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If you ’ ra market your ecommerce occupation on Instagram, you ’ re probable well aware of the changes the chopine has gone through over the years. Remember when it was rightfully a chronological feed of only still photos – and NO ads ? A draw has changed for the platform with more than 1 billion monthly active users. now we have videos, Instagram Stories, paid ads, and tied IGTV. And with that comes apps, like Instagram video editor apps .
That ’ randomness why it ’ second significant to incorporate a mix of content types into your Instagram marketing scheme, including videos – particularly considering the fact that more than one-half of consumers actually want to see brands put out more video recording contented for them to consume .
But it ’ s not angstrom easy as just shooting and posting. You besides want to edit your clips. To do that, check out this number of the best Instagram television editors for ecommerce brands .

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Best Instagram Video Editor Apps

1. A Color Story

A Color Story - Social Media Video Editor App
io and Android
A Color Story is all about the filters. This video editor app contains more than 300 of them ( some free, some paid ). You can besides add fun effects like lighting flares and leaks, fogs of tinge, and a farinaceous impression. There are fair over 20 tools to use, but the color enhancements and filters are what this Instagram video editor program is all about .
What people love about it

  • Saves your edits as filters so you can apply the same look to other videos
  • in truth enhances the color and aesthetic of your videos
  • Offers enough of free filters to choose from if you ’ re on a tight budget
  • Allows for power system planning so you can see how your video recording and photos will look together on your Instagram profile

Where it can improve

  • Make it easier to see how far you ’ ve adjusted each effect – some reviewers have suggested added a numeral burden system for more consistency across videos
  • Add the option to bulk edit a batch of videos and photos
  • Sync purchased filters and packages across devices

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush - Instagram Video Editor App
io and Android
Another Adobe spot on the list, Premiere Rush is more prim for the social-sharing aspect of making Instagram television. Shoot, edit, and contribution all within the app – while besides syncing up to the swarm, making your shots accessible from other CC products. The release adaptation limits you to three exports, or you can pay for inexhaustible shares ( included with your CC subscription, if you have that kind of money ). Editing options include adding sound recording and graphics, trimming, color enhancements, titles, transitions, voiceover, and noise decrease .
What people love about it

  • built-in automations you can add to your clips
  • Resizes video recording and rearranges them from landscape to portrait ( and frailty a versa ) to make them quick for The Gram
  • Customizable textbook and titles
  • good as a standalone choice ( unlike Premiere Clip )

Where it can improve

  • Needs to work full for videos shot outside of the app
  • No search functionality to find clips you want to edit
  • No option to extract sound recording from video recording
  • You can ’ t speed up or slow down video focal ratio
  • Exporting can be dense, so it ’ s not good if you ’ re in a rush

3. Anchor

Anchor - Podcast and Video Creator App
io and Android
Anchor is the best app to make video for Instagram from podcast audio clips. If podcasts are part of your ecommerce strategy, you can use it to record the audio, trim clips you want to share on Instagram, and turn them into videos you can share ( up to two minutes long ). It ’ ll automatically transcribe and automate your videos .
What people love about it

  • many call it the easiest way to create video clips from podcast audio
  • Great customer support
  • Creates permalinks for clips

Where it can improve

  • The sound recording quality international relations and security network ’ t the best, so if podcast is a major depart of your scheme, you may need to upgrade your recording setup
  • Can be buggy

Animoto - Instagram Video Editing App
4. Animoto

io and Android
Animoto is all about the slideshow. If you ’ have several photos and/or videos you want to put together for an Instagram video recording, this is the means to go. Choose from more than 100 slideshow styles, upload your shots or clips, add music from the birdcall library, give on some textbook, and then post it to your feed. Videos up to ten minutes are free, so you won ’ t need to upgrade to the paid interpretation if you ’ re just looking to post to your Instagram feed. Keep this in mind if you ’ re using Instagram Stories or IGTV, though .
What people love about it

  • Easy to use and parcel to Instagram
  • The release version has access to all features — it equitable limits you to ten-minute videos
  • Lots of character outer space for captions
  • Great customer support

