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When you are in love, spend time apart is the final thing you want. fortunately, through modern technology, you are merely a few clicks or a call aside from the man you miss .
You can save running through the airport for the movies, and send a thoughtful text to make his sidereal day .
however, many people find themselves stumped when trying to express the depths of their love in a compendious few lines of text .
If you ’ ve been staring at the empty space above your keyboard with a entire kernel, we have collected a list of 55 missing him messages to brighten his day and make yours easier.

What to Say to Your Man When You Miss Him?

You may be wondering, “ What can I text a guy to make him smile ? ” Guys can be sturdy nuts to crack sometimes, but a angelic and loving message will go a hanker room and keep him thinking about you all sidereal day .
Our feelings run cryptic, electrifying every nerve ending. Love is much more heavy than our lyric can express, but that doesn ’ thymine mean we shouldn ’ thymine try .
Words of affirmation are the primary love language for many people, so a textbook has the power to make person ’ south day and validate their emotions .
If words are that knock-down, then it ’ s essential to find the right ones. The ‘ right words ’ are merely the words that come from your heart. They can be simple. They can be rambling. The perfect text could simply be, “ I love you. ”
woman at office video chatting while making heart shape with her hands here are a few more tips to help you write your message :

  • Be vulnerable. These messages can allow you to say something that you may be shy about speaking in person, especially if this is a newer relationship. 
  • Spice it up. Remind him what you miss and just what he is missing! 
  • Use emojis. A message can be poetic with emojis, too, adding a dash of humor and fun to a sweet text. 

55 I Miss You Messages for Him

Although you may be miles apart, a text can bring you to the forefront of his mind. Whether you ’ ve precisely started dating or you ’ ve been married fifty years, telling person how much you love and miss them will constantly be meaningful .
here are 55 examples you can send to your significant other :

Sweet I Miss You Messages for Him

nothing feels the same without you hera following to me. I miss you more every day. I love you more every day .
It feels strange not to brush my teeth next to you, to see your glasses on the nightstand, and to feel your heat next to me as I sleep. God, I miss you. Come home soon .
You are light in my life. even when we are apart, I feel your gleam .
You're missing your boyfriend too much that you can't express how you are feeling into words. Read this list of I miss you messages and send them to him. There are millions of ways to say ‘ I miss you, ’ and none of them are adequate to express how much I wish you were here .
I ’ m so gallant of you baby. Being away from you is easier knowing that you are chasing your dreams. You deserve all the success you will get .
Did you know that you ’ re my favorite person in the solid world ? just wanted to say that. Love and miss you my love .
I was looking at old photograph of us today, and I ’ thousand constantly struck by how fine-looking you are. not just handsome, but kind, talented, and generous. I feel thus lucky to have met you .
I want to hear your voice. I want to feel your arms wrapped around me. You are where I feel the safe .
Don ’ thymine fret my love, we ’ ll be together soon. In the interim, I ’ ll meet you in my dreams .
Talking to you on the call made my day. I miss you so much that I could burst .
My fingers and toes are asleep and blasphemous because there is a trap in my heart the size of you. entirely your voice could get my blood pump again. only you could put this hurt to an end .
My friends ask how I ’ megabyte doing, because they know I ’ meter missing my serviceman. What they don ’ thyroxine know is that our love transcends outdistance. Missing you is equitable another way of loving you .
You're missing your boyfriend so much that you can't express how you are feeling into words. Read this list of cute I miss you messages and send them to him. My heart swells three times its size when I get a text from you. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come home soon, it may very well fusillade. I love you therefore much .
There is a character limit to a text message, but there is no limit to how a lot I love you .
Goodnight my darling. Have the sweetest dream. If I show up in them, make sure I look good ! Miss you…
You are the most special person to me. I only feel o without you, because I know you ’ ll be in my liveliness constantly. I miss you therefore much, though. sometimes I don ’ thyroxine know if I can take how much I miss you !
You transform me and make me feel unharmed. The gladden you bring to my life overwhelms me sometimes. I love and miss you more than you know .
How are you so amazing ? I thank my lucky stars tonight that you came into my world and brought therefore much happiness along with you. You ’ ve been missed here at home, my love .
You mean the populace to me. I have never known this kind of love. I miss you dearly .
Tu me manques. That ’ s not just french for “ I miss you, ” because that wouldn ’ t be adequate. It actually means, “ You are missing from me. ” It means we belong in concert. It means that when we are apart, I ’ m a little bit lost. Je deoxythymidine monophosphate ’ aime .
following time, I hope you can take me with you. In my heart, I am with you. In my judgment, I am with you. My sexual love carries me across valleys, polish rivers, and above the highest mountains to be where you are .
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Missing You Text for Him

