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today, we have more and more internet users who prefer to listen to their favorite music on-line. This is because most of them have tried to download MP3 songs on-line and found it a frustrating venture. However, in this article, we have sampled top 10 free music download sites. With these sites, you won’t have to worry about viruses and no risks of coming across illegal copies.

Top 10 MP3 Sites to Download MP3 Songs for Free


Spotify is a site that provides lots of complimentary music downloads from a compass of different artists. This locate gives freedom to not only listen to albums but besides create your own playlists. The web site besides features a long number of emerging artists, with all of them offering absolve MP3s of their latest tracks .


With Spotify, you can search by peak artists, temper, featured songs, newest albums, and lots of genre breakdowns. Better inactive, Spotify has multiple linguistic process support. Spotify besides provide an app to enjoy your music for free. Check how to download and sign up for the Spotify app .

How to Download Spotify Songs

To download Spotify songs, you need to purchase Spotify Premium ( $0.99 for first 3 months & $9.99/month later & you can cancel it anytime you want ). You can ’ thyroxine download songs individually. Spotify merely allows you to download an integral album or a playlist. You can add the tracks you want to download to a playlist before downloading them. fortunately, you can download each episode of Spotify podcasts individually .
Download Spotify Songs on Your Phones and Tablets:

  1. Connect to WiFi because Spotify can’t download songs over cellular data.
  2. Open Spotify.
  3. Tap “Your Library” & then “Playlists”.
  4. Select the playlist you want to download.
  5. Tap the grey “Download” switch and when it turns to green, the songs are being downloaded to Spotify mobile app.
  6. A down arrow will appear on the left/right of the song when it is downloaded successfully. Now you can tap the song to play it offline.

The music downloaded are protected by DRM and you can ’ triiodothyronine export them to MP3 format or others, which means you can save them to your calculator or flash drives. They are entirely functional in Spotify apps .
Download Spotify Songs to Your Computer:
To download Spotify songs on your computer, you need to use some third-party applications on your calculator. Check the best Spotify downloader software. Some of them can save you the money from Spotify subscription, but you need to know that downloading Spotify with downloader software may be illegal .

Amazon Music

surprised ! Amazon Music offers a free music downloads and has a free music download section that is constantly being updated .
Amazon ’ randomness choice is actually reasonably amazing and features newer releases from a fortune of big-name artists. This long-familiar database features big names like Chance the Rapper, Foo Fighters, Carole King and many others. On Amazon, you can listen to the songs before download. The reason why they are doing this is to have you try out their more imply music streaming service, which is undeniably a pretty beneficial streaming service if you ’ re looking to upgrade .

Amazon Music

hera is how to use Amazon Music App to find & listen to music for loose .

How to Download Amazon Music Songs

To download Amazon Music songs to your phones and tablets

  1. Open Amazon Music app.
  2. Find the songs/albums/playlists you want to download.
  3. Tap “More Options”, which is a 3-vertical-dot icon.
  4. Tap “Download” in the menu.
  5. A “crossmark” icon on the right of the track will turn into a “checkmark” when it is downloaded successfully.
  6. For iOS users, tap “My Music” to find the downloaded music & turn on “Offline Music Mode” to find the downloaded tracks; for Android users, choose “My Music” and tap on “Online Music” toggle to switch to “Offline Music”.

Unlike Spotify, Amazon Music allows you to download each track individually. You precisely play the track, tap “ More Options ” on the exceed right, and tap “ Download ” .

The download Amazon Music songs are DRM-protected & can merely be accessed by the Amazon Music app. You can ’ thyroxine export them for habit on early apps and devices, burn them to CD, or copy them onto other storehouse devices .


SoundClick offers exempt downloads from tons of artist websites. That includes unsigned, signed, independent, and anything and everything in-between. SoundClick is a locate for any artist looking to download MP3 songs for absolve .


SoundClick is an easy-to-use site. You can search for your music by artist, writing style, or by chart. After you ’ ve searched, you can sample angstrom much as you want, and download whatever you want. In addition, there is a radio receiver choice that lets you listen to music while multitasking on other things. The entirely thing that you need to be on the watch out for is that SoundClick has a mix of pay and spare content. This is due to the fact that some artists prefer to charge for their music downloads while some others are volition to give it off for loose. That ’ s their choice. however, you can sample whatever you choose .

How to Download SoundClick Music & Beats

SoundClick had a makeover late to change its policy and serve. But before that, all users can save the songs that its uploader didn ’ thyroxine put up available for download. presently, you are only allowed to stream the songs on the webpages rather of saving them in the way as ahead .

nowadays you can use HiDownload or Firefox addition, DownloadHelper to download SoundClick songs and beats you are playing. interim, if you can ’ metric ton use any of them, you can constantly use a free audio recorder ( Mac ) to capture the music while it ’ second being played .


