What to say? That the end of love is a haunting. A haunting of dreams. A haunting of silence. Haunted by ghosts it is easy to become a ghost. Life ebbs. The pulse is too faint. Nothing stirs you. Some people approve of this and call it healing. It is not healing. A dead body feels no pain. – Author: Jeanette Winterson

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#37. No one will love you more than you love your pain. – Author: Edwidge Danticat

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#38. The three salient features of love are: Where there is love, there is no question. Where there is love, there is no pain. Where there is love, there is nothing impossible. – Author: Harbhajan Singh Yogi

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#39. Only Certain offered no enticements, for she knew nothing could ease the pain. Not books or photography or food. Not even love. – Author: Billie Letts

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#40. No popularity exists when tragedy strikes. All that’s left are human hearts and love and ache. We all love each other, deep down, and when we see another soul in pain we can’t help but hurt too. – Author: Maya Van Wagenen

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#41. Love is pain. You can’t have one without the other. There’s no picking and choosing experiences. The good comes with the bad. – Author: Shyla Colt

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#42. Hold on to the thought that no emotion lasts forever, no matter how wonderful or how terrible the emotion may be. The tears may last a little longer than you would like, but it will get better. I promise. – Author: Osayi Emokpae Lasisi

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#43. No grief so soft, no pain so sweet, as love’s delicious melancholy. – Author: Frances Sargent Osgood

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#44. I do not just want you at your best.
I almost do not care
where your Happiness lives,
but please,
let me visit your pain?

Take me to the place
where your sadness goes,
and show me the tragedy
that no one knows. – Author: Meraaqi

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#45. Love, no matter the amount of pain it could rain down on your head, was worth it. – Author: J. Lynn

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#46. No matter how much you love someone, time heals your pain and your death wish. – Author: Parul Wadhwa

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#47. There’s no love like a lost love and no pain like a broken heart. – Author: Ben Harper

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#48. When a man or woman loves to brood over a sorrow and takes care to keep it green in their memory, you may be sure it is no longer a pain to them. – Author: Jerome K. Jerome

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#49. Breaking up is like unsticking your fingers after you’ve Superglued them. Love’s the glue and no matter how slow and carefully you separate, you’re going to lose a little bit of yourself in the process. You’re also going to retain a little DNA from the one you lost. – Author: Toni Sorenson

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#50. Once fallen in true love, a person can’t really fall out of it, no matter what. How much ever you try to hate your better half, you’ll end up falling more instead. Some part of him will always reside in your heart. – Author: Mehek Bassi

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#51. What if?..
What if I am all to see?
What if life is only this? And Ignorance is bliss?
What if love is only pain? And nothing can be gained by living everyday
And there is no better way?
What then? – Author: Melody Carlson

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#52. No matter what we are or who created us, we’re all energy. And energy that becomes bound together by love cannot be torn apart. Not by time. Not by grief and pain. Not even the veil of death. – Author: Callie Hart

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#53. I don’t even understand it myself. Almost every myth references love, betrayal. Heartbreak. Universal truths that I’ve read a thousand times but still can’t comprehend. No story can explain this pain that feels too big for my body. – Author: Skye Warren

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#54. Oh, love. Love is best of all. There is no such total element, not even pain. Who has ever loved, knows this. I need not say more. – Author: Tanith Lee

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#55. To lose someone you love
Is to alter your life forever …
The pain stops, there are new people,
But the gap never closes …
This hole in your hear is the shape of the one you lost-
No one else can fit it. – Author: Jeanette Winterson

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#56. There is no balm of Gilead, No salve, no soothing ointment To stay the pain of one who’s had In love a disappointment
Unless it be that healing lotion Of fixing on a new devotion. – Author: Richard Armour

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#57. A love where no one gets hurt doesn’t exist. – Author: Mika Yamamori

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#58. To people who think I’m happy, just look again; the scars of my past will lead you to a place no one knows, a place no other person can imagine, a place that echoes with the desolate cries of a lonely heart, a place where I’m being stabbed to death hundreds of times. – Author: Manoj Kumar Duppala

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#59. There is no shame in loving: it is the sign of a generous heart, and pain the price of an open soul. – Author: Alison Croggon