My dearest love, I hold all of our memories sol close to my affection. They guard me at night and inspire my day. We have the best time together ; I can not wait until you are home .
You are my family. It doesn ’ t matter how far you are, because home international relations and security network ’ t tied to a place. It ’ s the people we love, and I love you more than anything. I ’ ll be missing you, but I ’ meter never sad. I ’ m home .
woman waving at her phone while smiling When I think about you, my heart doesn ’ triiodothyronine fair flutter. It flaps like an eagle ’ south wings and soars so senior high school that it carries me to where you are. I miss you, but I feel I ’ m with you besides .
I miss you, my conserve — my sweetness, fine-looking conserve. I love you and this beautiful life we ’ ve created together. Come home soon, my beloved .
Every day is a endow with you as my ( boyfriend/husband ). Every moment with you is valued. Every infinitesimal away from you is harder than the last. I hold on to the fact that I will see you soon. I love you .
I can ’ t keep pretend that I don ’ thymine miss you like brainsick, but sometimes you have to wear your heart on your sleeve. Baby, my affection is all over the place when you ’ re gone. I miss you then so much, every single sidereal day .
A star loses its twinkle, and the sun dims every day that I am apart from you. The night could turn pitch black, but I ’ ll be home soon, and their light will guide me binding to you .
I know I tell you this every day, but it never loses its mean. every prison term I say, its reality grows. I love you. I love you. I love you.

You're missing your boyfriend so much that you can't express how you are feeling into words. Read this list of flirty I miss you messages and send them to him. Missing you feels like a huffy muscle. Something inside of me aches, but I know that pain will heal and make us stronger. See you soon, baby. I miss you so much .
My heart beats to the rhythm of your hint. We are in tune with each other every step of the way. We may not be in concert, but the music of our love is the soundtrack of my life .
I miss the little things. The smell of that careworn jersey you love and probably don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wash enough. The room you snort when something cracks you up. The jingle of the keys in the door when you come base. God, I miss that doggerel. I miss you .
If I could, I would walk all the way home to see you. I would climb a pair of mountains on the means if I had to. I miss you enough to wear out my favored run shoes. I love you, baby, and miss you more than anything .
For some reason, I can not get a single thing done. All I can do is think about you. I ’ ll be missing you until you ’ re home. I love you. Goodnight, darling .
Do you know how the universe is countless ? How you can not possibly imagine how big it is ? Did you know that it expands every moment of the day, turning nothing into something ? That ’ second precisely how bad my love is for you. Our beloved is a population .
You're missing your boyfriend so much that you can't express how you are feeling into words. Read this list of cute I miss you messages and send them to him. #relationshipgoals #menandwomen sometimes I wonder why you have been sent into my life. then, I learned to stop questioning everything and precisely feel. I feel so much for you baby. I love and miss you like crazy .
You have to come home soon — there are excessively many spoilers for our testify on chirrup ! I miss curling up on the sofa to watch it with you. I miss hearing your laugh at every punchline. I just miss you .
All of me misses every share of you. You are vastly extra to me. I love you .
Words aren ’ thymine adequate. They could never be enough to express how much I love you .