Jamendo Music has been in the game of offering free music downloads for quite some time now. All of their music downloads are wholly free and protected by creative Commons licenses, which means that the song creators don ’ t heed if you download their music for personal enjoyment, so you don ’ t have to worry a tad bit that you ’ re ripping off the artists by downloading. Jamendo features mugwump music only so if you ’ rhenium looking for Drake or Beyoncé, you ’ ll credibly have to go elsewhere .

Jamendo Music

generally, Jamendo is geared towards the music explorer. What ’ s more, they have free radio stations and playlists with ceaseless update. Once you ’ ve got your solicitation of free music, you can easily access them offline on your Android, io or other devices .

How to Download Jamendo Music for Free

Jamendo hosts more than 300,000 tracks, all free & legal to listen to and download. additionally, many new artists will publish their pieces or cultivate, making an inexhaustible and growing download source of timbre music. Let ’ s find out how to download Jamendo music for free .

  1. Go to Jamendo homapage. Click the “Start” button on the left.
  2. Click “Log In” on the top right and then “Create an account” at the bottom. You can also log in with your Facebook or Google account.
  3. Add the music you want to download to your playlist and click the down arrow icon on the right of the track to download it directly.

All music is available in MP3 and you can directly download them. You are besides allowed to download OGG format files from peers by using BitTorrent .


Whether you ’ re an artist, fan or tastemaker or pronounce, Audiomack is a commodity platform that you can use to discover and share unblock music. “ We ’ ra here to move the music forward ”, this is the motto that they live by and they for sure did a adept job with this web site. Audiomack boasts outright music storage and you can download MP3 songs with over 6 million subscribers. Likewise, music on this site is well organized with trending music ranked in real-time, as such, you can constantly find the most popular Hip Hop, Electronic and reggae music of nowadays. This is one reason why it ’ s a democratic site among young people. furthermore, Audiomack is available both on io and Android so you ’ re able to enjoy your music on the die across the platforms .


How to Download Audiomack Songs

Audiomack is a great place to stream songs and you could download songs via its app on your phones and tablets. just check these two television tutorials .
Download Audiomack Songs on iOS Devices

Download Audiomack Songs on Android Devices

If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how to get started with Audiomack, check this web log .
Download Audiomack Songs on Your Computer
There are besides tools to download Audiomack Songs. TubeNinja is an easy way .
1. Go to Audiomack home page. Choose the birdcall you want to download and go to its foliate by clicking the name of the traverse .

Audiomack Homepage

2. Copy the URL of the track you want to download .

Copy Audiomack Song URL

3. Visit TubeNinja. Paste the URL of Audiomack you copied to the URL bar in the middle of TubeNinja home page & pawl “ Download ” button .

Paste Audiomack URL on TubeNinja

4. TubeNinja will analyze the URL to get you the real download address. now you can download the MP3 by clicking the down arrow icon on the right .

Download Audiomack Songs in MP3

There are besides early exchangeable sites that can download Audiomack music, for example, Savieo .


If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mind installing free software, an Audiomack downloader can help a distribute .

Audiomack Downloader Software


SoundCloud provides a good stead for music producers and consumers to get together and experience something particular. The embedded player shows you how many plays each song has. Who doesn ’ triiodothyronine want to know how many listeners are listening to their music ? Despite being a pour web site, we have a fortune of artists who allow you to download MP3 songs for complimentary as well, once you get the sung of your option, just check the download option if the artist has enabled it. On the bright side, there are many modern bands and singers that you ’ ll for certain find something to your like. besides, there are great remixes on celebrated tracks that you ’ ll never hear elsewhere .


It is worth mentioning that bigger artists only allow streaming. In fact, most, if not all major label artists are prohibited from offering free downloads, in relation to their contracts. This has led the emergence of SoundCloud downloaders to try and find a way around this limitation, though SoundCloud does not in any way authorize those apps .

How to Download SoundCloud Songs

SoundCloud provides an slowly way to download songs without using any third-party tools or websites. You are allowed to download SoundCloud songs american samoa hanker as you register and log in to your SoundCloud account.

  1. Register SoundCloud account and log in.
  2. After login, choose that track you want to download and go to its page.
  3. Click the “Download” button below the waveform player.

Download SoundCloud Songs

You are allowed to download individual tracks only, but not whole playlists. Some of the tracks are not downloadable because the uploaders does not allow you to download them .
however, if you prefer to use third-party tool or sites to download SoundCloud songs, there are plenty of them out their. merely check the tutorial video recording .
How To Download SoundCloud Music On iPhone

How to Download SoundCloud Music on Android

How To Download SoundCloud Song Onto Your Mac

How To Download SoundCloud Song Onto Your PC

Mp3juice.cc ( Alternative – Jango Music )

This was once known as MP3juices before being shut down by the London Police in 2014. The site has re-emerged at MP3juices.cc as a streaming-to-download locate, which includes YouTube conversion. All you have to do is run a search for whatever tracks you want and it will convert it into a exempt music download for you. MP3juice.cc besides comes with an MP3 cutter that you can use to trim undesirable parts on the presentation on downloads. however, be careful when using YouTube-to-MP3 sites as the diligence is clamping down hard-core on many of these sites owing to the fact that converting video into a free music download violates copyright .


here we provide you with an excellent on-line music web site as a substitute – Jango. Jango is an on-line music radio websites, which provides hundreds of genre stations and allows you to create your own station. You can search for the station you like to stream .