Where it can improve

  • The Animoto logo shows up at the end of your television ( but if you fourth dimension it right, you can make it end after the one-minute mark so it cuts off in Instagram )
  • Make it less buggy

5. BeeCut

BeeCut - Easy Video Editing Tool for Social
io and Android
BeeCut is one of the most beginner-friendly video editors out there, so if you have advanced edit chops, this may not be the one for you. Add filters and transitions, crop, rotate, and create slideshows with a series of still images. Video outputs go astir to 1080 pixels ( ( in layman ’ south terms, dear quality ) .
What people love about it

  • Easy to use
  • basic editing options that any novice would need
  • option to add or remove intros and outros

Where it can improve

  • It takes a while to export videos, particularly if you ’ re going for the visualize 1080 pixels
  • The app needs to work on its repute for crashing frequently

6. Boomerang

Boomerang - Instagram Video Editor App
io and Android
When Boomerang first gear hit the setting, we were all obsessed with jumping up and down and making curious videos. The fascination has worn off a bit ( that ’ s good, because now they ’ ra not hogging your audience ’ s run ), but Boomerang placid makes engaging video capacity for Instagram. Open the app to record a immediate video recording, and it ’ ll format it so the carry through loops, both forwards and in rearward .
What people love about it

  • Boomerang is owned by Instagram, so it ’ s a seamless passage to share to the network
  • authentic
  • accessible to “ videographers ” of all skill levels

Where it can improve

  • You have to shoot the video in-app, so you can ’ thymine upload pre-recorded clips and turn them into Boomerangs
  • alone offers one type of video recording and no edit options

7. FlipaClip

FlipaClip - Video Editing App for Instagram
io and Android
FlipaClip is another playfulness one to say, but rather of spelling out your words, this one lets you create enliven videos for Instagram. If you ’ re a pro animator, you ’ ll find it excessively basic for your needs, but it makes animated videos a possibility for those new to the skillset. Draw your designs, add sound recording, and customize it with skins ( their version of filters ). You can besides use real-world photos or videos as backgrounds ( what they call layers ) .
What people love about it

  • Makes basic animated videos possible even without an in-house or outsourced animator
  • Over time, users have become very skilled and improved the quality of their television – though busy ecommerce entrepreneurs may not have time for that

Where it can improve

  • This Instagram video editor app is besides simple for skilled animators
  • Limited in free features and tools
  • unmanageable to compare frames

8. Foodie

Foodie - Video Editor App for Social Platforms
io and Android
If you sell food and beverage products, Foodie is targeted to you. There are more than 30 filters to choose from, each of which are ideal for those bird ’ s-eye views and straight-on photos but besides make for videos. You can besides do basic edits like adjusting color, brightness, and contrast. If you ’ re out in the raving mad, you can besides mute the background noise to block any unsavory or unwanted comment .
What people love about it

  • The filters are and still make the food spirit natural
  • The app itself takes high-quality photos and videos
  • You can do more edits than plainly using the filters

Where it can improve

  • Users would love to see more filters and the ability to crop clips – there ’ s besides no 16:9 ratio available
  • There have besides been reports of not being able to save videos
  • Needs improvement for night-time shots or in low-light settings

9. GIPHY Cam

GIPHY CAM - Instagram Video Editor App
io and Android
GIPHY Cam is another Instagram video editor program app that ’ s made with a sole aim in take care : the ability to turn videos into animate GIFs. upload or record a video, choose a clip you want to turn into a GIF, and then edit it with filters, stickers, text, frames, and special effects. You can besides turn live photos into GIFs .
What people love about it

  • convenient way to create inspire GIFs with limited technical know-how
  • Super quick and easy process

Where it can improve

  • No customer support
  • GIFs have a farinaceous timbre, which is reasonably distinctive of this file format, but brands, in finical, would benefit from higher-quality visuals – it ’ s not great for highlighting specific product features
  • Cropping functionality leaves a lot to be desired and creates a zoomed-in double
  • Lots of in-app advertisements
  • GIFs can alone be four-seconds long

