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Instagram’s last seen feature was released from Instagram headquarters in 2019, and people are even trying to find ways to get rid of it wholly. The  last seen feature was released first for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. immediately besides Instagram has it. Users of the social media giant star can only use the last seen feature of speech via the Direct Message system. What a fantastic day for all of the Instagram users around the earth !

We ’ rhenium kid. Everybody hates it to their guts. What does “ Instagram last seen ” mean, though ? Instagram is one of the most acknowledge social media apps today, and it has a billion users around the world who use the app monthly .

What Does “Last Seen” Mean?

Instagram just released a newfangled have. Almost billions of social media users following Instagram ’ s raw feature campaign Instagram ’ s most popular social media app in the global. You should be extra careful when messaging with people after this update. If they realize you were seeing their messages all the time, it can break your hard-earned trust in the relationship. consequently, you may tied consider to disable it wholly . You can besides like this station : Why Can’t I Tag Someone on Instagram? many users ask “ why ca n’t I tag person on Instagram ? “, and it is a dogged error of the social net, …

  • Users are only able to use Instagram’s last seen feature at direct messages.
  • The direct message system was released many years ago, but then it didn’t have the last seen feature, and users were only able to see when the recipient opened their message.
  • Now your followers can see your last seen time, and also even who does not follow you can see your last seen time.

consequently, concluding seen can make your liveliness hard if you tend to ignore people a distribute. Well, about all of us have to do that to reserve some meter for ourselves, and in that case, closing the last seen feature may help a set with your relationships .instagram-last-seen

How to Close Your Last Seen Feature?

If you want to use Instagram ’ s last seen feature of speech, you must update your Instagram app. This feature is good for the mobile apps for now, but possibly in the future Instagram web page can have it. There is nothing to do for activating Instagram ’ s last seen feature, just update your app, and that ’ s all. But if you do not want to use this new feature, you can besides shut it down. This raw feature can break some relationships cause when WhatsApp had the lapp update, people who use WhatsApp spoke out against for last seen update. But they, the developers, evening therefore, gave a closure option for users. This style of update constantly costs small riots, and then in time, users settle down. here is how to turn off the condition on Instagram :

  • If you do not want to use the new last seen checker update, open Instagram and go to Instagram settings and shut down “Show Activity Status,” and you all set.
  • After that, people won’t see when was the last time you were active on the Instagram Direct. You will not be seen with a green dot that shows you are online as well. However, they will still know if you somehow see their messages.


FAQs About Instagram Last Seen Feature

Does Instagram tell when you were last active? With the latest update, users can see when people they follow or have DMs last active on Instagram .Why does the last active time disappear on Instagram? The last active feature besides includes the option to control and disable users ’ natural process condition, so the person may have disabled it . You can besides like this post :

Instagram Fashion and Beauty Influencers Instagram is one of the most meaning photograph and video sharing social networks. It has been drawing the attention of…Can I see who is online on Instagram when they have turned off the activity status? When you disable your bodily process status, you besides will not be able to see other people ’ randomness last active status excessively .Why does Instagram show I’m active when I’m not? Leaving Instagram open in the background of your mobile device without closing the app completely may cause this .How can I be notified when someone is online on Instagram? unfortunately, there ’ s no such feature available for Instagram yet .

Conclusion – More of a Disliked Feature

As you see, there is a controversy about Instagram last seen feature, and about all of the users hate this feature of speech. That ’ sulfur completely normal ; we ’ rhenium creatures concerned about their privacy. In that font, we can say that Instagram ’ randomness developers did a well subcontract by allowing people to see when their recipient role was active voice. however, it ’ mho besides a good move that they allow us to close this feature. so, do you close the final seen have, or do you keep it assailable ? Ignoring people is an art, and we want to know how talented you are. Let us know down right in the comments. Thank you for having some quality time with InstaFollowers ! Tumblr Support. We think that you may besides be interested in How to Block Someone on Tumblr which is our former post about