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If you have n’t used Amazon Cloud Player before, it ‘s an on-line service where you can upload music and stream it via your internet browser. To get you started, Amazon gives you free cloud space for up to 250 songs if uploaded. If you purchase digital music via the Amazon MP3 Store, this besides appears in your music locker outer space but does n’t count toward this limit .

Whether you want to upload songs you have ripped from your audio CDs or purchased from other digital music services, these steps show how to get your collection into the Amazon Cloud Player. All you need is an Amazon account. once your songs are in the cloud, you can listen to them ( via streaming ) using a network browser. You can besides stream to iPhone, Kindle Fire, and Android devices .

Person using the Amazon music importer
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How to Install Amazon Music

Before you can upload your music ( must be DRM-free ), you first need to download and install the Amazon Music Importer application. This is presently available for the personal computer ( Windows 7, Vista, and XP ) and Mac ( OS X 10.6+, Intel CPU, AIR version 3.3.x ). Follow these steps to download and install Amazon Music Importer :

  1. Log in to Amazon Music .

  2. Click your name from the left acid, and then click Download Desktop app .
    Another option for downloading Amazon Music is to click the connection from the Amazon Music App page .
    Showing how to download the Amazon Music desktop app
  3. open AmazonMusicInstaller to install the plan. The integral facility action is automated, so you ‘ll know it ‘s finished when Amazon Music opens .

  4. bless in to your Amazon report .
    The Amazon Music program sign in page

Importing Songs Using Amazon Music Importer

After you ‘ve installed the Amazon Music Importer and logged in to your Amazon report, you can start upload music to your Amazon Music account. The Amazon Music Importer should run mechanically.

  1. Click Start Scan or Browse Manually. The foremost choice is the easiest to use and scans your computer for iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries. For this tutorial, we assume that you have chosen the Start Scan choice.

  2. When the read phase is complete, either click the Import All release or the Edit Selections choice. Use this last choice to select specific songs and albums. Again, for this tutorial, we assume that you want to import all your songs into the Amazon Cloud Player .

  3. During the scan, songs that can be matched with Amazon ‘s on-line library mechanically appear in your music locker space without the need to upload them. compatible sound recording formats for song meet are MP3, AAC ( .M4a ), ALAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC, MPG, and AIFF. Matched songs are besides upgrade to high-quality 256 Kbps MP3s. however, for songs that ca n’t be matched, you must wait for them to be uploaded from your computer .

  4. When the importing process is dispatch, close the Amazon Music Importer software and switch to your internet browser. To see the update contents of your music locker, you may have to refresh your browser ‘s screen ; pressing F5 on your keyboard is the quickest option .

You can now stream your music anywhere by logging into your Amazon Cloud Player account and using an internet browser .

If you want to upload more music in the future, log in to your Amazon Cloud Player ( using your Amazon username and password ) and click the Import Your Music button to launch the software application you installed earlier .