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I ’ ve noticed a course becoming more and more popular over the last few years in french music, songs in a shuffle of French and English. Some are duets, some are solo artists or groups, most are from France or early Francophone countries like Belgium and Canada but they are besides from a handful of other countries besides. For some artists it ’ s a one-off and for others most or all of their music is in this French-English mix. It ’ randomness kind of the perfect mix for an anglo-french family like mine. here is my option of 18 French-English songs you should know. French English songs to listen to

French-English Songs to Listen to

apart from a pair of isolated songs from a while ago ( at the end of the tilt ), I think I started to be aware of this blend of speech with Mika ’ mho hit “ Staring at the Sun ” in 2015. If ever there were a polyglot, it ’ south Lebanese-born british singer Mika. He speaks english, french, spanish and italian fluently and some Mandarin and Arabic thrown in for estimable measure. Mika is huge in France and acts as a coach and mentor on the french interpretation of The Voice. Bizarrely while in Italy recently I happened to flick on the television receiver to see him presenting an agonizingly awful game testify in the nude ! ( Yes truly ! )

The next song I ’ ve choose has a personal connection and a associate back to Mika. At only 16 years old, Louisa Rose was a player in The Voice, on Team Mika, while at school with my son, The Teen. here she sings with french singer Brice Conrad in a Franco-English pas de deux “ Hands are Shaking ”. following up, another The Voice player Franco-Israeli Amir, who besides went on to represent France in the Eurovision Song Contest. I don ’ thymine like much of his music but I do like this one, “ J ’ ai cherché ”. ( As a reasonably irrelevant digression, this class another 16 year old kid from The Teen ’ s school was in the semi-finals for Eurovision, it seems to be producing some pretty good singers ! ) And however another contestant in the semi-finals for Eurovision, Franco-Australian Malo ’ with “ I believed ”. “ Chou Wasabi ” by Julien Doré ft. Micky Green. And would you know it, Julien Doré is the achiever of Nouvelle Star, the french equivalent of The X Factor…. “ Streets and Stories ” by french popular couple Part-time Friends French-American duet Freedom Fry with “ Shaky Ground ” “ Dreamin ” by Frenchie Damien Lauretta ( an X Factor participant ! ) “ Open Season ( Un Autre Saison ) ” by australian singer Josef Salvat, a francophone who, having lived in Paris as a adolescent, constantly wanted to sing in French. Et voilà ! ( This is not his only one in french ). “ Nation ” by french singer Tibz belgian singer Angèle with “ La Loi de Murphy ” canadian artist Peter Katz ( with Rémi Chassé ) “ Brother ”

“ Loving Game ” by Canadian singer Peter Peter “ Sur lanthanum Lune ” by belgian singer Milow “ C ’ est lanthanum Vie ” by malian singer Inna Modja french group Diva Faune “ Shine on my Way ”

Some Older French-English Songs

And ultimately those early French-English songs. This is credibly the inaugural one I was aware of “ Help Myself ” by Gaëtan Roussel from 2009. And besides from 2009, Lily Allen ’ s french version of “ 22 ” with Ours. What do you think of these French-English songs, do you like any of them ?

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