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Both Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger tell you when a contact was last on-line. For some, this feature is a bite of a bane when they ’ retrying to avoid interacting with person on-line. For others, it ’ s utilitarian because it can tell you whether or not person is available to talk. Instagram is barely a chat app and all the features it added death year were geared towards photos and videos. It does placid have a chat feature of speech i.e. the send Messages feature of speech where replies to your narrative go. Instagram now lets you view the ‘ last Seen ’ condition on Instagram for Direct Messages. here ’ s how to view it and disable it .

View ‘Last Seen’

The ‘ stopping point Seen ’ status does not appear for people you follow, people who follow you, or people you follow and who follow you back. The feature depends wholly on who you DM. Again, a dim-witted DM request international relations and security network ’ t enough to reveal person ’ second ‘ last Seen ’ condition on Instagram. The ‘ last Seen ’ status is visible lone for profiles that you have exchanged messages with .
To view the ‘ last Seen ’ condition, open Instagram and tap the newspaper airplane icon at the top justly to go to your inbox. In the list of conversation threads, you can see when person was last on-line .

We should mention that the status doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate appear to update in real-time. It takes quite a while for person who is on-line to actually appear on-line with the ‘ nowadays ’ condition. If you incidentally open Instagram, your on-line status international relations and security network ’ thymine immediately compromised. additionally, uploading a photograph to Instagram doesn ’ thymine switch your on-line status. It seems to update only when a person opens their DM .

Disable ‘Last Seen’

Regardless how very specific Instagram is about showing your on-line condition, you don ’ t have to like it. If you prefer to hide your ‘ last Seen ’ condition, you can. Open Instagram and tap your profile tab key. Tap the cog wheel push button to go to the Options screen. On the Options screen, scroll down to the Settings segment and turn off the ‘ Show Activity Status ’ throw. The deepen takes effect immediately.

Instagram has added this ‘ last Seen ’ feature with quite a few restrictions. We should point out that besides the ‘ last Seen ’ status, there are other ways that people who follow you can get a dim mind of when you were last on-line. They can check when you end posted to Instagram or, they can go to the Following tab on the notifications tab to view your late account natural process .

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