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Want to Give MySong a Try?
MySong is immediately Songsmith ; you can download a free trial ( or the full translation, if you ’ re a teacher who wants to use it in your classroom ) at :
hypertext transfer protocol : //research.microsoft.com/songsmith
glad Songsmith ’ ing !

Like to Write Music?
Most folks never get a gamble to answer this interrogate, since writing music takes years of experience… if you don ’ thyroxine play an instrumental role or spend lots of prison term around music, you ’ ll credibly never get to write a song .
MySong, introduced in our qi 2008 wallpaper, mechanically chooses chords to accompany a vocal music tune, allowing a drug user with no musical train to quickly create attach to music. MySong is a creative tool for folks who like to sing but would never get a opportunity to experiment with creating veridical original music. Come on, you know who you are… you sing in the car, or in the shower, or you go to karaoke clubs, or you just once in a while find yourself singing along with attention-getting commercial jingles. MySong is besides a bang-up cock for songwriters who want to quickly experiment with melodies and accompaniments .
Our chi 2008 newspaper : [ pdf ]
Our AAAI 2008 paper : [ pdf ]
Our chi 2008 paper discusses the organization at a high level and presents an evaluation of the organization ; our AAAI paper focuses on ( a ) a dinner dress, mathematical description of our chord-generation and pitch-tracking systems and ( barn ) extra mechanism we use to intuitively expose model parameters to users .

What MySong isn’t
And fair a quick parole on what MySong isn’t, particularly in response to the respective forum posters who are ( appropriately ) very fishy of anyone who thinks songwriting can be automated. MySong does not automate songwriting. No matchless will ever write, record, and produce a top-40 score with any translation of MySong. What MySong does do is give many folks who would never tied taste songwriting a capital opportunity to fair get a glimpse of music initiation. Is the output from MySong cook for radio ? No. But is it more than good adequate, when coupled with a style-based musical arrangement tool ( i.e. when not using merely the simple piano part you hear in our video ) to give person a feel that they ’ ve created something musical for the first time ? absolutely. Is it more than good enough to make a cunning birthday birdcall for Mom or a Valentine ’ s Day song for your meaning other, evening if you don ’ triiodothyronine play an instrument ? absolutely .
furthermore, for songwriters, is MySong going to replace the trade of songwriting ? Never. Could it be a super-useful scratchpad for exploring modern melodies and ideas ? decidedly. If you ’ re a songwriter, you ’ ve credibly had the experience of coming up with a tune and finding the nearest object with a “ record ” button on it just to get your idea down. Imagine that inaugural quick experience besides letting you explore some chords and styles… lots of songwriters have told us they ’ d love to have that ! then of course you ’ vitamin d exploit with early tools, other people, instruments, etc. to actually develop a song, but this could be a big instrument that lets you play with new melodies in places where you couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate before ( on the belong, on the bus, in the airport, etc. ) .
Sample output
now before we get to all the detailed examples and results, let ’ s ultimately hit you with a typical audio exemplar of something created with MySong. here a singer equitable sang into MySong, twiddled some sliders, and pressed “ play ” ; we besides show you the results we get when we take our chords and fire them through Band-in-a-Box, a style-based placement instrument that takes chords as input .

( just part )
MySong output
( merely chords )
MySong+BIAB output
( arranged chords )

Table 1: Accompaniments Created by Non-Musically-Trained Study Participants
As share of the evaluation presented in our chi 2008 newspaper, we had 13 non-musically-trained participants come into our lab to try out MySong. They got a 5-minute tutorial on the system, then had 10 minutes per sung to play with it. Since we figured participants would be sufficiently uncomfortable cantabile in a strange ’ sulfur office, we didn ’ t ask people to work with new melodies ; alternatively, we had them bring in a few of their darling pop songs. however, we stress that from MySong ’ s perspective, these were wholly new songs .
In the follow table, the files linked in the inaugural column of sound recording hold melodies performed by participants in our evaluation. The files linked in the second column of sound recording control play along versions of those melodies, created with MySong ’ s chord-generation algorithm and MySong ’ randomness dim-witted piano form. The files linked in the third column of audio contain the like chords — generated with MySong — fed through Band-in-a-Box, a commercial software package that assembles pre-recorded sequences of instrmental “ styles ’ to generate sound recording for a fit of chords. MySong is able to automated Band-in-a-Box for final examination audio render. We show this to give you a complete photograph of what users can create with MySong .
These accompaniments were created using MySong in less than ten minutes by participants who had absolutely no acquaintance with chords or harmony. All participants featured on this page consented to the release of these recordings. For copyright reasons, this information is reproduced at the end of each audio charge. For the like copyright reasons, we can lone show you a small handful of the recordings that were made. Contact us if you ’ d like to hear more ; besides check out our video ( above ), and the results from our early evaluation ( which used non-copyrighted songs ) ( below ) .

player birdcall input MySong end product MySong+BIAB output
p1 Christmas Song
p4 Broken
p12 Lovin ’ Dat man
p14 This Love

Table 2: Accompaniments Prepared for Our Comparative-Rating Study
In the follow mesa, we present examples from the comparative-rating study described in our paper. here we had experts create accompaniments — in five minutes or less — for a boastfully number of melodies, using ( a ) MySong, ( bacillus ) whatever tools a musician would normally use to accompany a melody ( instruments ), and ( c ) a commercial sytem that creates accompaniments for instrumental ( not vocal music ) melodies ( to show the rate of our vocal-specific innovations ). The songs we present here were selected entirely based on copyright permissions and not on the quality of the generate accompaniments .
Each selection is presented as an apart song record in left-most column. The adjacent three column show, for each tune, the vocal audio along with accompaniments train using three systems for selecting chords : ( 1 ) MySong ( the system presented in our paper ) ( 2 ) manual assignment by musicians, and ( 3 ) Band-in-a-Box1 ( a state-of-the-art system for accompanying instrumental melodies ). note that these systems were used lone for selecting chords ; the selected chords were rendered to piano accompaniments using an identical system for each condition .
The count below each icon is the beggarly of the immanent scores assigned to the match accompaniment. Scores were assigned independently by 30 musicians .

birdcall input MySong
( our system )
Hand-assigned chords Band-In-a-Box
( state of the art for instrumental melodies )
















































1 Band-in-a-Box ( BIAB ) is, to our cognition, the only commercially-available system for generating chord sequences from melodies. BIAB is primarily a system for generating complement audio from chords, but includes a module for determining chords from a tune. The BIAB system represents the state of the art in determining chords from a melodious melody, but was not designed for vocal input, which can not so far be faithfully and mechanically converted to a “ blank ” musical melody. We consequently are not evaluating the quality of BIAB ’ south harmonize choice mechanism per selenium ; preferably, we use this comparison to highlight the importance of designing a chord-selection system specifically for vocal audio. In fact, BIAB does a great job generating chords for instrumental melodies. Our evaluation should therefore not be used to judge the quality of this part of BIAB .