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Release date: 14 September 2012
123telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5
Director : Sekhar Kammula
Producer : Sekhar Kammula
Music Director : Mickey J Meyar
Starring : Shriya Saran, Amala Akkineni, Anjala Zaveri

sensible film-maker Sekhar Kammula has come up with ‘ Life is Beautiful ’ after a very farseeing gap and the movie has released across the world today with considerable expectations. Made with an all newfangled star casting, the movie besides has Amala, Shriya and Anjala Zaveri in significant roles. The movie has been directed and produced by Sekhar Kammula. Let us see how the film is .
Story :

The report of the film revolves around the B phase obstruct of Sunshine colony. Srinu ( Abhijith ) and his sisters Sathya ( Rashmi ) and Chinni are sent to stay with their enate grandparents and uncle by their mother ( Amala ), who has to go away for an extended period of time. They soon become dense friends with Abhi ( Kaushik ) and Nagraj ( Sudhakar ) and go about their daily life, experiencing small joys .
Youngsters of the B phase block have a long stand competition with the arrogant deep kids of the Gold Phase of the Sunshine Colony. Paru ( Shriya ), an aspiring Miss India contestant, stays hera but she is piano and docile. She has a huge admirer in the shape of Abhi, who is head over heels in love with her. Srinu besides falls in love with his maradalu Paddu ( Shagun ) while Nagraj falls in beloved with Lakshmi ( Zara ). He besides has a huge break down on Maya Aunty ( Anjala Zaveri ), who is a glamorous beautician in the colony .
As the competition between B phase and Gold phase intensifies, the narrative takes many aroused twists and turns. Relationships keep going through a roller coaster ride and the common pangs of adolescent love take over. But the lives of Srinu and his friends get a natural jolt when they come to know about an uncomfortable accuracy regarding Amala. What is that truth ? What happens to the relationships of these youngsters ? Will they succeed in their goals ? That forms the history .
Plus Points :
Amala Akkineni is simply brilliant in the function of a individual mother who fights fortune. She looks gorgeous in the beginning few minutes of the film, but actually comes into her own in the dying moments of the film. Her intimidate and classy portrayal in the aroused moments is a major highlight .
Shriya looks sufficiently glamorous and is a adept suit for the function. She does what is required of her. Anjala Zaveri makes a welcome comeback and she still has the hex and the sex appeal. Among the newcomers, Abhijeet steals the limelight, followed by Sudhakar. Shagun and Zara are decent. Surekha Vani does her job well .
The orgasm of the film is a major highlight, and brings tears in everyone ’ s eyes. The mother sentiment in the film has come out well. A few scenes and some dialogues have been written good, particularly in the open few minutes of the film. Nagraj ’ randomness dialogues are humorous. The fiddling girl who performed as Chinni is merely brilliant and she does a capital job in the climax .
Minus Points :
There are two major issues I have with this film. The first is its length. It is inexcusably long and quite a lot could have been chopped off on the editing table. Narration tends to drop off to perilously boring levels at a number of junctures in the film. Tauter screenplay and beneficial editing could have in truth helped matters .
The moment offspring I have is with the film ’ s writing. It is nothing but a boot adaptation of happy Days and though Sekhar Kammula gave many hints about this in his interviews, I did not expect it to be this like. The character of Abhi is a carbon replicate of Tyson ’ s fictional character from glad Days and in this film excessively, he falls in love with an older woman. Nagraj ’ mho quality is a carbon paper copy of Rajesh ’ s character and his behavior is the same. There are excessively many such similarities for consolation .
What was Sekhar Kammula think when he wrote that plane crash landing scene ? This is not what we expect from person like him. besides, there is no proper emotional justification in the romanticist tracks. You will not empathize with even one single pair ’ randomness love fib in the movie .
Some scenes have no connection with the overall plat and the competition with the Gold phase is killed off abruptly. evening the feel of the music and the picturization is very alike to glad Days.

Technical Aspects :
filming in the film is commodity. editing is not upto the distinguish as I said earlier, and a bunch of the film should have been chopped off. Dialogues are good in places. Micky J Meyer ’ s music is o but backdrop score is dear. production values are good .
Sekhar Kammula is a good writer but sadly, he is not in his elements here. He has shown his magnificence in a few scenes and in the climax, but screenplay has gone for a discard in the movie .
Verdict :
Sekhar Kammula is intelligibly nostalgic about glad Days, but it is time he moved on. This movie is basically a boring boot of that long gone success. A bright performance from Amala in the climax and a few adept scenes are the movie ’ s assets. Bad screenplay, excessive length and lack of entertainment will work against the film at the Box Office. A focus on crowd may take to the theaters because of Sekhar Kammula ’ second brand name, but B and C plaza crowd will find it hood to appreciate the movie. overall, this film is not what we expect from a valet of Sekhar Kammula ’ s quality .
123telugu Rating : 2.75 / 5
Reviewed by Mahesh S Koneru
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5 – Flawless
4 – Must Watch
3 – One Time Watch
2 – Wait for the DVD
1 – Stay off

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