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Instagram Threads is Instagram ’ s newly private message app for “ close friends, ” touted as a space for users to escape the pressures of populace social feeds. Instagram Threads is Instagram ’ s new standalone message app for “ close friends. ”
Though it lone recently launched ( October 3, 2019 ), the hot takes are already rolling in : Threads is a nail in Snapchat ’ s coffin ; Threads is the following step in Facebook ’ s “ pivot to privacy ” ( and their domination of the messenger app market ) ; Threads is pretty ; Threads is creepy .
then, what is it ? Should you use it ? Should your mark consumption it ? Is it even necessary ? ( We checked, and yes, clientele accounts can use Threads besides. )

The direction Instagram tells it, the app has three attractive hooks :

  • the ability to “fully control who can reach you”
  • the ability to quickly access the people you message most
  • the ability to passively connect throughout the day, even if you’re not actively chatting

Let ’ s take a close spirit at how the newfangled Instagram app actually does all that, and what it might mean for brands .

8 things you need to know about Instagram Threads

1. Threads is a camera-first messaging app

Like Snapchat, Threads opens straight to the television camera, meaning you can take a photograph or video and send it to a supporter with two taps .
Instagram Threads photo of patio with text: "MORNING. Dumpling lunch?"

2. Threads is only for the people you care about most

Acquaintances, strangers, colleagues, and frenemies will not be able to reach you here, according to Instagram .
Threads lone works with the people you ’ ve choose for your Close Friends list on Instagram. so if you ’ re already using this officiate to select who sees your Instagram Stories, Threads will feel lifelike .
Your messages can go to your hale close Friends number, to one person on it, or to sub-groups within your tilt. The app besides keeps your crown eight friends ( and/or groups ) handy for easy access : choose your lucky eight wisely .
Instagram Threads choosing close friends dashboard
Of class, there are a few ways that brands use close Friends on Instagram already. Like curating exclusive contentedness for VIP followers, geo-targeting, or updating the influencers they work with .
Should brands passage these strategies to Threads ? It remains to be seen .

3.Threads automatically shares your status with your close friends

With your license, Threads monitors your placement, accelerometer ( the detector that measures how firm you ’ rhenium be active and counts your steps ), and barrage power to mechanically give your friends an mind of what you ’ re up to .
This kind of ‘ passive voice connection ’ is supposed to make users feel connected without being incursive. The app doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate state people where you ’ rhenium eating brunch, but it does say that you ’ re in a restaurant and your friends know it ’ second 1:00 post meridiem on Sunday Funday, so they do the mathematics .
You have to opt in to this sport when you set up your Threads account for it to work. And if you do, you can turn it off at any time .
turning on Instagram Threads "auto status" feature
As for brands, you can imagine how they might want to opt out of this sport. Does Nike ’ s social media director want Colin Kaepernick to know when her battery is broken ? I mean : yes ? But besides, no .

4. You can set your own status

You don ’ t have to default to the auto-status. You can choose one that indicates why you might not be texting back right away, or your degree of handiness and pastime in a spur-of-the-moment attend .
not only can you choose from the available list, but you can create your own, and pick an emoji to go with it .
7 statuses paired with emojis, like "Eating" with a pizza emoji

5. Threads has several versions of dark mode

We have to hand it to Instagram : the app ’ s interface feels tasteful, tranquillity, private, and tailored .
Why ? Because dark mood. ( And because there aren ’ triiodothyronine any ads. )

One of Threads ’ more delightful UX choices is that the app allows you to choose your color pallette .
And doing therefore changes the color of the icon on your base screen, a well .
3 different Instagram Threads dark mode themes

6. There are no filters, gifs, or stickers (yet?)

Threads is not quite Stories. When it comes to content, you ’ re pretty much limited to snapping a photograph ( or video ) and drawing lines or typing over it .
Without stickers, your recipient can only respond with text, besides .
photo of a dog with 2 pink hears, "send message" box below

7. Images follow the same rules as Snapchat

You can set your image ’ s longevity. It can disappear after one view, be replayed once, or stay permanently in the chat .
besides : Threads notifies the transmitter when you take a screenshot. ( I learned that one the hard means. See above. )
The similarities are “ skittish ” enough that Snapchat, which has 203 million users to Instagram ’ s 500 million, saw its rear company ’ second shares drop 7 % the day that Threads launched .

8. If your friends haven’t downloaded Threads yet, that’s fine

All your conversations—messages, photos, videos, Stories—will show up in both Threads and Instagram Direct ( a.k.a. the main Instagram DM inbox. ) so if you ’ rhenium sending messages from Threads and your recipient is hush using Instagram Direct, no big batch .
alike, if you ’ ve included person on your Close Friends list, but they haven ’ metric ton reciprocated, you can message them from Threads while they message you from their DMs .
so why have a separate app at all ?
It seems like the fundamental argument for Threads is related to Facebook ’ s mission to focus on ‘ meaningful interactions. ’ “ You are in control of who can reach you on Threads, ” Instagram says .
The notifications you get from Threads will constantly be from people you care about ( and not trolls ) .
And where does that leave brands ? The jury ’ sulfur inactive out, though some people have their suspicions :
side-by-side shot of same selfie of blonde girl on a beach. Right selfie has an ad from
We haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate checked our quartz glass ball, but where the people go, the ads by and large follow .

So what does Threads mean for brands (right now)?

Long fib abruptly : no matchless knows yet. But if we know anything about Facebook, it ’ s that if there is a way to monetize, they will find it .
overall, Instagram ’ s recent moves towards a better drug user experience— hide likes and cracking down on bots —is good newsworthiness for brands. The platform knows it needs to keep its users happy and coming back .
And if the fresh Instagram app gains widespread adoption as a simpleton, private channel off from the pressures of public examination and congested feeds, then brands can find ways to surprise and delight. Just like they did with Instagram Stories, where one third of the most-viewed Stories are from businesses .
regardless, whether or not “ Threads Ads ” always becomes a thing, there are batch of ways that brands can use messenger apps. Plus, Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri, has already committed to Threads working across Messenger and Whatsapp in the future.

For nowadays, a short morsel of exploration goes a long way. If you try Instagram Threads for yourself, let us know what you think .
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