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by Christine Smith • 2021-12-31 09:04:41 • Proven solutions

The MP3, a digital sound recording file format, is one of the widely used and worldwide accepted formats that no one can deny gives the strait quality in an optimize way. MP3 is supported by about all the on-line platforms, websites, media players, devices. Most of the clock time, people prefer the audio file to be in the MP3 format to have better compatibility. One may need to change some of the video and recorded data to the MP3 format in elementary terms. They may require a joyride that necessitates this. Whether on Android, io, Mac, or Windows, there are tools to make this possible since the MP3 format is a democratic and widely used file format. Herein are the best free MP3 converters to assist in any format conversions .

The Best Free MP3 Converters for All Platforms

Part 1. Top 3 Free MP3 Converter for Windows

Wondershare comes to this advance video converter for Windows. The Video Converter Free is free as the list states and has brawny conversion capabilities. The software is uniquely designed, and the splashboard is a elaborate as it is stunning. The software converts not merely audio files but besides video, visualize, and other documents .
Key Features

  • It produces high-quality output after conversion.
  • The interface is concise, elaborate, and impressive.
  • It provides with a quick conversion facility.
  • Not only conversion but can be used to record and burn DVD files.
  • It has an inbuilt media player.

How to Convert MP3 to/from early Formats
dance step 1 First, download, install and launch Wondershare free MP3 converter, then click Add Files to add MP3 or other files that you wish to convert .
add mp3 files
step 2 Hit the setting picture on the right side and select your prey output format .
choose output format
step 3 Tap the Convert button to convert the charge ( mho ). To view the converted file, just hit the Converted button .
start mp3 conversion

2. Freemake Audio Converter

The Freemake Audio Converter supports conversion to many file formats and is compatible with Windows. The software is specifically an audio converter, and you can frankincense be assured of great choice output. It has nice features such as the ability to batch convert with quality output .
freemake audio converter
Pros :

  • It has a sleek Interface.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has batch conversion abilities.

Cons :

  • It is only an audio converter, not for videos or other file formats.
  • It has one must purchase the premium package to enjoy perk and benefits.

3. Format Factory

The software is reasonably basic but has across-the-board coverage for anything to do with media files. It has some amusing features such as the batch conversion ability and supporting many file format conversions. The software comes equipped with over 60 different languages and a number of skins to change the appearance as one pleases. Format Factory is a Windows-based software .
format factory
Pros :

  • It has many features, such as the number of languages used and the supported file format conversions.
  • The software is easy to use.

Cons :

  • The software may crash at times due to huge conversions underway.
  • The interface is straightforward and understandable, almost monotonous.

Part 2. Top 3 Free MP3 Converter for Mac

1. Handbrake

Though the interface is quite basic, it makes up for this in its across-the-board features. Handbrake is one of the most desirable tools for Mac OS. With the software, one can change the quality of output signal before converting and features the ability to add subtitles .
free mp3 converter for mac
Pros :

  • You can add subtitles for ease of understanding.
  • One can change the format quality before converting.
  • Has Apple presets to convert for Apple devices quickly.

Cons :

  • The software is somewhat complicated.
  • The number of file formats supported is limited.

2. ffmpegX

ffmpegX is a converter designed for Mac OS and has some great features. Like Handbrake, the software offers the ability to add subtitles, but in contrast, supports numerous file formats. It is a hardy software with the ability to set quality converting parameters as one pleases .
Pros :

  • FFmpeg supports conversion to many file formats.
  • It has advanced settings such as the ability to adjust the bitrate and sample rate.
  • The software has a media player.

Cons :

  • It is quite complex for novice users.
  • It is not regularly updated.

3. MediaHuman Audio Converter

This is a freeware software for Mac OS. The software features an sound recording converter, easy burst, and extraction of audio from video recording files and batch convert. The interface is bright and appealing, with no hide functions.

mediahuman audio converter
Key Features

  • It supports batch converting.
  • The audio converter supports many file format conversions.
  • The software is free.