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#60. The girls Iris went through wound up cracked vases no longer fit for flowers, leaky dust collectors. After Iris, girls left town or started fucking boys. She ruined everyone. – Author: Michelle Tea

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#61. No one had ever given me any idea on how to handle it when the right one came along, but you weren’t the right one for him. – Author: Jay Crownover

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#62. What cracks had he left in their hearts? Did they love less now and settle for less in return, as they held onto parts of themselves they did not want to give and lose again? Or – and he wished this – did they love more fully because they had survived pain, so no longer feared it? – Author: Andre Dubus

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#63. There’s no love without pain. – Author: Irving Stone

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#64. He felt the pressure of her love as she squeezed his fingers, and then there was nothing. Except the pain. But nothing else, no Heather, no hospital, no staff men, no light. And no sound. It was an eternal moment and it absorbed him completely. – Author: Philip K. Dick

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#65. Death is but a transition from this life to another existence where there is no more pain and anguish. All the bitterness and disagreements will vanish, and the only thing that lives forever is love. – Author: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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#66. That’s life for you,” said MacDunn. “Someone always waiting for someone who never comes home. Always someone loving some thing more than that thing loves them. And after a while you want to destroy whatever that thing is, so it can’t hurt you no more. – Author: Ray Bradbury

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#67. The loss of her parents was an echo now. She hadn’t stopped missing them and figured she never would. It was just that it was no longer a pain she ran from, but a lesson in how love morphs with loss and what you remember of those you loved. – Author: J.H. Croix

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#68. Life is a beautiful journey, full of joy and pain
You never know when it will end, don’t let a moment pass in vain …
In the whole ruckus of life, nothing had I gained,
I just wanted freedom, no more did I wanted to be chained … – Author: Mehek Bassi

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#69. I believe that in a way, sadness is happiness for there can be no wrong without right, no light without dark, no success without failure, no relief without pain, no love without hatred and no Snow White without the evil queen. – Author: Girl234

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#70. Humanity has one strength that no one has: that is we may feel the feelings, pain, jealousy, failure, love, happiness of others and identify with them, and even see the world through their own eyes. – Author: Orhan Pamuk

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#71. Her essay about the wedding ring was short. Kerr wrote: “Things are just things – they have no power to hurt or to heal. Only people can do that. And we can all choose whether to be hurt or healed by the people who love us.”
That was all.
And that was everything. – Author: Jack Canfield

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#72. Why love if losing hurts so much? I have no answers anymore; only the life I have lived. The pain now is part of the happiness then. – Author: Anthony Hopkins

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#73. My mediocrity is no secret;
My battles with it are – Author: Karan Patade

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#74. My heart longs for the day when there will be no more suffering, no more hatred or violence, only love and a child will be able to grow up in a world without ever having to know the pain and anguish of an empty belly. – Author: Heather Wolf

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#75. There is No Pleasure without Pain – Author: A. Dragonblood

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#76. You laugh as hard as you cry. And you give pain as beautifully as you take it. And when you love, you love harder than anyone I have ever known so it’s no surprise you hurt this much. – Author: Tiffany Reisz

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#77. Maybe I should stop while I’m ahead

Nay, I swim with sea-demons

no sweet summer tuned radio

over my sunless desertscape

how does it burn without the sun? – Author: Moonshine Noire

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#78. I love her, Rajasta, I love her too much to hurt her; and I can give her nothing! No vows, no hope of real happiness, only sorrow and pain and, perhaps, shame … – Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley

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#79. She hardly ever thought of him. He had worn a place for himself in some corner of her heart, as a sea shell, always boring against the rock, might do. The making of the place had been her pain. But now the shell was safely in the rock. It was lodged, and ground no longer. – Author: T.H. White

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#80. It’s a complicated thing, knowing how much pain my father caused in my life and the lives of others whom I love, yet still holding love for him in my heart. No matter what he did, he was my father. He helped create the person I am. – Author: Hope Solo

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#81. I want to seize my is. And like a bird I sing hallelujah into the air. And my song belongs to no one. But no passion suffered in pain and love is not followed by an hallelujah. – Author: Clarice Lispector