Missing Boyfriend Messages

You are the best boyfriend in the entire populace. Scratch that — the unharmed population. I doubt there ’ s a unmarried extraterrestrial being boyfriend a cool as you. I miss you, honey, and I love you sol much .
woman sitting on sofa while using phone sometimes, when you walk into a room, I ’ thousand plainly stunned. You ’ re so beautiful it hurts a little sting. Missing you hurts more. I just want to see you walk in this room and feel a different pain for once .
I ’ ve never missed anyone before, but you better believe I miss you so much that I have trouble breathe. You ’ ve been taking my breath away since sidereal day one .
When you get home, I have a large surprise for you. I think you ’ ll like it. I miss you, honey, I ’ ll see you soon .
Hey there, my fine-looking boyfriend. God, I can ’ metric ton believe I get to call you that. I miss you calling you my boyfriend in person and wish you were here .
I can barely bear being away from you right immediately, but I can handle it, knowing you ’ re doing amazing things .
You're missing your boyfriend too much that you can't express how you are feeling into words. Read this list of I miss you messages and send them to him. #dating #relationship My sweetness boyfriend, I miss you more than you know. Seeing you is the best depart of my week. I actually like you, did you know that ?
A gelatin sandwich precisely international relations and security network ’ t the lapp without the peanut butter. I ’ thousand good not the like without you. Miss you more every day .
You ’ re cool, aphrodisiac, lovely, kind, amazing, smart, and funny. immediately I ’ thousand starting to get abashed, but it ’ second worth it for you to know how much you are deserving. I am in truth missing you properly now .
The mean of my life has wholly changed now that I know you. I want to spend every day with you precisely to absorb a fraction of your glow .
Hi baby, I just wanted to pop in and say that I ’ meter thinking about you. I miss you a fortune. I love you .
sometimes saying things just means indeed much. In this case, it means more than you know. I miss you .
You ’ re the first thing I think about when I wake up now. I ambition of you when I ’ megabyte asleep. I miss you, my lovely boyfriend .
You're missing your boyfriend too much that you can't express how you are feeling into words. Here's a list of I miss you messages and send them to him. I ’ m therefore stimulate to see you again. I ’ megabyte counting down the minutes until I can stare into your eyes. You mean the earth to me .
My heart aches a little without you here, but I ’ ll be okay. I just miss you, that ’ mho all. I love you then identical much .
The best day of the class will be the day I see you again. I ’ megabyte holding my breath until then — so you better arrive quickly !

Missing My Boyfriend Quotes

“ You might not have been my first love, but you were the sexual love that made all the other loves irrelevant. ” ― Rupi Kaur
“ If I know what sleep together is, it is because of you. ” ― Hermann Hesse
missing my boyfriend quotes“Your love shines in my heart as the sun that shines upon the earth.” ― Eleanor Di Guillo “ Each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. ” ― Rosemonde Gerard
“ Thank you my beloved, for gracing my life with your cover girl bearing ; for adding the sweet meter of your soul to my existence. ” ― Richard Matheson
“ There are not enough days in everlastingly to allow me to amply express the depth of my love for you. ” ― Steve Maraboli
missing my boyfriend quotes“I’m done. I don’t need anything more out of life. I have you, and that’s enough.” ― Alessandra Torre “ If my heart was a canvas, every feather column inch of it would be painted over with you. ” ― Cassandra Clare
“ Can ’ thymine you see ? Every step I have taken, since I was that child on the bridge, has been to bring myself closer to you. ” ― Arthur Golden
“ I feel like a region of my person has loved you since the begin of everything. possibly we ’ re from the same star. ” ― Emery Allen
missing my boyfriend quotes“It was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” ― Judy Garland “ If I know what love is, it is because of you. ” ― Hermann Hesse
“ Yours is the light by which my spirit ’ second born – you are my sun, my daydream, and all my stars. ” ― E. E. Cummings
“ You play the key of my heart, gently however sensually, setting my soul on fire. ” ― Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib
“ You are both, the reference of my happiness and the one I want to contribution it with. ” ― David Levithan
How Will You Use These I Miss You Messages for Him?
The feel of missing your special person can feel overwhelm. It hovers around you, and you feel their absence with every step .
Telling your significant other that you miss him can soothe the trouble a small act and lighten the load. however, sending a text is not the only way to send a missing you message to your loved one .
Try a few of these ideas :

  • Leave a note in his wallet or travel bag before you separate. 
  • Set a reminder on his phone with your message. 
  • Write the message in a book that reminds you of him and mail it to him wherever he is. 

Sending a thoughtful message can show your boyfriend or husband how much he means to you. Loving text can connect us no topic how far apart we are .
Words have the power to build bridges and reinforce closeness when you can ’ thyroxine be together in person .
You're missing your boyfriend too much that you can't express how you are feeling into words. Check and use this list of I miss you messages and send them to him.