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BTS are no strangers to ruling Billboard ’ s World Digital Song Sales chart. ‘Life Goes On ‘ is one of their hottest songs. Check out the lyrics in english !

'Life Goes On' by BTS: Full Lyrics in English
Previous chart-topper “Life Goes On” returns to the World Digital Song Sales ranking at No. 1, where it debuted late last year.

BTS are credibly the most successful dissemble of all time when looking at that one reckoning, and once again they ’ rhenium enjoying a truly incredible workweek on the list, despite the fact that nothing new from the band finds its way to the rank this time around. BTS fill 10 spots on this week ’ second World Digital Song Sales chart, occupying 40 % of all the available spaces on the 25-rung match. That ’ s an amaze usher for any group or solo musician, but it ’ s not even the most impressive presentation from the south korean septet. What is possibly most astonishing about BTS ’ s performance this frame is that their domination is thanks about wholly to returning smashes, as opposed to a murder of newly placements. previous chart-topper “ Life Goes On ” returns to the World Digital Song Sales ranking at No. 1, where it debuted late last year. The tune wasn ’ t introduce on last week ’ sulfur roll, so the fact that it reappears american samoa high as a cut can climb is surely impressive.

BTS is off to a beneficial start after they dropped the MV of their entitle track of “ Life Goes On ” which has been lauded by ARMYs all around the worldly concern as a cocksure reflection of their experiences during the time of doubt that this challenge meter presents.

'Life Goes On' by BTS: Full Lyrics in English
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From the opening bars when Jungkook sings “ One day, the global stopped without any warming, ” fans already knew that they were in for an emotional ride. They were not wrong. But hera are a few interesting facts that you might not know about “ Life Goes On ” and what makes it so special. Check out the English lyrics and sing along: [Intro] I remember I, I, I remember Ah, ah [Verse 1: Jung Kook, Jimin] One day, the worldly concern stopped Without any warn leap did n’t know to wait Showed up not even a moment deep Streets erased of footprints I lie here, fallen to the ground time goes by on its own Without a single apology, yea [Verse 2: RM] It looks like rain again today I ‘m soak to the bone calm wo n’t stop ( Hey ) Running faster than that cloud of rain think that ‘d be enough Guess I ‘m only human after all I ‘m in a earth of pain This cold the bloody world gave to me ( Woo ) Prompts me to press the dusty rewind Dancing off-beat lying on the ground once winter comes, let ‘s exhale A warm breath [Pre-Chorus: V, Jung Kook] There ‘s no goal in spy Is there a direction out ? My feet refuse to move, oh close your eyes for a moment Hold my hand To that future, let ‘s run aside [Chorus: Jung Kook & Jimin] Like an echo in the forest The day will come back around As if nothing happened Yeah, liveliness goes on Like an arrow in the gloomy flip Another day flying by On my pillow, on my table Yeah, life goes on Like this again [Verse 3: SUGA] Let me tell you with this birdcall ( Ayy )

People say the global has changed ( No ) Mm-mm-mm-mm But thankfully between you and me nothing ‘s change [Verse 4: j-hope, Jung Kook] With the ‘annyeong ‘ that we start and finish the day Let us thread tomorrow with today ( Ooh, ooh, ooh, oh-woah ) Stopped for immediately but do n’t hide in the darkness once again daylight will glow [Pre-Chorus: V & Jung Kook, Jin] There ‘s no end in view Is there a way out ? My feet refuse to move, oh close your eyes for a here and now ( Close it ) Hold my hand ( Hold it ) To that future, let ‘s run away ( Oh, oh, oh ) [Chorus: All, Jimin] Like an echo in the afforest The day will come bet on around As if nothing happened Yeah, life goes on ( Oh, woah ) Like an arrow in the blue flip Another day flying by ( Flies by ) On my pillow, on my table Yeah, life goes on Like this again [Outro: Jimin & V] I remember I, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah I remember Ah-ah, ah-ah I remember I, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah I remember Ah-ah, ah-ah **READ MORE: The Full Lyric Of ‘Butter ‘ By BTS

Interesting facts you may not know about BTS’ emotional comeback track ‘Life Goes On’

It’s a powerhouse track The song was composed by BTS ’ rap line members RM, J-Hope and Suga in collaboration with Antonina Armato, Chris James, Ruuth and Pdogg. Pdogg, who is a multi-awarded composer and manufacturer specializing in easy listen tracks, besides produced for BE ’ s title track. It’s directed by Jungkook Fans have been raving for fortunate maknae ( youngest penis ) Jungkook ’ s aesthetic eye for photography and filming ever since he started uploading his GCF clips on BTS ’ YouTube transmit. This class, his BTS hyungs ( big bros ) made certain that their youngest member got to showcase his budding skills even more by encouraging him to direct their comeback music video. As a solution, Jungkook formally debuts as a director for “ Life Goes On. ” This was besides the reason that # Jungkook and # JK were trending cosmopolitan, along with # LifeGoesOn, equitable in case you ’ rhenium inquisitive. ARMYs just can ’ t express enough how gallant they are of their little ace. indeed, Jungkook is putting his in Broadcasting and Entertainment major from Global Cyber University to well habit. It already surpassed ‘Dynamite’s’ viewing record It ’ randomness more like destroyed. It can be recalled that “ Dynamite ” became the fastest music television to reach 1 million views within 52 minutes when it premiered stopping point August 21. “ Life Goes On ” managed to achieve the feat in 36 minutes. It ’ mho already nearing 60 million views merely 20 hours since its release. It was shot in the same location as IU’s “Eight” music video When Big Hit Entertainment dropped the teasers for “ Life Goes On, ” they immediately noticed that the placement looked companion. It was the lapp fructify as IU ’ mho music video for “ Eight. ” What connects these two projects together ? Suga. Suga was the featured artist and producer of IU ’ s smash hit last May, which proceeded to make a arrant all-kill in all korean real time charts immediately after it was released. It topped iTunes charts in 75 countries

possibly, this is nothing newfangled to BTS fans but “ Life Goes On ” followed the custom of its predecessors and topped the iTunes charts of 75 countries in entirely 12 hours. In the US, it took only one hour for RM, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook to dominate the chart. BTS could perform “Life Goes On” on Good Morning America It ’ mho been confirmed that BTS will kick off the US Thanksgiving Week on Nov. 23. It is expected that the group will perform “ Life Goes On ” for the first base fourth dimension for a global hearing for their appearance.