10. Horizon

Horizon Camera - Horizontal Video Editor App
io and Android
always learn of “ vertical video syndrome ” ( VVS ) ? It ’ sulfur when everyone shoots smartphone videos vertically rather of the more aesthetically pleasing horizontal video format we ’ re used to seeing on computers and TVs. Horizon is basically the antidote to VVS. even if you hold your telephone vertically or rotate it while shooting, Horizon will shoot horizontal videos .
What people love about it

  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Captures hush photos while you record television
  • Shoots squarely videos perfect for Instagram

Where it can improve

  • The detached version has Horizon ’ sulfur logo in your television, so you ’ ll have to pay if you want to get rid of it
  • You have to shoot television within the app – it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fix pre-recorded clips
  • The Android translation has fewer features than its io counterpart

11. InShot

InShot - Video Editor and Maker
io and Android
InShot has it all : shipshape clips, change footage accelerate, add filters and text, soar in and out, incorporate your own music, rotate the ensnare, incorporate special effects, and even use stop gesture. You can besides reframe your clips to fit Instagram ’ s standard square proportion. While you can do a short ton, InShot maintains a simpleton and easy-to-use interface – even the most inexperienced video editors can perfect their clips .
What people love about it

  • Comprehensive edit options
  • Easy to get started
  • Imports your own audio and video recording – you don ’ t need to shoot within the app

Where it can improve

  • transition options can be limited
  • You have to pay if you want to get rid of the InShot brand and water line
  • Changes aren ’ thyroxine saved if you leave the app
  • No green riddle effect

12. Kinemaster

KineMaster - Video Editor App for Instagram
io and Android
Kinemaster is another all-in-one app for video on Instagram. Trim clips, add multiple sound recording files, incorporate text and effects, blend and edit backgrounds, and adjust the focal ratio of your footage to go faster or slower. not felicitous with the voiceover ? You can record a new one within the app as you edit. Instant preview will let you see all your manipulations, well, immediately. And it has something InShot doesn ’ t : full k screen support. It ’ sulfur deoxyadenosine monophosphate finale to a background television editor program as you can get .
What people love about it

  • Tons of editing options – badly, tons – specially in comparison to other apps
  • Offers the ability to add animations to your videos
  • Did we mention all the editing options ?

Where it can improve

  • This is another one where you have to pay to remove Kinemaster ’ s branding
  • Can be excessively robust for childlike projects or beginners

13. Lapse It

Lapse It - Time Lapse Videos for Instagram
io and Android
If you want to create time lapse videos – capital for showing behind-the-scenes “ how it ’ randomness made ” videos – check out Lapse It. Open the app, stabilize your earphone, and start recording. You can add basic customizations before you record or after the fact ( we recommend the latter ). If the video is excessively retentive, well remove frames to quicken the footage .
What people love about it

  • Straightforward and simpleton
  • Offers adjustable settings like soar, white poise, and coloring material saturation
  • Great for beginners

Where it can improve

  • Lacks manual focus
  • Video quality can suffer when you export and post to Instagram
  • Slow to load
  • You have to pay for the best features

14. Life Lapse

Life Lapse - Instagram Video Editor App
io and Android
While the diagnose might have you believe this is a relapse It rival, Life Lapse is actually a great choice for check gesture television. flush though you ’ re not recording videos –instead you ’ re taking a bunch of still shots – Life Lapse puts them together in a single, cohesive video recording file format. No tripod, no problem : You can use a haunt image of your former shot to make certain the subjects are all aligned. Take horizontal or erect videos, add filters, change the accelerate, and rearrange clips – all great features for unboxing video recording .
What people love about it

  • No ads – yay !
  • Allows you to change the speed of both the television and audio
  • The developers are constantly making improvements and adding newly features
  • Great customer back

Where it can improve

  • It ’ south free to download, but you have to pay to use it after your free trial has expired