How to Download Jango Music

How to Download Jango Music to iPhone
You can ’ metric ton easily freestanding songs in a radio post but rather, you can record them individually. Check this tutorial of how to record internet audio .

MP3 Hunter

MP3 Music Download Hunter is a relatively latest introduction to the Android App space and its web site is MP3 Hunter. however, it is proving to be a upstanding option for dislodge music downloads. The locate hosts a wide crop of music collections and has one of a kind search engine. With this locate, you can download about every music you want. It is remarkable that they inactive keep looking at the best free music resources while scraping off the low-quality resource. If by any chance you ’ re planning to use the songs for commercial purposes then you should check with the copyright owner. otherwise, most of these MP3 songs should just be for personal use, fair spread the good vibration and give these artists a gamble to grow .

MP3 Music Download Hunter

MP3 Music Download Hunter is available through the Google Play and has a humble evaluation of 3.3, which seems to be a fiddling piece broken. This is because most users normally expect major label content. honestly, you can ’ t find artists like Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz or Taylor Swift, since MP3 doesn ’ triiodothyronine offer any content from such artists .
other than scouring millions of copyright-free songs for download, MP3 Music Download Hunter helps you organize your music. This includes organization and repositing for offline listening on your mobile or any early MP3 musician, and this is bang-up for anyone worried about cellular bandwidth charges .

How to Download Songs from MP3 Hunter

Download Songs from MP3 Hunter on Your PC
1. Visit the MP3 Hunter homepage .

MP3 Hunter Homepage
2. Enter the name of the song you want in the search browning automatic rifle and click “ Search ”

Search for The Song

3. You can click “ Play ” to play the song on YouTube. To download the music, just click “ Download ” and wait until the fix summons is done .

Download Music

4. When the charge is ready, you will see 2 buttons. If you want to download an MP3 file, chink “ Download ” ; to download the video, cluck “ Convert Video ” .

Download MP3 File

How to Download MP3 Hunter Music on Android


If you ’ re a hip-hop mixtape enthusiast, you might want to check out Spinrilla. Basically, this site taps into a treasure treasure trove of mixtapes from established sites like Datpiff, after which reassembles them into a one interface. Spinrilla is both a web site and an application. Spinrilla has more than 5 million downloads on Google Play, with ratings of 4.3 stars, no wonder they call themselves ‘ 800-lb gorilla of exempt rap mixtapes ’. Just to clear the air out, Spinrilla is not affiliated with Datpiff, LiveMixtapes or MyMixtapez, though it taps heavily from these mixtape hub .


How to Download Spinrilla Songs

How to Download Music from Spinrilla to iPhone & Mac

How to Download Music from Spinrilla to Android Devices

My Mixtapez

My Mixtapez is known for a great music collection. Just like Spinrilla, My Mixtapez Music is all about hip-hop mixtapes. however, there are a few differences that hip-hop diehards will want to weigh .
My Mixtapez Music offers lots of different mixtapes from dateless rappers and DJs. What ’ s more, this app offers you the choice to download MP3 songs for offline listen. Unlike Spinrilla, My Mixtapez differs in the choice, organization, and selected artists. My Mixtapez besides puts a foreground on Indie artists american samoa well as emerging rappers .

My Mixtapez Music

There were rumors doing rounds that My Mixtapez Music was getting sued ( but this is an unstable position ). right field now, the locate hasn ’ t been deemed illegal, but you should be prepared for a ill-bred closure, because this is how it goes sometimes .
In decision, it is decidedly worth trying out a few of the aforesaid options before settling for one. Whichever site you choose, we precisely ask that you respect the copyrighted contented and pay for the farce that isn ’ t royalty-free. last but not least, if you come across a barren MP3 music download site or app that did not make the number, don ’ metric ton hesitate to let us know and we will for sure check it out .

How to Download My Mixtapez Songs on PC

1. Visit My Mixtapez homepage .

My Mixtapez Homepage

2. cross-file and augury in to your My Mixtapez score ( or you can log in with your Google account ) .

Sign up & Sign in

3. Enter the appoint of the song you want in the search bar on the crown & a few of the results will be shown. Click “ See More ” under “ Tracks ” if the song you want is not listed. There are besides other categories of results like radio stations, albums, artists and videos .


4. When you find your song, click the “ Play ” triangle button to play it .

Play the Song

5. Click the “ … ” button in the actor at the bottom and then click “ Download Song ” to download it .

Download the Song

6. Wait until the download is finished .


How to Download My Mixtapez Songs on Android