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Tamanna S Mehdi By

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hyderabad : Have you heard the hot front-runner trending Telugu song Nakkileesu Golusu, so far ? This batch sung from the movie Palasa 1978 has steadily been racking up views and growing in popularity, since its television released on-line on March 21. The song with its rustic lyrics and groovy tunes presently has over six crore views on YouTube.

The wellbeing three-minute — 56 second gear song is picturised on actors Rakshit and Nakshatra. Raghu Kunche doubles up as both the composer vitamin a well as the singer of this judicious tune. respective fan-cut videos and DJ remixes of the song have already been made. People of assorted old age groups are enjoying it, and it is lento becoming an hymn song for weddings, parties and events in both rural and urban areas.

What makes Nakkileesu Golusu different is that it has been recreated from an over 50-year-old democratic folk song from Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. The rural flavor of the original has been retained in the fresh version, albeit with hep beats. The lyrics, retained from the original song, are rooted in the local culture.
Raghu ’ second voice carries the call of a bygone era. The boisterous song, whose writer is stranger ( as is the lawsuit with many tribe songs ), is enjoyable specially for the way it has been remixed.

With dramatic picturisation in front of a large temple building complex, the sung has a mass appeal, and has listeners tapping their feet to its bouncing tunes. “ There is no particular audience for this sung because mass songs are loved by everybody no topic what their historic period – be it a six-month-old baby or an 80-year-old person, ” says Raghu. Raghu lends his vocals for Nakkileesu Golusu, and gives it a modern affect with contemporary music. Speaking about the birdcall, which took him only a day to recreate, he says he is thrilled with the answer it has received .
“ I have personally programmed this song and modernised it with trendy music and beats, and added a cinematic season to it. ” however, even Raghu himself had not expected the birdcall to become a democratic as it has. “ I myself am trying to understand what made the click big clock with listeners. I think it ’ south of the ability and energy that it carries. I have heard many people say that the birdcall is a climate buster ; it makes them glad and brings them out of a bad climate. This makes me felicitous, ” he signs off .
— Tamanna S Mehdi  [email protected]  @tamannamehdi