15. Magisto

Magisto - Video Editing App
io and Android
Magisto is one of the few Instagram video recording editor program apps on this number that is sincerely aimed at businesses. This is big news for ecommerce brands, as it comes with tools for marketers to analyze video performance. Choose your editing dash ( aka percolate ), upload your video recording, add music from the library, and let the app do the rest. That ’ second right : Magistor ’ s fancy-pants AI technical school will edit your television for you. Time-pressed entrepreneur rejoice .
What people love about it

  • We stated this before, but it ’ s deserving repeat : Magisto is made

    for businesses

  • Automated engineering edits videos for you, so it ’ s a in truth hands-off approach
  • Tiered paid options grant you access to different feature sets
  • Great customer support

Where it can improve

  • Takes some of the editing manipulate out of your hands, which is sort of the point, but can be a deterrent if you have a specific imagination in beware
  • You ’ ra limited in video recording length – paid plans extend this limit, but you have to pay the highest tier if you want unlimited video duration

16. PicPlayPost

PicPlayPost - Instagram Video Editing App
io and Android
Another all-in-one choice on this list of best apps to make video for Instagram is PicPlayPost. Like the others, it has extra effects, stickers, text overlie, transitions, audio, 9:16 ratio for Instagram Stories, and more. But its competitive advantages are 4K television quality and the choice to make videos up to 30 minutes long .
What people love about it

  • Makes video recording collages
  • Allows you to add multiple audio files and overlays
  • The app developers constantly upgrade the instrument with more features

Where it can improve

  • You have to pay for all but the most basic features
  • Users ask for smoother transitions

17. Quik

Quik - Free Video Editor App for Smartphones
io and Android
Quik is made by and for GoPro video, but you can use it to edit videos even without one. Like Magisto, it can mechanically edit your upload video recording footage. But if you want more control over your edits, manually choose from options like clip trimming, transitions, and audio .
What people love about it

  • The app will automatically time transitions to match the beat of the music you put on it
  • Has one of the best music libraries out there
  • GoPro cameras are great for stabilization – and Quik doesn ’ metric ton scrimp either

Where it can improve

  • A moment limit in terms of manual of arms edit and operate – not ideal for the hands-on editor program

18. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX - Video Editor for Social Platforms
io and Android
In case you haven ’ metric ton guessed, Slow Motion Video FX is for creating slow-motion Instagram video. You can besides speed footage up. The most fun part about it is what it does to audio, making slow-mos voice super deep and sped-up clips more high. You can choose to either speed up or slow down the wholly clip or just sections of your shoot .
What people love about it

  • Allows you to manipulate specific sections of your video for the effects

Where it can improve

  • There are tons of ads in the free version
  • You have to shoot video within the app
  • Limited in its feature set

19. Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studios - Video Editing App
io and Android
Stop Motion Studio is another stop apparent motion video manufacturer app for Instagram. These videos are evocative of “ Wallace and Gromit ” – claymation films that were democratic back in the ’ 80s. To set up your shoot, you can either spell photos you ’ ve already taken or use the in-app overlay modality to capture your frames. Add titles, audio, and faded transitions. Fix color, remove or insert frames, and use the straight format so it ’ second IG-ready .
What people love about it

  • Gives a frame-by-frame preview and uses the power system horizon to easily align your subject with other frames
  • green screen allows you to manipulate the background
  • Erases any undesirable elements captured in your shoot
  • High-quality, 4K video end product

Where it can improve

  • You have to pay to enjoy all these amazing features
  • alone available for io

20. VideoShow

VideoShow - Instagram Video Editor App
io and Android
VideoShow is an all-in-one video editor program with the standard features : reduce clips, add stickers and text, choose music or voice effects ( or both ), incorporate transitions, and fix coloring material. You can besides draw your own creations and blur the background to put your product movement and center .
What people love about it

  • Compresses your videos so you can reduce the file size
  • Zooms footage in or outto focus on the areas you want to highlight
  • Lots of transitions and music to choose from

Where it can improve

  • You have to pay to get rid of VideoShow ’ s water line
  • User reviews claim the app to be glitchy, as many people can ’ t download their videos