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#82. And even if Amina didn’t yet know what it was to love like that, to burn until your spine has no choice but to try to wind itself around an empty shirt, she understood for sure that the people who said it was better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all were a bunch of dicks. – Author: Mira Jacob

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#83. In regards to your love life, you’re just entering into a whole of pain if you talk about it. If you’ve never said anything, there are no sound bites to haunt you when you’re crying into a box of Kleenex after it all goes wrong. – Author: Lily James

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#84. The human heart must be a strong and resilient thing, Daphne decided when she awoke the following morning. She was surprised to find that she was no longer in the throes of wrenching heartbreak and pain. Instead, in a strange way, she felt as if she had been reborn. – Author: Laura Lee Guhrke

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#85. And you left your mark on me …
With the destruction of us, finally, we became no one. – Author: Nadege Richards

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#86. If you come away with me, I can promise you pain and disgrace,” I said. “But I will love you like no other can. – Author: Steven E. Wedel

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#87. You should have fallen in love with a happy man, if you wanted happiness. But no, you had to fall for the breathtaking beauty of pain.
Cordelia’s Honor, Lois McMaster Bujold – Author: Lois McMaster Bujold

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#88. You will make it Liz, and no matter what happens down there, remember that I love you with everything I am, your life is my life, your pain is my pain, but my love is also your strength, and my faith your courage. – Author: Leia Kiuski

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#89. In this quiet place on a quiet street
where no one ever finds us
gently, lovingly, freedom gives back our pain.
from poem In a Quiet Place on a Quiet Street – Author: Aberjhani

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#90. Maybe time would not feel as heavy if I didn’t have this guilt – the guilt of knowing the truth and stuffing it down where no one can see it. – Author: Veronica Roth

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#91. Magnus had come to a horrible realization. One that he knew would cause him nothing but pain and suffering from that day forward.
But there was no changing the truth of it.
He had fallen in love with her. – Author: Morgan Rhodes

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#92. Matteo lived inside her like a memory that paradoxically stopped the pain and which she could never get enough of … because there was, and never would be, anything that was like him. Wherever she went, whatever she did, he was the only thing she truly loved, and which she sadly no longer had. – Author: Llarjme

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#93. You were on the other side of the world, but I often woke with the scent of you surrounding me. I ached for you, Kells. No matter how much Kishan thrashed me, it couldn’t diminish the pain of losing you. I’d dream of you and reach out to touch you, but you were always just out of reach. – Author: Colleen Houck

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#94. Some people can’t see love beyond the shroud of pain and suffering, but that’s no big surprise. In dire circumstances flowers seem stupid and boxes of chocolates a waste and you can’t have ‘true’ love without those! – Author: Bianca Sommerland

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#95. I know you love how I make it all go away:
all the joy, all the pain, all thoughts in your brain.
For the price of your soul, I will hold your heart in my talons.
For three summers straight you’ve been my sweet eye candy;
and no one will ever, ever, take you away from me. – Author: Say Anything, Skinny Mean Man

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#96. Herondales.” Zachariah’s voice was a breath, half laughter, half pain. “I had almost forgotten. No other family does so much for love, or feels so much guilt for it. Don’t carry the weight of the world on you, Jace. It’s too heavy for even a Herondale to bear. – Author: Cassandra Clare

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#97. Stab me in the heart; once, twice, more. For it is your own you are stabbing; I gave you mine to hold long ago. No pain will be greater than you leaving with my heart in your hands. Rip me apart or hold it for eternity, in the name of love. – Author: Anonymous

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#98. it’s hard giving out love to people who shove it back in your face. That’s not what love’s supposed to be about. No, it’s not perfect and people get hurt, but it’s a give and take. And it should be comfort, not pain. – Author: Nyrae Dawn

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#99. Love makes reality invisible and no one around you can understand why you do the things you do, for something that can cause you so much pain. Because you know after all the fighting, tears, and uncertainty, it’s all worth it. – Author: Auliq Ice

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#100. Isn’t there anything you care about?” “All is death, woman. All is pain. Love breeds loss. Isolation breeds resentment. No matter which way we turn, we are beaten. Our only true inheritance is death. And our only legacy, dust. – Author: Clive Barker

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