Cons :

  • It’s basically an audio converter and does not support video and other file format conversions.
  • It may be a little bit complex for new users.

Part 3. Top 3 Free MP3 Converter Online

1. Online UniConverter (originally Media.io)

Online UniConverter ( originally Media.io ) is a free on-line converter that supports many file formats. The blueprint is eccentric and alone. While it has a file size limit for conversion, the output is plainly amazing and redefined. The conversion procedure is aboveboard and can besides compress the MP3 file easily .
free mp3 converter online
Pros :

  • The site is stylish and easy to use.
  • Using the converter is free.
  • This online converter supports conversion to many file formats.

Cons :

  • It does not support batch conversion.
  • There is a limit to the file size to be converted.

2. Online Audio Converter

Online Audio Converter supports many file formats and with a high-quality conversion rate. No account registration is required. You merely to convert and get a connect to the converted file. It is easy to use, and one can even be used the advance settings on the locate for conversion .
online audio converter
Pros :

  • The online converter is easy to use.
  • It has a metadata editor to track the info of the converted file.
  • It is free.

Cons :

  • The site may lag with huge file size conversions.
  • The advanced settings require some background knowledge on how to configure before setting them.

3. Convertio

This is an on-line converter with many features such as the OCR and the television picture and other documents such as an ebook converter. It has a file size limit of 100MB for conversion. Convertio is quite easy since the operation is clearly detailed on the page .
free mp3 converter convertio
Pros :

  • The conversion speed is speed.
  • It can enable conversion to many file formats.
  • It has more features such as the video and image converter, as well as the OCR feature.

Cons :

  • Upload file size for the conversion is limited.
  • One is required to create an account to enjoy more features.

Part 4. Top 2 Free MP3 Converter for Android

1. MP3 Video Converter for Android

When it comes to conversion on Android devices, some converters come in handy such as the MP3 Video Converter for Android. The app is lightweight and supports conversion to both audio and television files. One can even extract audio from video using the app
mp3 video converter for android
Pros :

  • It is a lightweight app.
  • The conversion process is speedy.
  • It supports both audio and video file conversions.

Cons :

  • It does not support the conversion of huge files.
  • Some of the features are a bit complex to use.

2. Media Converter

The ability to configure even complicated settings such as the bitrate and sample distribution rate is the Media Converter. Designed for Android devices, it is comfortable to use and a spare app. The app subscribe conversion to many file formats vitamin a well .
media converter android
Pros :

  • The app supports some advanced settings, such as changing the bitrate and sample rate.
  • The conversion process is fast.
  • Background conversion is enabled.

Cons :

  • The app interface may seem complicated.
  • It’s a powerful app, but with huge conversion, it may tend to be unresponsive.

Part 5. Top 2 Free MP3 Converter for iOS

1. iConv Video Converter

This is a super app for the io users that in truth utilize much of your iPhone ‘s processing might to convert. The more complex settings like adjusting the bitrate, sample pace, and resolution come with this converter. iConv Video Converter is fashionable and can convert to many formats .
free mp3 converter ios
Pros :

  • It has a stylish design.
  • The app is free.
  • It can integrate well with chatting apps for the sharing of the converted files.

Cons :

  • It utilizes much of the iPhones battery.
  • The conversion process may be slow.

2. MyMP3

exchangeable to iConv, MyMP3 can share the converted files. It besides turns many file formats to MP3, therefore making it biased. It executes well, though the act of formats it can convert from is numerous .

Pros :

  • Supports sharing with different apps.
  • Quick conversion of media files.
  • The software design is simplified, making it easy to use.

Cons :

  • It is only an MP3 converter. Thus one cannot convert media files from MP3 to other formats.
  • The conversion speed is a bit slow.

I hope now you are confident and are aware of the best MP3 Converters for Windows, Mac, Online, io, and Android devices. Due care was taken to explain the steps easily. Simply follow the lead above, and it will help you in converting your media files to and from the MP3 file format .