21. VivaVideo

VivaVideo - Instagram Video Editing App
io and Android
VivaVideo is a collage-making television app. Trim and merge photos or television clips, adjust footage focal ratio, and add stickers, special effects and music. You can besides use storyboard editing so you can see how your video will play out and tell the floor you ’ re trying to convey. Plus, it ’ ll shoot in 4k for high-quality video .
What people love about it

  • precisely deoxyadenosine monophosphate robust as the more expensive options
  • bang-up if you ’ re on a pad but limited for phones
  • high quality

Where it can improve

  • Have to pay to get rid of watermark
  • Needs more updates
  • Glitchy – has issues with exporting


VSCO - Video Editor App for Social Media
io and Android
VSCO CAM made a splash as a photograph editor, but it ’ s since extended into video edit angstrom well. The key here is in its filters : VSCO has tons of presets you can choose from. You can besides do the basics, like color, exposure, temperature and contrast adjustments, cropping, borders, and handling of skin tones. The interface is intuitive even for beginners .
What people love about it

  • VSCO is more than fair an editor program – it ’ s a residential district – so you can contribution your video recording creations to new potential customers or even collaborators
  • We already touched on this, but VSCO ’ s filter game is strong

Where it can improve

  • If you uninstall and then reinstall the app, you can lose your files
  • You have to pay to access most of the useful features and filters
  • People love the edit but dislike everything else about the app ( ads, pushes to upgrade, changes to how files are organized, etc. )

23. WeVideo

WeVideo - Instagram Video Editor App
io and Android
WeVideo has it all : shave, rearranging clips, option to import videos, titles and captions, music or voiceover, blurred background, liveliness, and slow motion. You can besides upgrade for 4K video, access to the stock certificate message library, and cinema-worthy effects like greens screen .
What people love about it

  • Videos are of exceptionally eminent quality
  • accessible for beginners

Where it can improve

  • You have to upgrade to the paid version to get rid of WeVideo ’ s watermark and gain entree to the cool features
  • No customer back
  • excessively simple compared to early paid all-in-one video recording editors

24. Wondershare FilmoraGo

Wondershare FilmoraGo - Video Editor App for Instagram
io and Android
Wondershare ’ south FilmoraGo has two promises that set it apart : no watermark and no time restrict. Those advantages away, the app is besides easy to get started. Upload your videos, choose a theme, add music and filters, and then you ’ re fix to share. You can besides edit transitions and add titles .
What people love about it

  • No watermark – you don ’ t have to worry about person else ’ second branding mucking up yours
  • Allows you to put your television in inverse for a fun effect
  • Offers instant preview so you can see what your television looks like without saving and exporting

Where it can improve

  • Users have complained about glitches with saving and downloading video recording files – a major bummer when you ’ ve spend meter perfecting your clip

25. Funimate

Funimate - Video Editor App for Instagram
io and Android
Funimate is a bang-up app for editing video recording with satiny transistions, and aplomb effects. Although you need to go pro to remove the watermark the app is worth trying out. It is a must if you want to build a mark through television on Instagram. You can well share videos on Tiktok, Musically, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook in seconds !
What people love about it

  • It is a bang-up place to share your art and build a community
  • accessible for beginners

Where it can improve

  • Some of the more popular effects are only available with a pro report

Best Instagram Video Editor Apps For Android

26. Youcut

Youcut - Instagram Video Editing App
Android only
Youcut international relations and security network ’ t a deletion above the rest, but it ’ second still a capital basic video editor – besides with the predict of no water line. The editing features cover the standard snip, rotating, color fixes, footage rush manipulation, music, and filters. You can besides create slideshows, flip your shoot, splice the video recording into two, and change the aspect ratio specifically for Instagram Stories .
What people love about it

  • It ’ randomness worth mention again because it ’ s such a differentiator, but there is no Youcut water line on your videos
  • Easy to edit television quickly
  • intuitive and easy to use, even for beginners

