meet-messenger Wikipedia defines the news Messenger as a person or thing that carries a message. And that is what this group does – They carry the message of love, life and they inspire to dream. Messenger ’ mho expressive style of music crosses assorted melodious genres and styles. Since their origin in the early 80 ’ mho, the music of Messenger has had a way of speaking to the hearer on a alone and entertain level. With slick grooves and carefully choreographed dance steps, Messenger connected with their audience, whether it was inside a little dance club, funk hovel or outdoor music festival, they came to play .
Messenger broke into the L.A. music view in 1983 at a time when artists like Prince and The Revolution, Rick James and Michael Jackson were claiming the R & B airwaves and stage performances. On the Pop music side, there was Duran Duran, Bon Jovi, U2, and Journey .
messengerisback From Madame Wong ’ s West in Santa Monica to The Roxy in Hollywood, it was Messenger ’ s time to perform, and perform they did, as they built an R & B sports fan base following their every move. Rocking out, Messenger was soon performing in clubs tailored for rock candy groups like Poison and Guns & Roses around the Los Angeles and Hollywood sphere and rarely did R & B funk bands perform in these venues, let entirely headline. Messenger was pushing the envelope .
Their unique blend of funk/pop played to the consultation and they responded by attending the group ’ sulfur performances over and over again. For a band who had not recorded a song at the fourth dimension, Messenger garnered adequate obedience to be invited to perform on shows with some of the top artists of the time. last, with a solid message to be embraced, Hollywood was calling.

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messengerisback-brotherhoodofjustice In 1986, Messenger wrote and recorded two songs, “ Conversation ” and “ Shotgun ”, produced by David Pack of Ambrosia. The songs were prominently featured in the ABC television receiver movie, “ The Brotherhood of Justice ”, starring Keanu Reeves and Kiefer Sutherland. They were later asked to write and record songs for the 1989 horror film Death Spa ampere well. Messenger was featured on the breed of the “ The Music Connection ” and written up in feature articles for national magazines like “ Black Teen. ” Messenger ’ s popularity was soaring .
The original members of Messenger featured the mask bass guitar player, Dino Stewart, Guitar player Vic Butler, Lead singer Don McDaniels, Keyboard players Bobby Jackson, Bob Butler, and drummer Johnny Moore. After the loss of a couple of band members, Messenger disbanded in 1993 .
today, with another message to be heard, Messenger is rear after 20 years. There are new songs, new ideas, new Messages… same Messenger, with Dino, Vic, Bob and John, under their new output company, The MJB Project. Yes, the message is the same – Love, life and inspiration… The message is now .

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