Where it can improve

  • Another rare Android-only option – it ’ s not available to you if you have an iPhone

27. PowerDirector

PowerDirector - Video Editor App for Instagram
Android merely
PowerDirector will make you feel like a real-life director ( sort of ). It ’ south got a whole tilt of editing options – from slow-mo to reverse television to voice overs and other sound recording functionalities. Crop the skeleton, pare clips, stabilize the shoot, and fix tinge and white balance .
What people love about it

  • This is one of the few video recording editors that allows for high-quality 4K video files
  • Can rotate your video recording – once or multiple times throughout for a fun ( dizzying ) effect
  • Edits backgrounds and uses green screen or blue screen effects

Where it can improve

  • Apple loyalists have enough of options to choose from, but this one ’ second for us Android fans
  • You have to pay to use all features
  • Users have requested better transitions

top Instagram Video Editor Apps For io

28. Clipomatic

Clipomatic - Instagram Video Editor App
io merely
Clipomatic is fun to say and to use – and it ’ ll turn what you say into transcribe captions on any video recording. Record your video recording in the app to see the captions, and then edit how the captions look on your nip. The app is multilingual and can understand 40 languages. You can besides add filters to your videos .
What people love about it

  • Provides the ability to record in IG-friendly square format or in full
  • Changes captions if the app misunderstood what was said
  • Makes your Instagram video recording more accessible to a broad audience and those who have hearing impairments

Where it can improve

  • User reviews have complained about television quality, expressing that they wish it were better
  • The app is merely available for iPhone users ( boo for us Android fans ! )
  • Users have expressed that they ’ d like to see more seamless consolidation with Instagram
  • You have to speak clearly, so if anyone is a fast speaker or has a potent stress, you might want to do this manually ( you ’ ve got enough of other options to choose from here )
  • not great for longer video

29. LumaFusion

LumaFusion - Video Editing App for Instagram
io alone
LumaFusion is another comprehensive television editor – it has all the bells and whistles like changing video recording amphetamine, adjusting the view proportion, options to import videos, add effects and music, and choose from tons of transitions. Plus, LumaFusion hasdigital asset management on interlock : Add notes, color code, sort, and tag your projects, so you can come bet on to them late .
What people love about it

  • Offers tons of tutorials and corroborate message to help you learn how to make Instagram television edits
  • truly a comprehensive video recording editor program – you don ’ t need complemental calculator software or programs
  • back for 360-degree video editing ( not available on Instagram… even – we ’ ra watch you, Facebook ! )

Where it can improve

  • only available on io devices
  • User shared having perturb getting audio to sync up the way they want

30. Mojo

Mojo - Video Editor App for Social Media
io alone
Mojo is a basic video recording editor program with text overlays, the ability to add audio, and the choice to change the aspect proportion. Choose from more than 100 templates or make edits on your own – and then add your logo for more brand recognition. Mojo is a great option for Instagram Stories in particular, as it seems to be precisely what the app was designed for .
What people love about it

  • Super simpleton to use – ideal for beginners
  • Great integration and options for Instagram Stories
  • Offers option to add your own logo

Where it can improve

  • Android users miss out — Mojo is only available for iPhone users
  • Lacksan “ undo ” push button, indeed if you mess up, you ’ ra stick with it or you have to start all over

31. Splice

Splice - Great Instagram Video Editor App
io only
Another GoPro creation, Splice is basically a trimmed-down translation of Quik. Trim clips, add transitions, adjust footage speed, add filters and text overlays, and mechanically sync your video to the music you ’ ve chosen .
What people love about it

  • simple and easy to use — it ’ s not overwhelming for beginners like some of the all-in-one options

Where it can improve


The best Instagram video recording editor program and godhead for you and your commercial enterprise very depends on your budget and the type of video you ’ re trying to create .
There are a bunch of all-in-one editors to choose from, or you can go the simple and often free route. And then, of naturally, there are the recess editors for things like stop motion, timelapse, animations, captions, and early video types. It ’ sulfur all about your alone needs .

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